Top 11 Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Toilet Paper

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Regarding top-quality toilet papers, bamboo toilet paper tops the list. It ticks all the necessary boxes.

When we say all the boxes, we mean that the bamboo toilet paper passes the test of everything that makes toilet paper safe for use, the environment, and your septic tank.

Does this mean that the bamboo toilet paper is all good and has no flaws?

Just like most things in life, there are sure some pros and cons of bamboo toilet paper, and we shall be outlining it side by side in this article.

Let’s get started!

Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Toilet Paper

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  • ✅ US Based Company w/ 100% Plastic-Free Packaging: Our bamboo is sourced from FSC Certified forests & the individual wrappers on each roll are compostable. The result is a sustainable toilet paper that is soft on the planet & soft on you.

Bamboo and regular toilet paper are similar. They both pass through the same manufacturing process. 

The difference, however, lies not in the process but in the product used. While other toilet paper uses wood chips or recycled paper, bamboo toilet paper uses bamboo for its toilet paper production.

Bamboo toilet paper has a lot of advantages, with some being public notice, but so many people are in the dark about its downsides.

Here is an opportunity to read up about both.

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Pros of Bamboo Toilet Paper

1. Bamboo Toilet Paper Is Soft And Strong

Bamboo toilet paper is extra strong and soft. This is why the bamboo plant produces other items like sheets and robes used in luxury places.

2. Bamboo Toilet Paper Is Very Eco-Friendly

This is no fluff. Bamboo toilet paper is categorized as one of our most eco-friendly products. 

The features they are known to have earned them that title. They are made with sustainable materials, which makes it super easy for them to break down completely when used. 

The bamboo itself that is used in the production of this paper is a renewable resource, and this same feature is responsible for the very little impact it has on the environment. 

Moving from trees to bamboo toilet paper will help make the world a better place.

3. Ability To Break Down Fast And Completely

This is one salient point that many people look forward to when purchasing toilet paper. 

Does it break down? If it does, how much time does it require to break down fully? 

These questions are particularly important to eco-conscious consumers or enlightened enough to know about the effect on their plumbing systems. 

Thankfully,  bamboo toilet paper cannot just break down, but they also disintegrate very quickly.

4. Bamboo Toilet Papers Are Septic Safe

If you have a septic tank, it is wise to know the kind of toilet paper you use or things we generally flush down the toilet

This is because when toilet paper that does not break down easily is used, it can end up backing up the lines and clogging the pipes. When this happens, it may lead to great damage to the plumbing system in the house. 

Many things can clog your toilet pipes; sometimes, even something as insignificant as using too much toilet paper can cause that. 

Plumbing repairs do not come cheaply, and so, to avoid it totally, bamboo toilet paper is highly recommended for those with septic tanks. 

They are classified as septic-safe. They break down almost immediately and allow for the free flow of water through the pipes.

5. Super Absorbing Quality

Bamboo toilet paper has incredible absorbing power. This makes you use fewer rolls for more.

6. Lint Free

An added advantage of bamboo toilet paper is that they are lint-free.

7. Skin Friendly 

Bamboo toilet paper, aside from cleaning you up properly, is super gentle on your skin. It also does not rip as you use it, exposing your hands to waste germs and dirt.

8. No Habitat Destruction

There is no habitat destruction needed for the production of bamboo toilet paper. For other virgin toilet paper production, large forest spans are cut down. 

This act results in the destruction of the habitats and breeding spots of many animals. Bamboo toilet paper production does not pose such a risk, and this is just another way consumers of it can save wildlife.

9. Absence Of Inks Or Chemicals

Virgin toilet papers usually use chemicals to have the toilet paper bleached white. 

Chlorine, in particular, is one of the chemicals used. As if worrying about the use of chemicals is not enough, fragrances made with other chemicals are used to have the toilet rolls smelling sweet. 

While the intent of using chemicals might be okay and the overall result pleasant, people still have to consider the effect of these substances on sensitive parts of the skin. 

Another worry is the effect on plumbing systems after flushing down these tissues. 

With bamboo toilet paper, you do not have to worry about using fragrance or bleaching agents as they are produced with natural alternatives.

Cons Of Bamboo Toilet Paper

1. Bamboo Toilet Paper Are Quite Expensive

Unlike regular virgin toilet paper, which can be gotten at a very cheap rate, bamboo toilet paper is sold at a higher rate. The high cost at which they are sold can be attributed to their intricate production process. 

First, bamboo plants are broken down into fibers and turned into a mixture to get the bamboo pulp, after which they are soaked, and the pulp is transformed into an actual paper, sized down to small rolls, and packaged accordingly to be sold. 

This takes a lot of time and effort, which is, as expected, reflected in the market price.

2. Bamboo Toilet Paper Are Not Readily Available

This is sad but true.

Bamboo toilet papers are not items that can get off store shelves. Most people that use it have to place orders for it. 

The unavailability of the product can be linked to the fact that not a lot of companies specialize in it, and the few that do cannot meet the market demands, probably because of the complicated process of producing them. 

However, consumers who know its worth can order online and deliver them to their homes. 

There is also an option of setting up automatic delivery of the product where the toilet papers are delivered to you every week, bi-monthly, or any time you have estimated for new supplies. 


Bamboo toilet paper has many benefits to offer, but as with almost everything in life, whatever has an advantage must have a disadvantage as well.

Enjoying the benefits of these eco-friendly, biodegradable toilet papers does come at a price – a high one if we must add.

There is still the concern of not getting the product as at when you need them.

However, compared to all what you stand to gain with using these toilet papers, its drawbacks should be accepted in good fate.

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