How To Flush Poop That Is Too Big To Flush (4 Simple Hacks)

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It’s quite frustrating to flush your poop, and it comes back up; it becomes more frustrating if you used a public toilet. You’d now start looking around for a way to flush the poop so other people could use the toilet.

You probably want to learn how to flush poop that is too big to flush. Typically, you need to fill a bucket of water and pour it with great force into the toilet; you may need to do that 2 – 3 times for the poop to completely flush down.

However, there are other ways to flush hard feces, but before trying any of these methods, ensure that the toilet drain is not clogged.

Why Is My Poop Too Large and Not Flushing?

Some poops are really “stubborn” and won’t just flush normally unless you add a superior force. Well, your poop is formed by the things you eat; thus, it can come out in different shapes and colors.

You know that your poop is large when it clogs your toilet drain or looks large with hard marbles. Well, sometimes, your poop looks big because you overate.

More so, health experts note that when you consume fiber and water, you tend to shit out larger poop.

Other causes of large poop are constipation, megacolon (bowel obstruction), Encopresis, and other medical situations. However, below are some tips on how to deal with hard, large stools.

How To Flush Poop That Is Too Big To Flush

How To Flush Poop That Is Too Big To Flush

Most of these tips are what you can do on your own; however, you can get a professional plumber to help you out.

1. Flush Manually

As mentioned earlier in this article, one of the best ways to flush hard feces or large poop is by doing it manually.

Apparently, you’ve been trying to flush the poop by turning the water cistern handle or pressing a flush button.

There are situations whereby the water cistern may not release water with enough pressure to flush your poop down the toilet. When the flushing water is not passed with enough pressure, it won’t flush the toilet well.

That said, when you try using the water cistern, and your poop won’t flush, then you should try the manual method.

This implies filling a bucket with clean water and pour in the water into the toilet with great force; while doing this, you shouldn’t keep your face close to the toilet to avoid the water from splashing on your face.

Sometimes, once is enough to flush the poop (as long as you poured in the water with great force), but if the poop didn’t flush out well, you could manually flush the toilet again and again until everything is out.

2. Dissolve the Poop and Flush

Another way to deal with large, hard stools is to dissolve them with baking soda and vinegar.

Although, sometimes, if you allow the poop to stay in the toilet for some minutes, it would break down and soften; hence, it becomes easy to flush on the next attempt.

Well, you can only try this method if the situation happened in your home – in your private toilet.

If the poop is stuck in the S chamber, pour vinegar or baking soda into a bucket of water and pour into the toilet, then allow it to stay for some minutes.

After about 10 – 30 minutes, flush the toilet normally; hopefully, the poop will slide into the drain and get flushed into the inspection chamber. If you don’t have vinegar and baking soda at home, use your regular detergent or liquid soap.

Some people would just leave the poop in the toilet all through the night, and by morning, the poop must have dissolved, and they’d flush it normally, again. Either way, dissolving large or hard poop implies leaving it for a while.

Don’t use chemicals because you want the poop to dissolve faster; those chemicals can damage/melt your toilet PVC drain.

3. Flush With Hot Water

Some people use hot water to flush hard feces, and it works for them. The essence of using hot water is to soften the hard poop or break down the large poop; hence, making it easy to flush.

Hot water is recommended over chemical products that claim to dissolve poop. However, the water shouldn’t be “boiling hot.” It should be a little hot – not boiling – so that it does not melt your toilet drain.

We keep mentioning the toilet drain here because it’s quite costly to fix, so you should be careful with the type of liquid that goes down your toilet.

4. Call a Plumber

This is the final suggestion for any issue you’re facing with your W.C. toilet; whether you have a clogged drain or your poop has refused to flush after everything you’ve tried, a professional plumber knows how to fix the situation.

Well, not all plumbers are good at what they do; thus, you should look out for a reliable one with solid proof of his/her expertise.

The plumber may need to uninstall certain components to flush the poop or use a professional plumbing tool to force the poop down.

Of course, calling a plumber may cost you more money than trying to fix the situation yourself, but this is the best solution if you need a neat job.

How to Stop Shitting Hard Poop That Will Not Flush

If you typically shit hard poop, one of the ways to solve that is by drinking more water after each meal. Also, health experts suggest taking fiber-rich meals can reduce the size of poop.

Furthermore, physical activities such as swimming, running, walking, and other similar activities can stimulate movement in the bowels.


Still wondering about how to flush poop that is too big to flush? Hopefully, this article has explained the various possible ways to do that.

However, if you find the methods uncomfortable, call a professional plumber to do that for you.

Finally, drink more water and engage in physical activities (exercises) if you typically shit large poop.

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