Top 7 John Deere 5085M Problems (Troubleshooting Tips)

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The John Deere 5085m is, no doubt, one of the best and most durable tractors you can count on. It is suitable for all kinds of soil.

However, even though the John Deere 5085m tractor is durable and reliable, it is not a perfect machine. Hence, there are problems associated with it.

In this article, we will some of the most common John Deere 5085m problems and provide tips on how to troubleshoot and fix them. Aside from that, we will also look at the difference between the John Deere 5085m and the 5085e tractors.

Let’s get started!

John Deere 5085M Problems

You may experience the following common problems with the John Deere 5085m tractor.

  • Starting problem
  • Engine Problem
  • Diesel Motor Problems
  • Steering Problems
  • Axle Problems
  • Smoke Problem and
  • Differential Lock Problem
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1. Starting Problems

Starting problem is mainly caused by a faulty starter. An affected starter may cause stalling in the engine or the engine to stop while operating.

How To Fix John Deere 5085m Starter Problem

First, you need to ensure your battery is in good working condition. Secondly, you have to examine your wiring. This helps to ascertain if there is any leakage or corroded connection.

Once a loose connection is spotted, fix it immediately. Also, there is no accumulation of speck of dust around the starter. However, if after doing all these and you are still facing the same problem, replacing the starter should be the next step.

2. Engine Problems

Engine problems are almost associated with all John Deere tractors. The John Deere 5085m is not an exception.

You are likely to experience the following engine problems with your John Deere 5085m;

Engine knocking occurs mainly when the oil in the engine is not enough or when the temperature of the coolant drops drastically.

Several factors cause engine stalling—weak cylinder bores, incorrect valve timing, dirt and dust, faulty starter or battery.

On the other hand, you may also encounter engine overheating in some cases. It could be you overloaded the tractor, lack coolant, or the radiator is full of dirt.

Once the cause of the problem is discovered, swing into action! How can you do that?

How To Fix John Deere Engine Problems

To treat engine knocking, ensure an appropriate measure of the recommended oil in the engine. Also, ensure that the temperature of the coolant remains at the desired level.

More so, engine stalling can be dealt with by ensuring your starter and battery are good.

Also, engine stalling can be eliminated by dusting clogged dust or debris. Moreover, your worn-out cylinder bores need to be replaced.

For engine overheating, reduce the workload and ensure there is enough coolant. Refill if possible.

3. Diesel Motor Problems

Most users of the John Deere 5085m laid a complaint about the diesel motor.

If it is not that the diesel is not working or is hard to start, it will be that the motor does not crank.

Any of the following empowers the above issues;

  • Obstruction in the air filter or the induction system.
  • Wrong fuel grade
  • Inappropriate cold start system.
  • Faulty injections.
  • Restrictions in the exhaust pipes.
  • Faulty piston rings
  • Water mixing with fuel
  • High viscosity.

How To Fix Diesel Motor Problems

Knowing the root causes of diesel motor problems, fixing or eliminating them will not give teeth to you.

First, ensure no restriction exists in the fuel filter, exhaust pipes, and air filter. Fix faulty injections and piston rings and ensure water does not mix with the fuel.

In addition, the correct cold start system should be maintained and high viscosity reduced.

4. Steering Problems

The John Deere 5085m may also develop issues with the steering.

Following the reports from users, it is either spinning without opposition or does not move or work.

Steering problems are often caused by a small oil index, a broken steering pump, and cylinder or even too much air in the hydraulic system.

How To Fix Steering Problems

The first step to prevent your steering from spinning without restriction is to increase the oil index. Yes, top up and change the broken hydraulic cylinder.

Meanwhile, ensure that you remove the excess air in the hydraulic system to enable the steering to work.

5. Axle Problems

You may also experience cracking of the front axle with your tractor.

Once you notice that noise made by its cracking, just know that the teeth of the gears are broken, or the ball bearings are destroyed.

How To Fix Axle Problems

To eliminate the axle problem from your John Deere 5085m tractor, you need to repair or change the broken gear teeth, including the ball bearings.

Without repairing or changing any of these, you may keep hearing the cracking from the front axle and even the rear axle.

6. White Gas

If you notice that white gas or smoke is coming from your tractor, the piston rings are damaged, or the engine is running at a low temperature.

White gases are detrimental to health. Hence, necessary measures must be taken to eliminate it.

How To Fix White Gas

It is effortless. Restore or change the faulty piston rings and ensure that the engine gets warm as recommended.

7. Differential Lock Problem

Once the differential lock breaks down, check the diaphragm. The probability that it is worn out is high. In addition, the friction clutch discs can also be damaged.

How To Fix The Differential Lock Problem

To fix the problem, kindly change the worn diaphragm and friction clutch discs.

John Deere 5085e vs. John Deere 5085m

This is the most exciting part of this content. By now, we are confident you are confused about which JD 5085 is better.

By the time we are done comparing the John Deere 5085e and 5085m, you will be convinced about which to go.

Here are the areas of comparison;

  • Tires
  • Frame and strength
  • Steering and Brakes
  • Engine and power

1. Tires

Both tractors have similar characteristics when it comes to tires. They come with five series and wheels that are adjustable.

Despite having similar features, the 5085e has customized 4WD and rear tires. This helps operators to work more effectively.

2. Frame And Strength

The John Deere 5085m is modeled so that the mid-frame can accommodate extra work and maintain durability.

The John Deere 5085e has front-end rear-wheel drive axles that operate even in muddy areas.

3. Steering And Brakes

The two tractors have good working hydrostatic power, steering, and wet-disk brakes. With these, operations are carried out smoothly and self-adjusting.

4. Engine And Power

The two tractors are incredible. Their engines and power are worth the tag.

The only difference here is that the John Deere 5085m comes with bulge power and torque that helps the tractor in critical times.

In times of crip situations, you can always help out.

Also, the John Deere 5085m is slightly different from the John Deere 5085e.


No machine is without a fault. And none is perfect. The same applies to the John Deere 5085m.

Problems will keep arising and can be so annoying. You either fix them by yourself, or you engage the service of a mechanic.

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