Is Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Septic Safe? (Explained)

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By Bryan Peters

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By now, you should know the dangers of using traditional toilet paper. Most conventional toilet papers are hard, unsafe, and, worst of all…. not septic safe.

But if you have long used quilted northern toilet paper, you will notice the striking differences between it and other traditional toilet paper.

However, if you still use any traditional toilet paper and want to switch, you might be wondering if quilted northern toilet is good for septic tanks. But is quilted northern toilet paper septic safe?

Well, all quilted northern toilet papers are septic safe and would offer anyone the comfort they seek for using toilet paper.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about quilted northern toilet paper and the benefits of using it!

What is Quilted Northern Toilet Paper?

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush® Toilet Paper, 18 Mega Rolls = 72 Regular Rolls, 3-Ply Bath Tissue
  • Designed with more fiber in every sheet to create our softest, most plush premium toilet paper ever for a more luxurious experience.
  • Each Mega Roll has 284 3-ply sheets and is equal to 4 Quilted Northern Regular Rolls, so you can change the roll less often.
  • 3X thicker and 3X more absorbent than the leading value brand toilet paper.
  • Pamper yourself with 3 cushiony-soft layers in every roll of our premium toilet paper.
  • Each pack contains 18 Mega Rolls and is equal to 72 Regular Rolls.

Quilted Northern toilet paper is a bath tissue used by many households because of its softness, absorbency level, and user-friendly.

You can find the varieties of toilet paper like quilted northern soft and strong, quilted northern ultra-plush, and quilted eco comfort.

Whatever you choose to settle for, they all still make up for great use since they are eco-friendly and safe.

Unique qualities make for septic-safe toilet rolls; softness, absorbency, dissolvability, strength, roll size, and chlorine content. And all these qualities are in quilted northern toilet paper? Why is quilted northern toilet paper user-friendly?

What is quilted toilet paper made of? Quilted Northern toilet paper is made with virgin pulp fiber. Unlike much other toilet paper, quilted northern toilet paper is not recycled yet 100% biodegradable.

This also makes quilted northern toilet paper user-friendly. So, is this toilet paper septic safe?

Is Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Septic Safe?

Yes, every quilted northern toilet paper is septic-safe. And since quilted northern toilet paper is made of virgin fiber, it has this soft texture that makes it easy and safe to use. Quilted Northern toilet paper is flushable and helps with the anaerobic process.

Do you know why? 

Here’s why…

Other traditional toilet paper is made with chemicals, and although it is not the intention of many manufacturers for this to happen, they often need to attain the color white and enhance the toilet paper’s softness.

And as a result, they use bleach to make their toilet paper white and softer. And most times, this contributes to the interruption in the anaerobic process in the septic tank. However, this is not the case with quilted northern toilet paper.

So, quilted northern toilet paper is chlorine-free and eco-friendly, making it septic safe too!

There are countless benefits of quilted northern toilet paper. Let’s see them.

Benefits Of Using Quilted Northern Toilet Paper

  • For starters, quilted northern toilet paper is septic safe
  • Quilted Northern toilet paper uses less water compared to other toilet paper. It also quickly absorbs moisture.
  • This toilet paper is soft and would soon break down in the septic tank without causing unnecessary clogging
  • Quilted Northern toilet paper is biodegradable
  • It is chlorine-free and so would not disrupt the anaerobic process in the septic tank

Frequently Asked Questions

Is quilted northern toilet paper biodegradable?

Quilted Northern toilet paper is made with virgin fiber, it is not made from recycled paper, so it is 100% biodegradable. It can easily absorb water and break t down quickly in the septic tank. And this makes it septic safe.

Does quilted northern offer eco-friendly toilet paper?

Yes, quilted northern offers eco-friendly toilet paper. Little wonder all the quilted northern toilet paper is soft, safe to use, and septic safe too.

Whether you settle for quilted northern ultra-plush or quilted northern eco-comfort, or even quilted northern ultra-soft and strong, you will reap all the benefits.


In this guide, we have successfully answered the question, “is quilted northern toilet paper septic safe?”. And now that you know that quilted northern toilet paper is not just septic safe but eco-friendly, you should not hesitate to use one of these.

Quilted Northern toilet paper is unlike any other traditional form because it is not made with chemicals and is not recycled.

It would be easier for your septic tank to carry out the necessary process when it is needed if you use soft and dissolvable toilet paper.