Why Is Bamboo Toilet Paper So Expensive? (8 Key Reasons)

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Why is bamboo toilet paper so expensive?

Bamboo Toilet Paper is a luxury brand not because it is expensive but because of the extensive effort put into manufacturing it.

But what exactly makes the manufacturing process of bamboo toilet paper different from others? What features do they possess that make them stand out from other toilet papers in the market? Are the features reason enough for the costly rate at which they are sold?

We will find out all these and more in this article!

Why Is Bamboo Toilet Paper So Expensive?

As mentioned earlier, much effort is being put into manufacturing bamboo toilet paper.

This does not mean that the process for producing them differs from other toilet papers. The methods are very much the same. The difference lies in the material used.

As the name implies, bamboo toilet paper is produced using bamboo, unlike regular toilet paper that uses wood chips or recycled paper.

Let’s now delve into some of the features bamboo toilet paper has that makes it more preferred even at the expensive rate it is sold.

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1. Product Material

Bamboo toilet paper is made with bamboo. Asides from the fact that these bamboo woods are specially sourced, they also go through an extensive modification process before they are used.

First, they are broken down by the manufacturers into fibers. Once done, the fibers are added to a mixture that transforms them into a bamboo pulp.

When the transformation from fibers to the bamboo pulp is completed, they get soaked, pressed, and some other activities that turn the pulp into the actual paper.

It does not end there. The next step is to have the long sheets of paper dry. When they get dried to the particular moisture level that they are supposed to, the producers have the pieces rolled into long logs, cut them down to smaller sizes then package them to be sold.

2. Packaged look

Bamboo toilet paper is packaged in biodegradable materials, materials that can be recycled and not contribute to plastic waste.

This packaging style is seen to be more expensive, but for companies producing toilet paper made of bamboo, the focus is on avoiding plastic waste and making the planet safe instead of taking the easy route of using cheaper plastic packaging.

3. Perfect texture and absorbency

Bamboo toilet paper and, indeed, every product made with bamboo material have an incredibly soft texture and, at the same time, a firm feel.

Yes, bamboo toilet papers are solid. This powerful feature is directly derived from bamboo material. This has been proven to be a fact by various studies showing the results of bamboo being more resilient and flexible than wood and even steel for construction purposes.

The level of sturdiness the bamboo toilet paper possesses is something that cannot be found in regular toilet paper.

The toilet paper also has excellent absorbent quality and quick disintegration, freeing you from plumbing issues.

4. Environmental Friendly

Products made with bamboo are known for their eco-friendly feature. Bamboo toilet paper is made with highly sustainable materials. They can be easily renewed and have much less impact on the environment.

5. Fast Disintegration

The ability of bamboo toilet paper to break down entirely and fast, too, keeps it levels ahead of other regular toilet paper. Regular toilet paper might break down for a short while too, but it might take time to decompose.

Bamboo toilet paper, on the other breaks down and deteriorates quickly and fast, leaving no trail behind on your pipes, tank, or on the planet.

6. Perfect for sensitive skin

Bamboo toilet paper is perfect for those with sensitive skin types. If you have such reactive skin, go for bamboo toilet paper produced without harsh chemicals, bleach, or fragrance, and you are good to go.

7. Septic Safe

Bamboo toilet Papers are 100% safe for septic systems and every part they are made of.

Their ability to break down easily and quickly results in no blockage or obstruction in the drain pipes; water can flow unhindered without wads of toilet paper maintaining their form and causing an obstruction.

This is one of the significant reasons why bamboo toilet paper comes highly recommended by most plumbers.

8. High Cost Of Shipping And Transportation

Bamboo is not a commodity that can be grown just anywhere. This is why many manufacturers adopt the method of sourcing and manufacturing paper in China, where the bamboo plant comfortably grows and is easily managed.

The finished product is then shipped off and costs quite a lot of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Toilet Paper Is The Cheapest?

Virgin toilet paper is considered less expensive than bamboo and recycled toilet paper. The affordability of virgin toilet paper is one of their best selling points. An added advantage is that you can get some equally super soft ones that are gentle against your skin as you use them.

How Readily Available Are Toilet Papers Made Of Bamboo?

Bamboo toilet paper cannot be readily seen to buy like others. This is so because they are produced on a small scale. The bulk of its consumers purchase theirs online directly or by subscription. Subscription services ensure a timely and consistent supply of bamboo toilet paper.


After going through all the verifiable facts, it would become apparent why bamboo toilet paper is highly-priced. The product tops the chart on every yardstick that can be used to define an excellent quality toilet roll. 

When it comes to softness, they combine a beautiful combination of being very soft and robust compared to recycled toilet paper, standing the least soft. They are more environmentally friendly than virgin toilet paper and break down better and faster than them.

Why is bamboo toilet paper so expensive? 

It is because, unlike others, they are not produced on a large scale, and a lot of effort and resources go into making them. Bamboo toilet paper offers so much comfort and quality that matches their price rate. With bamboo toilet paper, you get good value for your money.