Top 10 John Deere X304 Problems (Causes & Troubleshooting)

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Like every other lawn mower from the John Deere company, the John Deere x304 is an excellent choice of a mower to settle with. Although some issues come up with these tractors, do not worry, you can fix these problems without much stress. 

Some of the most common John Deere X304 problems include electrical issues, engine problems, machine problems, and some fundamental problems like mower scalping, not cutting grasses correctly, or even uneven cutting. 

This article will list the problems, their causes, and several ways you can troubleshoot and fix them. Please stick with us!

John Deere x304 Problems 

Some problems you would encounter when using the John Deere x304 problem include; 

1. Engine Problem

Problems Causes Fixes 
Engine not starting Low fuel in the fuel tank or bad fuel in the fuel tank, Bad spark plug, dirty fuel filter, and a faulty switch Ensure that you top up the fuel in the tank with the correct grade of fuel, clean up your fuel filter to get rid of the debris, and also replace a faulty switch 
Engine finding it very difficult to start Damaged starter, electrical connection, bad spark plug, and a clogged fuel line Ensure that you get your start repaired and check on your electrical connectivities. Also, ensure you unclog all fuel lines by cleaning them up after use. 
Engine runs roughly Clogged cooling fins and air cleaners, the electrical contacts are loose Please clean up your cooling fins by washing them, and do well to replace the electrical connections, return defective contacts
Engine overheating Clogged cooling fins, engine overloading, making use of low-quality engine oil, and problems with the idle speedClean up your cooling fins and reduce the loads on your engine. You can also do well to get a good grade of engine oil and adjust the idle speed from slow.
Engine backfires Problems with the spark plug and carburetor, check the valve and the throttle. Check on the spark plugs and carburetor and replace them if necessary also, ensure that the throttle and valve are set to the correct position. 
Engine lack power Check on the carburetor, fuel pump, and governor. Also, check if your engine is overheating and if the fuel is too much. Replace the faulty carburetor, fuel tank, and governor, or fix the faulty ones. You can also let your engine cool down and reduce the amount of fuel in the fuel tank if it is too much.
Engine emitting black smoke Clogged air filter and disengaging the throttle element Ensure that you clean up your air filter to free it from dirt and debris, and ensure that your throttle is engaged

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2. Electrical problems

Problems  Causes Fixes 
Battery refusing to charge Battery poles are failing, and poor contact between the cable and the battery pole. When the battery fails, all you have to do is install a new one and clean the battery cables. 
Lighten does not function Defective lamp, disconnected light plugEnsure you repair or replace all defective lamps and check on the light bulb cables. 
Starter refused to work. This is usually a result of a blown fuse, corroded battery terminals, and a low battery. A defective ignition and starter can also cause the issue. Ensure that you replace your blown fuse, and check on your battery to ensure it is not low. Check on your ignition and starter, also. 

3. Machine problems 

Problems Causes Fixes 
Excessive tractor vibration Damaged traction belt and driven belt, dirty sheaves, and bent blades Ensure that you check on your traction and driven belt and ensure that they are in great shape, clean up your sheaves and also replace the damaged belts 
The tractor is not moving even if the engine is on Loose blades, check if the brake is set to park, and insufficient transmission oil. Tighten your blades and also top up the transmission fuel if it is insufficient 

4. Discharge chute plugged 

  • Travel speed too fast- move at a slower rate 
  • Grass too long- ensure that you move twice 
  • Grass too wet- operate with your mower when the grass is not too wet
  • Engine rpm is not at wide open throttle
  • Restricted airflow- check on the air filter  
  • Belt installed incorrectly- reinstall the belt 

5. Patches of grass uncut 

  • Travel speed too fast- move at a slower speed
  • Engine rpm is not at wide open throttle
  • The mower deck needs cleaning 

6. Belt slipping

  • Debris in sheaves- clean up the sheaves  
  • Worn belt- replace your worn-out belts
  • Belt tension is incorrect- reset your belt tension  

7. Too much vibration 

  • Debris on mower deck or in sheaves- clean your mower decks and sheaves  
  • Damaged drive belt- replace the belt drive  
  • Damaged sheaves or sheaves out of alignment- replace or reset the position of your sheaves. 
  • Blades out of balance- align your blades  

8. Blades scalping grass 

  • Cutting too low
  • The mower wheels need to be adjusted correctly
  • Turning speed too fast
  • Ridges in terrain
  • Rough or uneven terrain
  • Low tire pressure

9. The tachometer drops out of the best-cut zone 

  • The engine rpm is too low
  • Travel speed too fast- reduce the travel speed
  • Debris wrapped around mower spindles- clean up the mower spindles 
  • Adjust cutting height to remove only 1/3 of the grass at a time

10. Uneven cut  

  • Mower deck not leveled properly- set the mower deck at the right level 
  • Travel speed too fast- reduce the travel speed 
  • Blades are dull- sharpen the blades  
  • Mower wheels not adjusted correctly- readjust the mower wheels  
  • Tire pressure unequal- reduce the amount of air in the giant tire  
  • Adjust cutting height to remove only 1/3 grass at a time

Frequently Asked Questions 

What engine is in the john Deere x304? 

The john Deere x304 makes use of the 2-cylinder Kawasaki engine to operate. With an automatic drive system with an electric PTO. 

What transmission is in a john Deere x304? 

In the beginning of the production throughout the 2007 models, the K58 was used. From the year 2008 till now, this mower has made use of the K46. 

Why is my john deer cranking but not starting? 

The primary reason why this happens is when the air filter is clogged. A clogged air filter would prevent the right amount of air from getting into the engine. 

To clean the air filter, remove it and gently tap it and you can be able to get rid of any dirt or even debris. If, after that, it remains clogged, then you can simply replace it. It shouldn’t cost you much. 

Why does my tractor turn over but not start? 

You should check your fuel level and the shut-off valve. If these components are not alright, air might not get to the cylinder properly.

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