Top 8 Orange Perennial Flowers (With Photos)

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If you desire a beautiful and colorful garden, you need to consider growing the orange perennial flowers. Apart from their unique display, these flowers can serve as an ornamental plant that will help you attract more visitors to your garden. 

In this article, we will be listing over ten important unique types of perennial flowers that are orange in color, which you can plant in your garden to increase the touch of beauty and make it more enchanting.

Let’s get started!

Orange Perennial Flowers 

There are different types of orange perennial flowers, and below are the ones we will be talking about today:

  1. Bird of Paradise
  2. Blackberry Lily
  3. Blanket flowers
  4. Butterfly weed
  5. Chrysanthemum
  6. Cinquefoil
  7. Day lily
  8. Gerbera Daisy

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1. Bird Of Paradise 

The scientific name of this perennial flower is strelitzia Reginae; this type of orange perennial plant can be grown indoors and outdoors; this is one of the reasons it is mostly grown by farmers and gardeners. 

They thrive and grow effectively in plant zones areas 9 to 11, one of the best ways to identify this popular flower is by the look of its crane. 

This orange perennial plant is easy to grow, and caring for it is not tedious; all you need to do is ensure that this plant receives lord of sunlight and water effectively; the bird of paradise grows better in temperatures between 65°F to 70°F. 

However, when growing this orange perennial flower, you need to know that most of the species grow tall, so you must make out space for it so that it won’t overshadow other flowers in the garden. 

2. BlackBerry Lily 

This is another popular unique type of orange flower planted to add beauty to the garden and make it look more attractive. The scientific name of this flower is Iris Domestica. 

One of the things that makes this black Berry Lily one of the most planted despite having many downsides is that it grows fast, blooms fast, and has a very nice color and fragrance which keep attracting both individuals and pollinating agents.

After the fall of the petals, you will find a cluster of black seeds growing in its place; the floral arrangement of this black Berry Lily is very apparent, which makes it one of the most beautiful flowers to behold. 

This is why you need it in your garden. This plant can grow and survive in different areas, it is mostly grown in the zone 5 areas, and this flower requires a lot of sunlight, water, and good soil for growth. 

3. Blanket Flower 

This is another notable orange flower planted in gardens to add beauty and attract pollinators and people to the garden. The scientific name of this blanket Flower is Gaillardia; it grows in hardy zones of 3 to 10. 

One of the things that helped to make this flower one of the most planted is that each of these flowers produces different types of flowers or different colors. When they’re grown in a garden, the different colors add beauty and life to the garden. 

The bright colors of this flower help to attract pollinating agents, which help to ensure the continuity of these flowers. They require sufficient sunlight, water, and good and fertile soil for growth. 

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4. Butterfly Weed

This plant is well known for its ability to attract butterflies, and other pollinating agents, the scientific name of the flower is Asclepias tuberosa. This flower is of different varieties, and each variety comes with different colors; this color adds beauty to the garden. 

This butterfly weed grows in a hardy area and survives in almost all habitats, but it is mostly grown in zone 3 to 9; to grow effectively, they need lots of sunlight and well-watered soil. When watering, you need to be careful, as too much water will lead to the poor growth of this plant. 

Another factor you should consider is maintenance; whenever this flower is planted, there’s usually weed invasion, so you need to always get rid of weeds from the garden to ensure proper growth and development of your plant. 

5. Chrysanthemum 

This flower is very common among farmers, and it is usually found in many gardens worldwide because of its fast-growth nature, color, and ability to attract different types of pollinating agents. 

The chrysanthemums have different varieties, and each has amazing flowers packed like a bunch of paper-like petals to form different clusters of colors. 

In addition to this, they bloom in different varieties of colors, which is another reason why this flower is getting more popular among different farmers across the world. 

They can grow and survive effectively in zones 5 to 9, they require sufficient sunlight and sufficient water, and farmers should make sure they don’t waterlog the soil; this will lead to poor growth and development of this flower. 

They add a touch of beauty and are enchanting to look upon, especially when bloomed newly; this is why it is one of the most widely planted types of orange flower. 

6. Cinquefoil 

This type of orange flower grows in clusters which makes it look like a bush. But one striking feature of this cinquefoil is that it has button flowers that are dotted all over the plant. 

The scientific name of this flower is known as Potentilla. One of the reasons most farmers plant this orange flower is that they don’t need much care; they’re easy to grow, germinate, and nature easily. 

The best growth zones of this flower are between zones 2 to 8; another important feature is that it is drought tolerant, so you don’t have to worry about watering it all the time. 

In addition, they’re equally pest resistant, which means that growing this flower in your garden will help repel pests from your garden; they’re equally deer resistant; all this contributes to making this flower one of the most planted across the world. 

Its pest and deer-resistant characteristics help other flowers planted together to grow and survive effectively. 

7. Day lily 

If you’re looking for plants, you don’t have to stress yourself caring about them, and this daylily plant comes to mind. The scientific name of this flower is Hemerocallis

This is one of the best perennial orange flowers you can grow in your garden; immediately, this flower grows and establishes itself. 

You don’t need to worry too much about how to care for it, and it can grow in a place of moderate to high-intensity sunlight; it can survive with little water; to an extent, this flower prefers to be left alone. 

The beautiful colors of this flower have earned it a place on the list; one of the downsides you should consider is monitoring these plants to prevent them from evading your garden area as it grows very fast and reaches maturity early. 

The fact it has bright colors helps to attract pollinator agents, which will help to ensure faster perpetuity of life. 

However, the best growing conditions for your daylilies are areas with full sunlight and moist, well-drained soil, and this doesn’t mean they won’t survive if these aren’t in place adequately. 

They also need some shades if they’re in a very hot climate; the reason for the shades is to help preserve their beautiful colors. 

In addition to these, this flower is known to reproduce at a very fast rate to the point it can produce over a hundred types in one growing season. 

8. Gerbera Daisy 

The Gerbera Daisy is one of the best perennial orange flowers; it is one of the most planted, with its wheel-like flower and great foliage, which has helped to attract many pollinating agents such as butterflies and hummingbirds. 

They grow effectively outdoors, but they can equally be grown indoors in the zone of 8 to 10. If you want to plant them outdoors, you should make sure that you plant them in an area and season where there’s no frost or any risk of frost. 

This is because this flower does not grow well in a frosty area.  Immediately this flower gets established in your garden, and it will start blooming within the next two weeks of planting; this shows it grows fast and reaches maturity early. 

The Gerbera Daisy originates from South Africa, but over the years, different hybridizations have led to the growth of this plant in different areas of the world. There are single, semi-double, and spider types of the same plant, and this is due to hybridization. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I plant them together with other species? 

Yes, you can, especially when you want to add a touch of beauty to your garden. Planting them together is a great way to improve the beauty of your garden.

Are there different species of orange perennial flowers? 

There are numerous orange perennial flowers, each with its distinct properties. Go through this article and choose your preference.

How long does it take my orange perennial flowers to reach maturity? 

This is highly dependent on the species of orange perennial flowers you planted, but on average, it takes two weeks for your orange perennial flowers to start developing.