Is Kirkland Toilet Paper Septic Safe? (Detailed Overview)

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Costco’s own Kirkland toilet paper produced in the boreal forest in Canada is one relatively affordable toilet paper that you should really check out. They are produced with 100% virgin fiber in the Canadian boreal forest.

They are good quite alright, but being just good doesn’t cut it; its affordability, too, doesn’t cut it. The ultimate question for people with a septic system is knowing if the toilet paper is safe for septic systems. So, is Kirkland toilet paper septic safe?

This is precisely what we will be discussing in this article, so stay with us!

Is Kirkland Toilet Paper Septic Safe?

Kirkland toilet papers are relatively septic-safe. However, it is not just enough to use the right toilet paper; you must also see to the fact that you take proper care of your septic system to ensure that no issue crops up.

Kirkland toilet papers are safe to flush down. They are not known to contain any harmful chemicals that may cause damage to the septic tank. However, it would help if you were careful about how much toilet paper you flush down.

Generally, it is not a good practice to constantly flush down large volumes of toilet paper. This is because there is a tendency for them to block the drainpipes.

This brings us to another factor that makes this toilet paper safe. The Kirkland toilet paper is produced as a double ply, which makes it ideal for use as a single-ply may be too thin and tear up quickly, and also not as thick as a triple-ply.

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How Did The Misconception About Kirkland Toilet Papers Being Unsafe To Begin?

Photo by Thad Zajdowicz via Flickr

The claim that Kirkland toilet papers damage septic tanks has been proven false and is 100% wrong.

This ignorant claim began from a single Facebook post by a septic tank owner sometime in the year 2016, resurfacing somehow again in the year 2018 about Costco toilet papers in general and the damaging effects they have on septic tanks.

The post was soon shared massively, making many people read about it.

According to the poster, they had a burst pipe and had to call a plumber to check it out. As the plumber worked, he figured out that there was also an issue with the septic tank.

After checking the issues, the plumber turned around to them and asked if they used Costco toilet paper. They responded that they do. The plumber then went on to pin the problem on the toilet paper as they are not biodegradable and stays intact in the septic tank.

He added that even people with non-septic systems have issues with the toilet paper as it clogs the pipes.

However, after a concrete and comprehensive study, no evidence was discovered linking the clogging of septic tanks and other waste systems as well to flushed toilet papers of any brand as long as they are not washed down constantly in large volumes.

They are equipped to filter out standard toilet paper. No brand of toilet paper is capable of causing a clog in a well-maintained septic system.

This study has seen the dismissal of the baseless assertions of an inexperienced plumber against the Costco toilet paper brand.

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Ways To Care For Your Septic Tank

Caring for your septic tanks will see that unnecessary and avoidable issues do not spring up now and again. It will also ensure that your septic systems last longer and stay issues-free.

Below are some of the dos and don’ts you must know as a septic tank owner.

  • Ensure that you observe your drainpipes periodically to be sure they are in perfect condition or notice any anomaly on time
  • It would help if you endeavor to change destructive or rusty drainpipes as soon as possible
  • Go for one or, at the most, double-ply toilet paper. They are generally known to break down faster and more efficiently than triple-ply ones
  • Please do not make it a habit to flush large volumes of toilet paper constantly. They end up clogging either your toilet, the drainpipes, or the septic tank. The best practice is to use toilet paper sparingly

Try flushing twice when you use plenty of wads of toilet paper.

  • Do not flush anything other than toilet paper or human waste down your toilet. These are the only things designed to flush down easily. Flushing down anything else might result in damage to your septic system.
  • Lastly, stick to suitable cleaning agents for your toilets. Proper cleaning agents are those produced without harsh chemicals.

This is because harsh chemicals might get your toilets sparkling bright but settle down on your pipes and reduces their effectiveness or ultimately damage them.

Within septic tanks are bacteria that assist in clearing out waste. The use of harsh chemicals adversely affects these bacteria and sometimes kills them.

Why You Should Get The Kirkland Toilet Paper


Kirkland toilet papers are relatively cheaper compared to other brands. You do not have to empty your pockets to stock up on them.


Kirkland toilet paper is produced in big packaged sizes. You get more for less when you go for these economical packs.

Superb Quality

Kirkland toilet papers are produced with quality materials that see that the toilet papers do not fall apart easily and do the job excellently.

A lot of positive reviews from customers attest to the excellent quality of the brand.

What type of toilet paper breakdown easily?

If you are looking for toilet paper that quickly breaks down, go for a single-ply one. They are incredibly light and, as such, disintegrate faster than a double or triple ply.

However, you might have to double it to avoid it ripping through your fingers as you use it.

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It is not essential to dwell on the genesis of the debate about Kirkland toilet paper being safe or not, but we can at least put pay to the argument to correct the misconception that has been left to linger on for too long.

Indeed, the Kirkland toilet papers are not biodegradable, which makes them unable to break, but it has been proven that using them in moderation will keep your pipes, toilet, and system from getting clogged.

Of a truth, flushing large volumes of toilet paper, regardless of the brand or the kind of waste system you have in place is a bad practice.

That being said, we reiterate that Kirkland toilet papers are septic safe. However, septic tank owners must see to the proper care of the system.