Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Drains?

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If there’s anything bamboo toilet paper is known for, it is the fact that it can break easily in just a flush. This is not the case for most traditional toilet paper. So, does bamboo toilet paper block drains?

Bamboo toilet paper is biodegradable and less likely to block drains. However, although bamboo toilet paper is usually 100% biodegradable and will break down much faster than traditional toilet paper (or even recycled toilet paper), this does not mean that it will not cause your drains to clog.

Some factors can contribute to bamboo toilet paper blocking drains even when it seems the safest and eco-friendlier alternative compared to other traditional toilet paper.

This you shall find out in our guide today.

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Drains?

Although bamboo toilet paper is less likely to block drains, it can form clogs and block drains if they are mishandled. It’s worth noting that some bamboo toilet paper is more difficult to dissolve than others. So, it can form a blockage in the drain when you use them.

That said, bamboo toilet paper generally has unique qualities that make it almost impossible to block drains. Let’s see these qualities:

1. Absorbency

Bamboo toilet paper, unlike traditional toilet paper, easily absorbs water. Once the toilet is in the toilet system with just a little water, bamboo toilet paper can absorb the water. And this makes it easy and safe to use.

2. Soft

Bamboo toilet paper is safe to use because it is soft. However, this does not mean that the natural properties of bamboo don’t contribute to its strength. Bamboo is a great and flexible product compared to other materials.

More so, bamboo toilet paper has longer fibers that make it soft and safe for use.

3. Dissolvability

Most bamboo toilets are 100% biodegradable, making them easier to break when it’s in the drain. Many households would prefer bamboo toilet paper to any other toilet paper.

Above all, bamboo toilet paper is septic-safe. Bamboo toilet paper is durable and more cost-effective compared to traditional toilet paper. All these qualities make it almost impossible for bamboo toilets to block drains.

Originally, bamboo toilet paper broke easily and should not form clogs in the drain. However, if the toilet paper is not used properly, it will block drains.

If you are skeptical about pushing the toilet faucet with bamboo toilet paper, fret not because bamboo toilet paper is not a threat. You would only have to use it the right way.

Why Bamboo Toilet Paper May Block Drains

Bamboo toilet type

Remember we said earlier that bamboo toilets could either break easily when flushed or not, depending on the bamboo toilet paper. This is because some of the bamboo toilet paper is not dissolvable.

So, if the bamboo toilet is not easily dissolvable, then it can clog drains after some time. This will most likely be the case if the toilet paper is too strong.

The roll size of the bamboo toilet paper

In most cases, even the best and recommended biodegradable toilet paper can form clogs and block drains.

No matter how eco-friendly the toilet paper is, once the roll size is bigger than the normal size, it would blog a drain because it would take a long time for the toilet paper to break down.

How To Know Bamboo Toilet Paper Won’t Black Drains

It is understandable to be skeptical if you have experienced blockages in your drains due to using other toilet paper. But if you have bamboo toilet paper, test it yourself before flushing it down your drain.

How Do You Test Your Bamboo Toilet Paper To Know If It Can Block Drains?

It is often referred to as a biodegradation test. To test it, you will need a few items; toilet paper and water. If you are using a bowl, it will take longer to prove the test result.

Therefore, you will need a water bottle that fits the toilet roll pieces. Now is the time to conduct the test. After folding the toilet, roll it square and gently place it in the water bottle.

You don’t want it to tear or break down at this point because it should only break down into pieces when it’s in the bottle.

After 30 minutes, shake the bottle 4 to 6 times. You can then drop the bottle to observe how the toilet roll breaks down.

If it takes too long, it may affect or clog drains. But also, it is important to note that biodegradable toilet papers differ, and some will take some time to show their effects, while others will break down quickly.


Bamboo toilet paper is a go-to for any household hoping to maintain a safe septic tank and an eco-friendly environment. Really, and it is easy to use. If you have always wondered, “Does bamboo toilet paper block drains?”

Our guide has cleared the air, and now you know what may cause the bamboo toilet paper to block the drains.

Bamboo toilet paper does not block drains because most are biodegradable, but toilet paper can block drains if not used properly.