Top 7 Townhouse Patio Privacy Ideas (With Photos)

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Do you feel like you are not getting the most out of your townhouse patio because of the lack of privacy and wonder what you can do to change that?

Thankfully, you are here, which means that the ideas you seek are very well within your reach. 

In this article, we will look at some of the best townhouse patio privacy ideas so you can learn how to enhance the look of your townhouse patio to enjoy maximum use.

Let’s get started!

 Townhouse Patio Privacy Ideas 

1. Modern Planters

The advantages of container planting are numerous. With them, you are guaranteed flexibility which makes it easy for you to take them in during harsh weather conditions and bring them outside again when it is convenient.

Container plants are also easier to care for. Thus, they thrive easily and require less care as they mature. Lastly, they provide privacy for you when arranged in tiers.

Get some uniquely shaped planters for your townhouse patio and grow perennial plants there. If you have a small space, you can go for short and narrow planters. They will be perfect as they do not take up much of your space.

They also look very classy when lined around your patio, providing that feeling of nature and a great dose of privacy. We recommend growing perennial plants in these planters.

With perennial plants, you are saved from growing new plants every year as they thrive for years. This further translates to more money saved from landscaping.

Longevity is, however, not the only peck of perennial flowers; depending on which you go for, you will be open to enjoying their wonderful visual qualities and your patio space, blessed with colorful blooms every spring.

Another advantage of beautifying your townhouse patio with modern planters is your control over its size. When they grow wild, you are afforded the chance to prune them down to your desired size.

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2. Pergolas

Effective in shutting out the view from your neighbor’s two-story building. Pergolas are versatile in the sense that they allow both sunlight and shade.

3. Vertical Garden

You can never go wrong building a plant wall. They not only provide a feel of nature, help in restricting your space in the most stylish way ever.

You can have a vertical garden set up yourself.

An idea, for instance, is to set up a wire arch at your desired spot and then decorate it with beautiful green plants like the trumpet vine.

Create layers of greenery with this idea and bring your townhouse patio back to life.

4. Addition Of A Water Feature

Water features magically transform your townhouse patio from dull to classy and elegant. An example of an outstanding water feature is a fountain. The cool soothing sound it produces and the beautiful aesthetics it offers are sure to have your space looking exquisite.

A fish pond is also a viable interest and will serve as a good sightseeing feature for your guests. There you have it; Five brilliant ways of spicing up your boring townhouse patio. 

Do not forget to incorporate planting some colorful plants around the patio also. Aside from their vibrancy, they can also provide a good source of shade and privacy.

5. Fencing

Fencing is a good way of establishing privacy in your townhouse patio. Just be sure to check with the local laws on fencing in your locality.

6. Plants And Bushes

Tall plants like bamboo and dense bushes are a sure way of establishing privacy. You should however note that they will require constant maintenance to maintain a clean and attractive look.

7. Lattice Panels And Partitions

Lattice panels blocks out unwanted eyes but allows a considerable amount of wind and sunlight. Grow plants like Ivy in your lattice panels for that natural look.

How To Make Your Boring Townhouse Patio Come Alive Again

Before we go on with the ideas and tips on how to spice up your outdoor space and make them come alive again, we would first give you some pointers on how to know if they are dull in the first place.

How can you tell if your townhouse patio needs a makeover?

  • You spend less time outdoors
  • You do not feel the need to host your guests on the patio
  • There is nothing that can be described as attractive on your patio
  • You feel like your patio can be made to be more aesthetically pleasing than it is

If the concerns above are peculiar to you, it is time for a makeover.

The level of revamping you will get done on your patio largely depends on its present state. That would determine if it needs added features to enhance its look or a total overhaul.

If you are having difficulty deciding what it is, call in a landscape expert. Even if your townhouse patio needs a total revamp, you do not necessarily have to do so all at once if the means aren’t there.

You can take it one step after another, and in no time, your dream townhouse patio will be birthed.

We will be outlining simple tips and ideas that you can easily follow through on transforming your townhouse patio for good.

This will help you enjoy quality time relaxing in them with friends and will keep guests visiting over and over again.

1. Have Your Patios Roofed

Imagine relaxing on your patio even during a downpour and enjoying the sweet, cool breeze accompanying the rain. A pavilion will make it possible for you to chill on your patio whenever it comes to rain or shine.

Roofing your townhouse patio allows you to decorate it however you like without fearing harsh weather conditions destroying them.

You can put in some nice furniture and even a TV set and be rest assured that they are safe from damage.

It is safe to say that you can get full use out of your townhouse patio when you have them roofed.

2. Cleaning And Sealing Pavers

This should naturally be on your to-do list if you intend to achieve a worthy makeover. Cleaning and sealing the pavers helps remove their dull look brought about mainly by dirt and moss growth.

When your pavers are not maintained properly, the accumulation of dirt is inevitable. Do you want your pavers to shine and become vibrant again? Then, by all means, have them cleaned and sealed.

3. Include Audio And Video

When we talk about a revamp, we do not mean a basic one, but you are going all the nine yards in, making your townhouse patio the perfect relaxation spot for you and your guests.

Audios and videos will help make the patio interesting enough to stay for hours. You can enjoy soft cool music or high-tempo sounds depending on the mood of the gathering. 

How about fixing a television so you and your pals can enjoy the game over drinks and grills? Or a romantic outdoor movie night with the love of your life?

Sounds good. 

Audios and videos are sure to erase any form of dullness in your townhouse patio and create quality entertainment for you and your guests.

Do not forget to have your patio roofed to have these audio and video gadgets installed safely and safely.

4. Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is one sure way to make your townhouse patio comfortable for you and your guests.

Patio furniture will not only provide an avenue for you to seat or dine and wine, but it will also help you do that comfortably while creating great visual aesthetics depending on the type and design of furniture you use.

Choosing the right furniture will largely depend on your needs. 

Do you have a large space that you need to maximize or a very small space that you need to manage?

There is also the need to go for furniture with colors that best complement the color theme of the patio.

If you have a large space, you can go for individual chairs and arrange them around.

For small-spaced patios, loungers are a perfect choice. They do not take up a lot of space and, at the same time, can accommodate many people.

Fancy benches are a more affordable alternative to loungers.

5. Outdoor Fire Pit

Make your townhouse patio the ultimate relaxation and fun spot with this brilliant idea.

With the creation of an outdoor fire pit, you will be open to doing more fun things with friends and families other than just sitting and discussing.

You can spend time roasting hot dogs or getting some barbecues done while enjoying the warmth it brings.

The best part is that fire pits do not have to be very expensive. It is something that you can set up by yourself.

For this DIY project, you will need cheaply sourced materials like gravel, stones, and bricks.

An important point to consider when creating an outdoor fire pit is to consider the local laws in the neighborhood to regulate bonfires and follow them accordingly.

There is no cause for alarm if the local laws do not allow outdoor fire pits.

You still have the option of setting up small grill stations. This is also a viable option as you can get very compact ones that can be kept and stored when you have no use for them.

The best part is that you might not necessarily need to build anything, making you expend less time and effort putting it together.

6. Light Up Your Patio

Nothing makes your patio come alive again like a string of light over a clean and well-decorated space.

Consider landscape lighting to maximize your townhouse patio and enjoy quality time with friends there.

The benefits of landscape lighting include being able to make use of your outdoor kitchen even at night and the promotion of safety and security in your outdoor space.

A key point to note when getting this project done is to have different kinds of light that serve different purposes strategically positioned. An overhead light here, and surface lighting there, all placed in suitable spots, will do the trick.


Your townhouse patio can be anything you want it to be; comfortable and exciting or dull. It all depends on you and the choices you make.

The difference, however, is that you get more use out of your townhouse patio when it is exciting and just a structure that gets forgotten when it is boring.

This article is sure to help you in making the right choice for your townhouse patio and transform it for good.

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