How To Use Liquid Kelp Fertilizer (Practical Steps)

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Kelp fertilizers are of different types, and some of them have specific usage, which means that they are used specifically for a certain kind of plant, while some are not.

In this article, we will discuss how to use liquid kelp fertilizer so that you wouldn’t have to make a mistake when using it. 

How To Use Liquid Kelp Fertilizer

As we all know, liquid kelp fertilizer is a liquid product; since this is a liquid product, you can choose to apply it as a spray to your plant in different ways. 

In all of these cases, you will have to apply this liquid to the leaves until it drips off.

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Method 1

If you have a small potted plant or herbs, all you need to do is to mix it in a handheld type of spray bottle and stay on the plant.

Method 2

You can equally mix this in a watering can and carry it on your back, and use the nozzle to sprinkle the diluted solution all over your plants. 

Method 3

Sometimes you may have a large area for planting, which can make the cost of this kelp liquid fertilizer costly. To remedy this situation, all you need to do is to mix a more considerable amount of solution and then put it inside a sprayer and apply it to the intended area. 

Method 4

You can equally use liquid kelp fertilizer to improve and increase seed germination and early root development by soaking the seeds overnight in a diluted solution and then spraying the fertilizer on them immediately after planting.

Precautions To Be Taken When Using Kelp Liquid Fertilizer

  • Whenever you’re using liquid kelp fertilizer, you should know when to apply it for maximum effectiveness. It is best to apply fertilizers during the active growing seasons of your crops. Whether the plant is an outdoor plant or resides inside, plants need growth to slow down during the colder months, and fertilizer will help break this dormancy. 
  • To reduce the risk of transparent shock when reporting container plants, after you’ve removed the root ball from the container, spray it with the kelp liquid fertilizer. 
  • In many instances, other liquid fertilizers like the liquid fish fertilizer can be known to taint the taste of tomato plants and other different garden veggies. Still, this kelp liquid fertilizer doesn’t do that, which makes it one of the best types of fertilizer out there. 
  • There are many different types of kelp liquid fertilizer, each with its unique features. When using the kelp liquid fertilizer, you must identify the specific usage of the one you are using. 

The benefit of this is that it will save you from future loss, which may come from applying the fertilizer to the wrong plant or crops, which can lead to its damage. 

  • Kelp fertilizer, to an extent, doesn’t affect the plant when overused. This makes it one of the best types of fertilizers out there. When applying kelp fertilizer, you don’t need to worry about applying too much, and it is more effective to use the water can spraying method, which will help the fertilizer to reach all parts of the plant. 

How To Prepare Kelp Liquid Fertilizer Yourself 

This is a do-it-yourself practical section. After this section, you will be able to prepare this type of fertilizer for your crop and plant usage. 

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a coastal area, you’re indeed lucky. If you live in a place where you can locally collect your type of seaweed, you can save yourself the cost of buying seaweed fertilizers from the commercials and start making yours. 

Doing it yourself is better, it is less costly, it is also less tedious, it’s simple, and it doesn’t require any special, expensive equipment. 

One thing you should consider is that you should make sure there are not any form of regulations put in place by your government that could get you into trouble for gathering seaweed and producing them by yourself. 

Materials Needed For This Process

  • Seaweed
  • Water
  • Lidded, and airtight container (a bucket is perfect for this)


  • Go down to the seashore area and collect a bunch or a small one depending on the amount of kelp liquid fertilizer you wish to produce. 
  • Clean off the debris, rinse it to remove excess salt and sand, and any other thing that may contaminate it. 
  • Then place the seaweed you’ve rinsed in the container and cover it very well with water inside, and then firmly snap the lid on.
  • Take it out of the way and keep it away from contact for weeks or months. The amount of time you will keep it depends on the temperature. 

To use it, dilute a part to 10 parts of water and then spray it on the plant or area you wish, or you can equally apply it with a watering can. There are so many ways to use it, which we have discussed.

 Always remember to keep applying it until the liquid drips off the leaves. 

How To Store Kelp Liquid Fertilizer 

Now, let’s look at how to store this kelp liquid fertilizer. We are sure you may not use it at the same time. Hence, the need for preservation. 

Because of the nature of this kelp fertilizer, it is liquid. The shelf life is much shorter than granular, inorganic products. To get the best out of the kelp liquid fertilizer and to make it last as long as possible

Store the concentrated product in a tightly closed container at room temperature, keeping it directly out of sunlight. When you keep it under this condition, it will be stable for more than a year. 

From this article, you will understand that kelp liquid fertilizer is one of the best types of fertilizer for your crops or plant. Most can be used for plants, produce flowers, and perennials. 

Related Questions 

How Often Should I Use Liquid Kelp Fertilizer? 

No doubt, liquid kelp fertilizer is very beneficial to your plants if you are looking forward to having a bountiful harvest. However, caution should not be thrown to the winds while doing so. Therefore, it is advisable to apply kelp liquid fertilizer every 2 to 4 weeks. Meanwhile,  you may continue with watering–not too much, though, be moderate. 

How Do I Apply Liquid Kelp To My Plants? 

It is wise to apply only 1% of the liquid kelp fertilizer every 2-4 weeks. This way, moderation is maintained. 

Can I Over-Fertilize With Kelp Liquid? 

Liquid kelp fertilizer is indeed an easy solution. However, it is a waste to over-fertilize with kelp liquid. 1% of the solution every 2-4 weeks remains the best.

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Furthermore, we discussed some ways and procedures you can use to prepare kelp fertilizers from the comfort of your home. Amazing right? Excellent!