15 Best Plants for Around Above Ground Pool

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There are only a few things better than getting the right types of plants to suit your underground pool landscaping perfectly.

You shouldn’t just place any plant by your poolside, which is why it is very good to know the best plant around your above-the-ground pool.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best plants for around above ground pool!

Best Plants for Around Above Ground Pool

Some amazing plants that can work well around your above the ground swimming pool include; 

1. Banana Trees 

The banana trees are the best choice if you want your pool area to have that tropical look. These trees are also suitable for people who live in a mild and frost-free climate. If you are a fan of fast-growing trees, then you should go for these long-leaved trees. 

To keep the trees safe, you must plant them around areas with walls or a shield so their leaves wouldn’t get ripped by the wind. Banana trees would do better in areas with USDA zone ranging from 9-10.

2. Hawaiian Hibiscus

The Hawaiian hibiscus, also known as the Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis, is a flower that originates from Hawaii, as the name also implies. The amazing thing about this plant is that there are several varieties for you to choose from, ranging from your preference in color and size.

Some common varieties of the Hawaiian hibiscus include white wings, a bohemia crown, flamenco flame, and Kona princess. A known fact about the hibiscus plant is that it requires a lot of water to thrive properly.

These plants would do better when grown in the USDA zone from 9-11.

3. Bird Of Paradise 

The bird of paradise, Strelitzia reginae, is a more prominent flower in the tropical oasis. Only a few factors differentiate this plant from the banana plant. One of the factors includes its two feet long leaves. 

Like the banana plant, you should ensure that you provide this flower with enough shelter from the wind by planting it alongside walls or buildings.

These plants are not fans of cool weather conditions so ensure that you keep them inside during cool climates and arrange them around your above-the-ground pool during the summer. 

The bird of paradise is one of the best plants around above ground pool area because it can tolerate splashings, but ensure that you only partially drench the plant in water. These plants would do better when placed in USDA zone 11.

4. Egyptian Papyrus 

The Egyptian papyrus can create your areas with a tropical and exotic look and feel. Unlike the bird of paradise, the papyrus flowers are a fan of water and can live in bogs and shallow pond areas. 

The best soil to lay this flower in is clay soil, which has been amended because it helps it retain its dampness. If you want a companion plant for Egyptian papyrus, you should use the horsetail plant, which is also exotic and loves wet environments. 

For healthier plant growth, ensure that you plant them in areas with a USDA zone of 8 and dampen the soil around where they grow. 

5. Echeveria 

The echeveria plant is a succulent perennial plant that originates from Mexico. These plants are suitable for pools around rock gardens and create a resistance to draught over time. Apart from the pool, these plants would also do excellently around your spa area. 

When you plant them in the right zones, they can be planted as shrubs and can also be able to reach up to a height of two feet tall. Ensure that your echeveria plants are in the USDA zone ranging from 9-11. 

There are also several color varieties of this plant you can pick from, ranging from pink, white, yellow, and even red. 

6. Kangaroo Paw 

The kangaroo paw, Anigozanthos flavida, is a common slim plant from Australia. Its name would’ve given you a hint on that. The major part of the kangaroo paw plant is the flowers, which are a major appeal. 

These plants would do well in areas with a USDA growing zone ranging from 10-11. Several varieties of these plants, with several colors, provide you with a preference on which you want to settle with. 

7. The Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine

These sweet potato vines come in several colors and variegations. One very popular variety of this plant is the marguerite, one of the most striking varieties. Another amazing thing about this plant is that it Is easy to care for and fast-growing. 

These ornamental sweet potato vine plants would do better in areas with USDA zone ranging from 11. If you want your plant to thrive more, ensure that you plant them in well-drained soil and full to partial shade.

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8. Hasta 

Hosta’s plants are beautiful, with thick leaves that would work best around areas with shade. Several varieties of the hasta plants can work around your pool, so all you have to do is choose the best to suit your preferences. 

An amazing thing about this plant is that they can still pass off that tropical vibe even If they can also handle the winter temperatures. These are hardy plants, even if they can accommodate deer and slugs. 

9. Agave Plant 

The agave plant is a desert plant that is quite hardy and spiky, and with its nature, you wouldn’t imagine it as a plant that should be around the pool area. Now there is a variety of agave plants known as attenuate agave. 

Unlike the agave plant, the attenuate agave has flexible and soft leaves and a lovely green color that would fit well into a pool environment. 

10. Geranium 

When it comes to an ideal potted plant that should be sitting by the side of your above-the-ground pool, only a few plants come close to the geranium. These plants come in several colors, like red, white, and pink, which add slashes of colorfulness to your poolside. 

You should be okay with being subjected to just one variety of geranium plants. There is a variety of geraniums that are climbing plants and vines so that you can use these plants around your pool walls.

11. Kumquats

It may sound surprising to you how kumquats made it into this list. Kumquats are small fruits made into jam and smashed into sugar for just a bit of that bitter orange taste. If you even decide to eat whole fruits whole, then that is also fine. 

Since the kumquat plants are self-fertilized, they can also be able to grow up to the height of 8-15 feet tall. You will need to find shelter for these plants if winter temperatures drop excessively. These plants would do well when grown in areas with USDA zones from 9-11. 

12. Trumpet Honey Suckle 

The honeysuckle plants have a glorious smell. Not only do they sit pretty by your poolside wall. These plants can grow very tall, up to 10-15 feet tall, so that they can provide a fence around your pool. 

This is important since most pools have unattractive fences around their poolside. So, if you want to do something worth it, you should surround your pool with a beautiful, sun-loving, sweet-smelling plant.

13. Bunny Ear Cactus 

You should get the right idea behind this cactus, and unlike several other cactus varieties, the bunny ears cactus don’t have prickly ends, making them ideal for your pool sides.

Apart from being suitable for pool sides, you can also move the bunny ear cactus inside when the temperature is freezing.

You should note that the bunny ear cactus can be quite invasive in areas where the growth is supported all year round. These plants would grow best in areas with USDA zones ranging from 9-12. 

14. Common Jasmine 

The common jasmine, Jasminum officinale, has about 200 varieties, and all you need to do is get the variety most suitable for your needs. The best thing for you is that if you live close to a tropical area, there are most options. 

A hardy variety of the common jasmine plant is the common jasmine, and it can survive even in areas with freezing climates. So if you have these plants planted outside, ensure that you cover and protect them throughout the season. 

15. Palm Trees 

There are several varieties of palm trees, and any could work for the poolsides. All you have to do is select the best size to fit into your pool size. There are several sizes of palm trees, so all you have to do is pick which suits you the best.

That said, we also have a list of small palm trees suitable for pool side. Check them out!


You can always choose from several best plants around the above pool. All you have to do is select a plant or flower suitable for your climate. This article has helped help you make a choice.