10 Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View (With Photos)

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You may be cool with your neighbors, but relaxing outdoors with friends and family and wondering if one of them is staring at you from somewhere can be very weird and make you feel unsettled.

But there is a solution, and a cheap one at that. 

In this article, we will discuss the best and cheap ways to block neighbors view and achieving a decent degree of privacy in your outdoor space.

Let’s delve right into it!

Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View

1. Outdoor privacy screens

Nothing spells game over for a nosy neighbor better than installing outdoor screens. With them, you can relax, feeling safe and assured that your business is out of anyone’s eyes.

Most outdoor screens that you see are made out of fabric sheets before being attached to metal frames. One good advantage that you are bound to enjoy with these outdoor screens is that they can easily be moved from one point to another vantage point.

This easy re-positioning happens to be very easy to do because they are super light and foldable. They can also be stored and kept if you feel like leaving your space bare again. There are also diverse types of screens and what distinguishes them from one another is the material used. 

For instance, we have privacy deck screens, which are made of mesh, making it more preferred as it promotes quality ventilation.

All these benefits are available to you at a very affordable rate.

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2. Long grass

Envisage long grasses around your outdoor space and imagine how exquisite they will look when arranged to create a screen all around your home.

That classiness you pictured can be replicated live and look even better.

Growing long grasses blesses your space with beautiful greenery. You will also find them very versatile, allowing you to style them however you like.

Some of the plants we recommend for providing you with the privacy you need, together with top-notch aesthetics, are Fountain grass, Reed grass, clumping bamboo, etc.

3. Make use of a trellis

When you think of a cheap and easy DIY idea to block out your neighbors’ view, you think trellis. Trellis can be easily constructed. It is not as technical as erecting a fence. 

They can be positioned around your patio and deck with beautiful vines or plants grown within it for support.

4. Create an overhead shade

This establishes privacy for you in a unique manner. It is even more effective if your house is beside an apartment or two-story building.

How does it work?

You only have to put a structure wrapped in a non-transparent material like a sailcloth that provides shade in your yard.

With an overhead shade, you not only get to block out your neighbors’ view but enjoy protection from heat, especially during the very hot months of summer.

5. Hanging potted plants

This is not just you trying to block out your neighbor’s view cheaply, but you are trying to do so in the most fashionable way ever.

Hanging pots in tiers filled with beautiful greenery will do the job of establishing you with optimum privacy beautifully well.

6. Outdoor curtains

An outdoor curtain is a good example of a cheap method of achieving privacy and solitude. They are also very versatile too. You can have them repositioned to different vantage areas anytime you like. 

One advantage of this idea is that you can find nice outdoor curtains that fit your budget. Installation, too, is pretty easy and can be self-done with posts or wooden bars lying around the house.

You can easily remove the curtains when you want the place bare and fixed back again when you feel like it.

7. Hedges

Hedges are greenery walls that guarantee an optimum level of privacy while offering a feel of nature.

A quick tip about growing hedges for privacy is to use plants that can grow very tall and dense.

For example, the Cypress tree, with a decent height of about 60 feet or more, plus its beautiful feature of growing upwards, is highly recommended for hedges.

A word of caution would be to go for plants that have no problem thriving in your location and care for them properly as they grow.

You will need to prune them down to your desired size when they grow rapidly.

8. Erect a fence

A fence readily comes to mind when the talk about cheap privacy is raised. It is talked about because it is inexpensive and very effective.

Fences can be made of metal, i.e., corrugated metal sheets or wood. Both types offer you quality visual quality. However, you will find metal fences to be a lot cheaper, although you will have to maintain them well; else, they become dull as they age.

Metal fences are strong, too, and cannot be pulled down by the strong wind.

Wood fences are also beautiful but require more work to erect.  

Wooden slated fences can be placed and then beautifully decorated with a lattice to give you that stunning look.

9. Planting of trees and shrubs

Planting fast-growing trees and shrubs is one way of stylishly achieving privacy with your neighbors not knowing what you are up to. For all they know, you are probably trying something different by growing evergreen shrubs in your space.

Asides from the tree and shrubs, you have nothing else to purchase again for this privacy wall, and that makes it one of the super cheap ideas to consider.

When talking about trees, look towards bamboo or holly trees because they tend to grow fast and tall.

10. Build a patio

Patios are cozy relaxation outdoor spots that you should experience. Plus, they are also very affordable to achieve as well.

Put the size of your building into cognizance when building a patio. Also, look for strategic points that need to be blocked out as a location site for your patio.

Once the patio is built, have them beautifully screened to block out neighbors’ views.


These cheap ideas above will not only help block out your neighbors’ view, but they will also help transform your space into something more luxurious.

The best part is that you would not need to break the bank to achieve this transformation.

You will surely find an idea that suits you and the coverage you desire in your yard.

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