5 Common Kubota Gr2120 Problems + Solutions

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Kubota is a renowned brand that can be trusted to churn out quality garden tractors.

These tractors, like any other device, have their fair share of problems and peculiar ways of handling them to avert these issues.

The article is dedicated to the common Kubota gr2120 problems. We will also be highlighting possible causes and solutions to them.

Let’s get started!

Common Kubota Gr2120 Problems

1. Engine Issues

With the Kubota g2120, several issues could occur with the engine like the engine taking time to start, the engine shutting down, the engine overheating, etc.

We’ll be so generous as to discuss them and proffer solutions for you below:

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The Engine Does Not Start With Ease

Let’s start by analyzing the PTO (Power take-off )of the machine. It is no surprise that we start with this as a lot of users are mostly affected. The power take-off is indispensable as it is required for most things that can be done with the device. From the Kubota mower to raising lifters.

Due to the many complaints that the Kubota brand has had over this issue, they have tried to tweak it to simplify it even more for a better user experience.

The complaints are usually about the take-off system’s inability to rotate and the subsequent build-up of pressure in the hydraulic system.

There is no complication in rectifying this issue. 

When PTO issues crop up, the first thing to do is to observe the clutch packs just to be sure that they are still functioning properly. If they are not, quickly get it fixed.

Another component that should be checked is the control valve. Scan the valve for any sign of damage, which won’t be new as they are known to break down over time. 

When they do, it is best to have them replaced at once.

Engine Shutting Down 

We know how annoying this can be but, thankfully, there is a DIY solution for you. But, before that, let’s look at the symptoms and causes.

When your tractor’s engine keeps turning off midway into operation, the reason is likely to be the fuel type.

If the fuel in it is old or degraded, such issues can crop up.

Fuel can become degraded if the device is stored and not in use for a long time. During this time, the fuel can become less potent and becomes unable to serve or power the device.

As you must have guessed, the solution lies in draining out the old and bad fuel and pouring in a better quality one.

There might also be a residue of dirt and other forms of debris after draining it. Thus, there is also the need to clean out the air filter and stop it from finding its way to the engine.

Cleaning out the air filter is so important as failure to do so will lead to an accumulation of debris and cause a clog.

Constant cleaning of the air filter will prevent this from happening. Do well too to have them changed once old.

Finally, do a quick scan over the fuel lines to see if there is any buildup of the bad fuel as that may hinder the new fuel from going to the engine.

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The engine Keeps Releasing Smoke

Naturally, the device would release some smoke when in operation, however, you should be alarmed if there is a continuous release of white, blue, or thick black smoke.

The white or blue color of the smoke signifies that you have burning oil on your hands.

Thick black smoke reveals that there is an unbalanced fuel-to-air ratio.

When this happens, your tractor’s engine receives more fuel than is necessary.

This may happen if your air filter stays clogged for a long time depriving the engine of air.

You know what to do to clogged air filters right? Check for whatever is causing the clog and clean it out. Position the carburetor properly too so it can become more efficient in providing better airflow.

Now, to the case of white or blue smoke release. Here are some questions you must answer;

Do you apply oil way beyond the stated level?

Is there a leak that sees oil seep into other components?

These are just some of the reasons why you may experience a continuous release of dangerous smoke. See to their repairs to end this anomaly.

 A quick tip would be to invest in some fuel stabilizers. They would prevent the case of excess fuel from getting to components it has no business with and, would also keep fuel clean and potent.

2. Overheating Issues

Overlook overheating Issues at your peril. It is best to avoid the effects of overheating on other components. Let us look at some possible causes and things that you can do when your Gr2120 engine overheats.

Your engine might overheat when there is a shortage of oil. If that is the case, pour in some oil up to the stated amount.

Clean And Clear The Cooling Fins

Dirt, grease, and debris are capable of clogging the fins allowing heat to escape from the engine. The best thing to do in this instance is to clean out the place and get it cleared.

Check For Blockage In The Air And Fuel Systems

Blockage in the fuel and air system will lead to pressure within the system and this would have negative effects on the engine. There is also the need to stop the mower from dissipating heat due to the airless place. Check for restricted airflow paths, take away blockages, and get them completely cleared.

Starter Refuses To Work

This is a popular problem not only with the Kubota but pretty much any device that uses a battery. Yes, the battery is usually the main suspect when this issue arises. That said, check the battery just to be sure it is not drained but fully charged. It is possible for batteries that have been in storage for a long while to drain out.

Once you are sure that the battery is charged, crosscheck the connections to be sure they are well in place. Most people wonder how they are to know when a battery needs a change. The signs are always there. That is when you will see it work for some time, then dies after some time. 

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3. Transmission Issues

No matter what you use in tracing transmission issues, you will still end up at the hydraulic system. Yes, the hydraulic motor is what is being used to distribute power to the mechanical drive chain that empowers tractors to function.

You may experience transmission issues if;

  • The oil level is low
  • The hydraulic pressure is low
  • The brakes might be damaged.

The fixing process is quite simple.  Check oil levels and have it topped if it is below the stated level. 

For hydraulic pressure, you need to watch out for what causes it and prevent it.

One of the ways we know can affect hydraulic pressure is air infiltrating into the system. 

When this happens, you should bleed the system to have the air expunged.

Secondly, check for the avenues like connection points and hydraulic lines through which the air finds its way and blocks them all.

Finally, observe the brakes for any form of damage and have them repaired or replaced.

4. Operational & Steering Issues

With the tractor gr2021, operational Issues are mostly a result of users not being familiar with the system. 

In this instance, the users themselves can help by giving it a quick fix. A specialist would however be needed for a more complicated operational issue.

Once there is an issue with the steering system, you should first check the transmission oil to know if it is up to the stated level. You should have it topped up.

Next will be to check the tires. What you need to do here is to establish equal pressure among them.

You cannot afford for even one of them to go flat as it will greatly affect the device and make it uncontrollable.

5. Engine Not Idling

Idling affects the performance of your garden tractor and slows down the pace of your work drastically.

The experience is not a pleasant one, but it can be easily corrected.

In trying to correct this, you will need to scan through the fuel filter to check if it is clogged. 

If you have been following us from the beginning, you should know by now what to do with clogged fuel filters – wash out the dirt and keep it clean and clear.

It is advised that filtration be changed every four months or so to keep the device idling perfectly and staying in top shape.

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Having a garden tractor bridled with problems can be so depressing. It is even worse when you do not know a jack about fixing and maintenance.

This would mean that you have to pay for the services of a professional for issues you could effortlessly fix.

This article will arm you with all the information you need to know about the common issues of the Kubota gr2120 and tips on how to go about fixing it.

Remember to consult an expert on more complicated issues.