12 Tall Plants For Privacy In Pots (With Photos)

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When thinking of a natural way of establishing privacy in your space, tall potted plants are one of the best options. With them, you are sure of so many other benefits asides from the core purpose you have for creating privacy.

They are great plants for shade plus they stand elegantly, blessing your space with their unique height and beautiful flowers. Do you intend to use tall plants for seclusion and privacy but are unsure which one to go for?

This article will highlight some of the best tall plants for privacy in pots so you can choose the best ones for your need!

Tall Plants For Privacy In Pots

There are so many tall plants that make great screening plants, but we will be bringing you a list of those that have so much more to offer other than privacy.

Below is a list of some fast-growing pot plants with stunning heights and overall outlooks that are also low-maintenance plants that would not need too much attention.

Most importantly, they are perfect for blocking out your neighbors’ line of vision and establishing privacy for you.

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1. Cypress Trees

One of the most sought-after trees for privacy screens. These South Eastern native American trees can grow as tall as 70ft!

How impressive is that?

There is a barrage of advantages of Cypress Trees: you have tons of variants to choose from, over a hundred with different shapes as well.

They grow in a unique spiral form and are not exactly selective of soil texture, and they transform your space magically with their dark, glossy green leaves that brings forth small white flowers during spring.

Thinking of a perfect plant for hedges and privacy screens, try out the Cypress trees. You will be sure to find lots of its many variants that make great pot plants.

2. Elaeagnus x Ebbingei (Silverberry)

Elaeagnus x ebbingei is as beautiful as its nickname sounds. The nickname, by the way, was derived from its leathery rounded shape and elliptical leaves that look just like another variant; Silverberry. They serve pretty well in places where you need privacy screens set up and can be very useful in erosion control and management.

Some very key features of this plant are its easy-grow nature, creamy beautiful white blooms every fall that is soon followed by brownish-red fruits which become edible in spring.

Silverberries are fast-growing tall, evergreen shrubs with different variegated types. The plant is known for its sporadic growth, attaining an impressive height of about 10ft. To get it well established,  have them planted in a well-drained sandy, loamy soil and leave them to enjoy ample sun and a bit of shade.

Elaeagnus x ebbingei are quite hardy too. They come top of the list for plants in coastal regions because of how well they tolerate dryness. They should, however, be shielded from insects like fungal leaf spots and spider mites.

3. California Lilac (Ceanothus Concha)

Are you looking for a bright and colorful screen that will beautify your space and provide you with privacy? The California Lilac is just what you need.

This flowering shrub will brighten up your space with its colorful hues, spotting lilac/blue blooms and a mass of tiny cotton-looking clusters that break out. 

They get even more beautiful as they grow, attracting butterflies, birds, and other beneficial pollinators to themselves but staying highly resistant to deer.

Consider this magnificent tall plant for a privacy screen, and you will be glad you did.

4. Photina Red Robin (Photina x fraseri)

The Photina Red are small or sometimes medium-sized shrubs created as a hybrid of two Australian species, namely, P. Leucoptera, also known as white-winged robin, and P. Erythrina (Scarlet Robin).

Notwithstanding the size of this deciduous shrub, they can attain up to 6m in height. Some qualities that qualify this plant to be a great privacy screen is its fast-growing and easy-care trait.

Due to their attractive outlook, people might be confused about why they are there. Their shiny dark green leaves and mass of tiny red flowers show forth in late spring and early summer.

They also bear white blooms in April with a sweet, soothing scent.

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5. Cherry Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus)

Cherry Laurel is perfect for privacy screens and hedges. You are bound to fall in love with its shiny leaves of dark green that bring forth perfect white flowers in spring.

This evergreen shrub is known to be quite tall with a fast-growing growth pace both in height and width.

For best results, plant under partial shade/full sun in well-drained soil. In addition, see that the plant is pruned just after its bloom.

6. Dogwood (Cornus)

There are wide varieties of Dogwood, both evergreen shrubs or one-trunked trees, that can be used as screening plants.

Dogwood can be described as a non-problematic plant. They will grow steadily in shade conditions as long as they are well watered. 

They will also need to be pruned back during spring. Doing this helps them develop better and keeps their stems in good condition for winter.

Dogwood does not just establish privacy for you, and they also provide great aesthetics all year round with its lovely petal-like bracts colored bright/dull pink, white, and also pale red. When they shed their leaves, their color changes from green to purple. 

Quite a stunning show, we must say. 

Dogwoods grow at a fast pace, adding, on average, about 60cm every year, resulting in the plant attaining full ripeness in less than ten years.

If we are to recommend tall varieties of Dogwood, also known as Dendrobium johnstoniae, that do pretty well as potted plants, we will say the flowering variants like Japanese pagoda or Cornelian cherry dogwood (Crimson starflower are perfect examples.

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7. Fargesia Murielae (Umbrella Bamboo)

You can rely on this native Chinese plant to do a perfect job of shielding you from prying eyes using just its impressive height.

The plant with the acronym FMB is a clumping bamboo that is quite tall, capable of attaining about 4m tall.

Another of its unique selling point is its fast-growing and low-maintenance nature. 

This plant will naturally grow well in the same kind of conditions that bamboos tolerate well (extreme weather conditions). 

Fargesia Murielae Bamboo’s quite a hardy plant. You will find them drought tolerant, needing less water, especially when they are well-established and resistant to pests and diseases.

For best results, have a small percentage of the tree’s leaning canes in June, preferably. This helps to prepare the plant for the following year and keeps it looking neat and attractive in its pots.

To further get the best out of this plant, ensure that the pots are spaced 2m away from the next when planted and keep them under the full sun even though it thrives still under partial shade.

Looking to get a natural fence that blocks neighbors out and, at the same time, enhances the outlook of your space? The wide leaves of the FGM, with its sunny yellow spring flower, are your best bet.

8. English Ivy

English Ivy is a divine vine capable of growing up to 100ft!

The good thing is that the vines can be controlled to grow in a vertical direction that would end up giving you a luxurious wall of artistic-looking greenery.

For best results, grow in a compact container and place to enjoy partial shade but full sun in colder regions. Due to their incredible growth, a trellis mounted at the base will be necessary.

9. Hydrangea

This lovely perennial plant is great for privacy screens too. They have a height range of about 12-15ft.

Hydrangeas have added benefits like being available in different cultivars, a massive spread of 10ft that is great for privacy, and transforming your space with their bright, colorful flowers.

For best results, have them planted in fairly large pots, about 18 inches in diameter.

10. Butterfly Bush

The tall varieties of butterfly bush can grow as high as 10ft.

To get this attractive plant well established, ensure they are in well-drained soil, and have them well watered and exposed to full sun.

11. Elderberry

With the Elderberry, you enjoy superb privacy, thanks to its form and foliage and great-tasting edible berries.

Elderberries are one of the best tall plants for privacy due to their height range of 10-12ft, dense trait, and massive width size. 

For best results, have them grown in a large pot, so their roots have enough room to spread out.

12. Elephant Ear

We wrap up our list with this popular plant. An Elephant’s ear plant leaf can get as large as 2ft and 3ft long.

They also have very stunning leaves that are sure to leave anyone wowed. For best results, have them planted in big and deep containers with stones placed at the base for proper balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Of The Year Is Best For Planting Privacy Hedges?

Growing privacy hedges at the right time will see it get the time it needs to get fully established, as well as help you avert issues with it. Spring is the perfect time to plant for the plant to be sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather conditions in summer and winter.

What Plant For Privacy Grows The Fastest?

Your best bet is bamboo plants. However, you must be intentional about your variant, as some grow wild and can be invasive. To stop that from happening, grow in high-rise planters. Besides being a fast grower, bamboos are super tall, with some variants getting as high as 25ft.


Why create a privacy plant screen when you can create one that serves multiple functions?

Above is an outline of some stress-free tall potted plants that will enhance your space’s appearance and establish solid privacy.

However, before embarking on this venture, check with the laws of the country you reside in regarding privacy and know if there are any limitations.