Top 7 Kubota B7610 Problems (Troubleshooting Tips)

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The Kubota brand produces highly reliable tractors for everyday work on your farms. Just like any other tractor brand, the Kubota brand is prone to issues and malfunction from time to time. 

Some common Kubota B7610 problems are engines refusing to crank, engine overheating, and the engine refusing to start. Most issues with the Kubota tractors are usually linked to their engine so ensuring your engine is healthy is vital.

Let’s quickly learn more about the common problems with Kubota B7610 lawn mowers!

Kubota B7610 Problems

There are several issues you would notice with your Kubota tractor but don’t worry, we are here to guide you. Some of these problems include; 

1. Engine Not Cranking 

Some owners often complain that there are times when the engine refuses to crank, and due to how predominant this issue is, it has become one of the significant problems the Kubota b7610 faces. There are several reasons why this happens, but you also do not have to worry because of several fixes. 

Some common reasons why this happens is due to a dead battery, dirty or corded battery cables, or anything battery related. 

To Fix: You can fix these problems quickly by cleaning or replacing the battery cables; other times, you have to call professionals to check the battery out. 

Another cause of this problem is your tractor reading out the wrong voltage, and you can fix this issue by using an ohmmeter to ensure that the safety switch reads the correct voltage.

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2. Overheating Engine

This problem is generally caused by a lack of proper airflow in and out of the tractor. 

When your radiator is clogged, it either blocks or reduces the airflow, and that eventually causes the heat to build up. Most times, this issue all states back to your radiator, and several ways you can fix this issue. 

To Fix: You can check your radiator fins and clear out any dust or debris particles from it; sometimes, that would most likely fix the issue. You can blow out the air quickly with an air compressor. 

3. The tractor Engine Keeps Shutting Down. 

If your Kubota b7610 keeps shutting down a few minutes after you started it, the problem has something to do with the fuel system. 

Trying to fix this issue can be very tricky, and you must have a strong sense of smell to fix this one all by yourself. 

When you inhale from the fuel tank, you notice that the engine would release a Strange odor after running for a few minutes and going off. 

The Kubota b7610 operates with a diesel system, and when it is squeezed, diesel burns, so the pistol compresses the fuel-air combination, causing it to ignite, thus, the foul odor. 

To Fix: The best way to quickly fix this issue is by draining all the fuel in the fuel tank and replacing it with a new one. 

4. Difficulty In Steering 

Some common causes of this issue include air being trapped in the steering system, a dirty or broken steering filter, a defective hydraulic steering pump, and an incorrect toe-in. You can fix this issue by addressing all the problems stated above. 

To Fix: Check your steering system by freeing the air from the steering system and checking on your hydraulic pump to ensure that it is not defective. You also have to ensure that you check and adjust your toe-in if it is out of place. 

5. Battery Refusing to Charge 

There are several reasons why the battery of your Kubota b7610 would refuse to charge, but all of these issues have an easy fix. 

Common reasons your battery would refuse to charge include loose or corroded electrical wings, defective battery terminal clamps, and damaged or loose belts. 

To Fix: You can fix the issue with your battery when it refuses to charge by ensuring that the electrical wings are not rusted; even if they are, do well to replace them, replace belts that are damaged, and replace belts or adjust the belt tension. 

6. Problems With the Diesel Engine 

If your tractor has a problem with the diesel engine, you will notice that the engine shuts off on its own while running, the diesel starts and stops, and you will also see that the engine makes an abnormal noise or constantly knocks out. 

When your engine starts and suddenly stops when running, it is either the injection pump timing is wrong or the engine has not warmed up to the required temperature. 

Also, when your diesel starts and stops, the fuel filter is plugged in, or the fuel injection pump is defective. 

To Fix: You can be able to fix this issue by changing your fuel filter element or cleaning or replacing the air filter element when it is dirty. 

7. Hydrostatic Transmission Issues 

Although the hydrostatic transmission issue is not common to the Kubota b7610 tractor users, this issue arises sometimes. 

Usually, the power of the mower’s engine is sent to the hydrostatic transmission through the treadle pedal, and when the treadle pedal has issues, it automatically affects the hydrostatic transmission. 

Some problems with the treadle pedals are usually due to too tight a joint on the bolts and the need to apply more lubricant before pedaling. 

To check if the pedal issue is from the hydrostatic transmission, you must push the pedal and check if the pedal is overly firm. 

To Fix: In this case, you do not need professional help, and you have to loosen the joint on the bolts a bit to lose the pedal if it is too firm and apply a bit of lubricant; that should work in this case.

Kubota B7610 Problems With Solution

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Problems With the Kubota B7610 Tractors Possible Fixes 
Engine overheating Refill the engine fuel and clean up the radiator fins
Engine not cranking Check the voltage on your battery and check your safety switch 
Engine shutting down Clean both your fuel and air filters 
The machine keeps shutting down Drain your fuel from the fuel tank and replace it with a new one 
Hydrostatic transmission Loosen the joints if they are too tight and apply lubricant 
Battery refusing to charge Replace defective electrical wings 
Hydrostatic transmission issues Apply lubricants to the engine parts and also ensure that you loosen the pedal
Diesel engine problems Replace the fuel and air filter elements 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who Makes the Engine for The Kubota B7610 Tractors? 

The engine that is used in the Kubota b7610 tractors is produced by the Kubota engine America corporation (KEA). Apart from the production, this company also actively takes part in the sales of engines and other engine parts. 

Who Makes Kubota? 

Kubota is made by the Kubota Corporation of Japan and is then presented in several other continents and countries. 

The Kubota brand is recognized as one of the world leaders in compact diesel and tractor ride-on mowers and is also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diesel engines under 100 HP. 

How Long Would a Kubota Diesel Engine Last? 

The Kubota company produces a warranty of over two years or 2000 hours, whichever of them comes first, and for significant engine parts, it guarantees three years or 3000 hours. 

Likewise several models, with the proper maintenance, your Kubota engine can even be able to last for up to ten years. 

What Is the Number 1 Selling Tractor in the USA? 

The John Deere tractors are the number one-selling tractors in the US. This tractor made up sales worth $44 billion in the year 2021. 

The John Deere brand is well recognized in the US and Has an excellent reputation for robust and reliable tractors. 

Are Kubota Tractors Still Made in Japan? 

Yes, the Kubota tractors originated from Japan, and their engine parts are still made there. 

Most of the unassembled Kubota machinery is imported from Japan before finally being assembled in the Georgia facility. 

Are Kubota Tractors Any Good? 

The Kubota tractors are one of the best-produced tractors you would find, and they match up with quality for the price. 

How Do You Know If Your Hydraulic Oil Is Low? 

The first sign you should look out for is a resonating sound from the power unit. Another sure sign you would notice is a sluggish response from the cylinder when your plate begins to move from the completely open position. 

What Type of Hydraulic Fluid Does the Kubota Use? 

The Kubota tractors make use of the Kubota super UDT2 universal trans-hydraulic fluid. 

This fluid is multipurpose and also suitable in all weather conditions. You should also use this oil in the final hydraulic drive, differential, wet brake, and transmission systems. 


Just because the Kubota b7610 came up with these problems does not mean the Kubota company produces bad tractors. 

Sometimes, lack of maintenance poses a massive factor in most of these issues, and if you notice, you can fix most of them with just one or two simple steps. 

We hope the problems and solutions offered in this post are helpful to you!

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