16 Best Landscaping Ideas To Block Neighbors (With Photos)

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We understand why you want to block out your neighbors’ line of view. It can get a little creepy when you sit in your outdoor area, having some quiet time but feel somewhat uncomfortable because of the uninvited eyes gazing steadily at you, watching your every move.

It is time to block them all out, but this time, not necessarily with fences if you do not want to but with artistic-looking plants of nature.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the most brilliant landscaping ideas to block neighbors view in style!

Landscaping Ideas To Block Neighbors

Blocking out your neighbors does not necessarily mean that you hate them. There are tons of other valid reasons for needing privacy.

Whatever your reasons are, here are the best landscaping ideas to block neighbors views.


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1. Vine Cover

Vine covers are excellent providers of privacy. With it attached to pergolas or trellises, you will find their sturdy edges soften up.

The first step to attaching the vine cover is first to have it all spread out just along the top of the timber or steel that acts as a support to them.

Once this is done, have them fastened in place with some fabric tiles temporarily. They can be removed as soon as the vines attach themselves to the pergola.

2. Rail Planters

Rail planters are natural landscaping ideas that you can use to block out your neighbors’ view without them even figuring out your motive.

They can provide you privacy just about 4 feet above ground level.

For best results, incorporate this into an outdoor area for sitting. They are more effective when used this way as the planters stay about the same spot as the face level of people seated.

As a result, you have your discussions and activities hidden from the ever-watchful eyes of neighbors.

Do you want a professionally fixed rail planter? Incorporate some low plants, cascading greenery, flowering plants, and tall plants.

A mix of all these in your rail planters not only gets the job of blocking your neighbors done but also offers great visual delight.

3. Natural Privacy Wall

Establish a natural privacy wall, or creative privacy wall, with strategic re-positioning of window box planters.

A clear description, as illustrated by top designer Dan Faires is to have about four of the same make of cedar window boxes outfitted with olive green paint.

Afterward, you can have them suspended from the pergola steel or timber support with a knotted rope.

4. Moss-Covered Containers

This can be achieved with a hanging planter filled with organic substances like sea grass or moss.

How does this create privacy enough to block out neighbors, you might ask?

The greenery used to fill up these planters will not be complete without the moss as it is responsible for creating an impression of a much more bulky plant than it is ordinarily.

This landscaping idea, apart from blocking out neighbors, helps you achieve a lush porch or patio.

5. Lush Ferns

Lush ferns are one landscape idea that serves the purpose of blocking your neighbors artistically well with their upward and downward growth styles.

They also do very well in shaded areas. It even gets better as they mature. They occupy the space above the planter simultaneously, cascading downwards at both sides beautifully.

The result is a stylish obstruction that ends up confusing your neighbors.

6. Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are perfect for closing up open and exposed areas in your line of vision.

Make it even more effective by arranging it in tiers with a uniform width space of 10 inches.

Landscape designers also advise that you arrange these hanging planters in odd numbers and have them set in a wavering position to keep eyes moving.

7. Overhead Coverage

Overhead coverage guarantees privacy around desired perimeters like pergolas and arbors. They are capable of shielding you from the prying eyes from top floors.

For a well-rounded look, incorporate headers and footers to steel or timbers supporting them. This would have them provide multiple layers of privacy at the same time, quality aesthetics.

8. Total Privacy Panels

It entails outfitting your outdoor space using fine fabric to block out your neighbors.

A quick tip is to double the total amount of panels to be used. This will provide ample surface area to enable you to drag the drapery closed easily whenever you want to. 

The drapery panels will also appear gathered when they are open and drawn back.

9. Wooden Boards

Erecting wooden boards is one unique landscape idea you can use to block out your neighbors’ views.

The good thing is that you will find these wooden boards in a range of different shapes and sizes and at an affordable rate too.

We will recommend vertical boards or horizontal wooden fences for use in blocking out your neighbors. 

Louvers too will also come out well when used.

10. Bamboo Fence

Ever thought of how a screen made of bamboo will look like? Gorgeous, we must say, and they will serve as a beautiful way of establishing privacy from ever-watchful neighbors.

Making a screen out of bamboo will also give your garden an Asian feel.

11. Tree Branch Fence

We are bringing a landscape idea for privacy that you can get done at little or no cost.

To achieve this, you can get fallen tree branches if you have them around and have them artistically arranged on fences or any other base where you need to block out your neighbors’ line of vision.

For great visual qualities, have some trailing plants to make them look more attractive.

You can use the remains from pruning if you have no fallen tree branches.

12. Chicken Wire Privacy Screen

Chicken wires made as privacy screens are a very quick and easy way to close up open spaces and get the much-desired coverage.

You can get them to be more than privacy screens by planting some climbers and filling in some twigs to get them to add beauty to your space.

13. Pergolas

Pergolas are building structures that serve very well in establishing privacy.

To make for even more effective privacy, put some additional privacy panels on some strategic sides of the pergola to limit the views from outside into your space.

If you have neighbors with high buildings that make them peek comfortably into your yard and feed their eyes with every o your activities there, pergolas will help cut short their visual entertainment.

In addition, you are afforded the chance to choose from various materials and sizes.

Do you want to block your neighbor’s view from a particular part of your yard? Pergolas are your best bet.

14. Build A Container Garden

A container garden is a widely popular landscape idea for privacy plus, and its other advantage is that you can get it done at a less expensive rate.

The best plants for your container gardens are clumping bamboo or arborvitae.

Place them strategically on a raised place where you would like some coverage.

Seasoned gardeners recommended using lightweight pots for the sake of flexibility. You will be able to reshuffle or re-position them easily anytime you want. 

It is also best to arrange the containers on casters.

Get the much-needed coverage by building your container garden today.

15. Hedges For Privacy

Hedges are another popular landscape option for creating privacy in your outdoor space.

It would be best if you use fast-growing plants to begin enjoying the benefits on time. Plants like arborvitaes or the evergreen Italian Cypress are mostly recommended.

The best way to grow hedges is to have this plant put in soil that reaches up to the branching trunk, then make a two feet wide and deep trench and have the single shrubs spaced uniformly about 10 – 12 inches away.

Hedges are very effective for demarcating connected yards and blocking your neighbor’s line of sight.

Remember to water deeply and consistently, preferably using drip irrigation and prune down to make it neat and attractive when needed.

16. Create An Enclosure With Dark Wood

You can achieve privacy in your yard by creating a four-corner room made with dark wood and then decorated with plants.

You will achieve two things with this landscape idea for privacy – a cozy relaxation spot that blocks the view of your neighbors and some nice architectural structure.

What Are The Best Plants For Privacy Screening?

When it comes to privacy screening, some plants are preferred over others because they do better in blocking out neighbors’ views due to either their tall or dense nature.

Some of these plants include; columnar hornbeams, arborvitae, viburnum, lilac varieties, black hill spruce, Norway spruce, etc.


Privacy for individuals is valid and should not be taken for granted. Unlike most people, you can establish many functional types with little funds.

There are a lot of landscaping ideas to block out your neighbors. Choose what suits your need for all from what we have outlined above, as all landscapes are not the same, and keep prying eyes away for good.