Top 7 TYM Tractor Problems + Solutions

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TYM tractors pride themselves on being one of the best available in the market.

However, the fact remains that they are not perfect, not like anything is. TYM tractors have their fair share of issues that crop up if they are not well maintained and we have decided to outline them for you.

We want you to know what to expect with these heavy-duty work tractors so, take this as a heads-up.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the most common TYM tractor problems and how to tackle them.

Let’s get started!

Common TYM Tractor Problems

1. Steering Problems

The rate of complaints that have been collated on this same issue makes it worthy of a mention. 

Users of this heavy-duty have since noticed the somewhat faulty alignment plus the level of pressure borne by the wheels.

As you would expect, this issue is mostly brought to the fore whenever there is an attempt to take a turn with the machine. 

Improper alignment had made it seem like a tug of war to turn. The machine when under so much pressure to turn, will naturally make a vibrating sound.

Would have been nice if that was just it, but there is more:

Over time, the steering wheel shaft and some metal components of the tractor start showing signs of wear and tear. This is due to too much steering play.

The hint you get when this happens is the tires begin to malfunction, turning too left or right.

All hope is not lost though. Thankfully, there is a simple DIY plant that we will introduce you to to get this issue sorted out in no time.

Tightening the steering wheel connection is a good way of having to get your steering issue sorted out.

Manually have the tires set on the optimum pressure level and adjust the toe-in level.

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2. Transmission Issues

This right here just has to be the most common problem faced by users of the TYM tractors.

This problem is sometimes attributed to insufficient RPM speed.

When the hydraulic pressure just shoots up by itself and manually set it to the required level seems difficult, that is the machine giving you subtle hint.

Several things could prompt the hydraulic pressure to shoot up. Problems like non-functional cylinders, faulty lift shaft, and incorrect positioning of the control lever to mention just a few.

As a result of the hydraulic pressure shooting up, the transmission fails at performing what it is expected to do – offer enough power to the wheels. The engine may even begin to overheat.

Rectifying this problem is as complicated as the problem itself, but we will try and simplify it as much as we can:

The main things that you need to start from are the problems behind the hydraulic pressure shooting up.

Firstly, find the hydraulic pressure level expected to be the stop point and manually have it set to the lower position 

Next, the transmission pressure gradually drops which might get you worried as you would not be able to get your work done as fast as you may be used to.

Possible causes of this are one or more of the following: the accumulation of debris surrounding the transmission, contaminated liquid, reduced level of fluid, and reduced RPMs level of the tractor amongst others.

Fix it all by expunging the air from the suction pipe and closing it again securely. Then increase the RPM by 500 units.

Have the fluid replaced altogether as filtering out the contamination just won’t work. As you are replacing, see that it gets to the stated level cited by the manufacturers and contained in the product manual.

With these steps, your TYM tractor should very well

3. Problems With Lighting

It kind of gets sickening at a point to see the device’s burnout. The problem, however, can be traced to a lack of maintenance of both the battery and the connectors.

How do you properly maintain them, you may ask?

Proper maintenance includes constant observation and renewal of the regulator and fuse as this is what powers the lights.

It is also imperative to check for loose battery cable connections and screw them on tightly again. The loose battery cable connections are the reason why your signal light may flicker. Finally, see that your battery is fully charged before usage of the tractor.

Failure to follow through with these maintenance tips will see the machine experiences issues like a burnt fuse, battery discharge, and other things that go on to affect the lighting and damages them.

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4. Brake Fail Problems

We have not heard a lot of brake fail cases, just a few cases here and there of uncooperative brake systems.

In most cases, you will experience just one side of the brake response and the brake pedal, unable to get back up.

There is also the talk of excessive and free pedal play with the brakes at the risk of damage if the pedal play does not fall within ⅛ to ¼ inch.

Now that we have shown you the signs, let’s check out the possible causes.

After careful observation, rust which accumulates at the sliding section has been singled out as the culprit behind uncooperative brakes.

You may also experience this if your disk brakes are burnt and the return spring is faulty.

Proper greasing is the way to go if you want to have this issue fixed. Do well to clean out the rust before you apply grease.

You can also stop excessive play by keeping both right and left play on the same level. If brake liners are damaged, have them replaced?

5. Engine Problems 

Engine issues in TYM tractors are vast. 

You are likely to encounter engine problems if you fail to adhere to the stated fuel in the manual. Over time, the engine will begin to churn out excess smoke and the engine fuel would become less potent.

When the nozzle pressure drops, it is an indication that the engine will be unable to offer adequate power 

There is also the case of the engine producing black smoke. It sometimes occurs when the device is overloaded.

Fixing engine problems in TYM tractors is pretty easy. You just have to simply turn out the bad fuel and replace it with some clean, quality ones.

The nozzles have to be observed from time to time and repaired if they do not work correctly.

Other Categories Of TYM Tractor Problems

Photo by Jean Housen via Wikimedia

6. Cooling System Problems

Under cooling system issues, you are likely to experience the following:

  • Coolant Leaks: In the case of a leak, trace the source and fix it. Thereafter, scan the device to find out if it has caused further damage within it. Prevent future occurrences by fastening connections, checking hoses, etc.
  • Overheating: Prevent overheating by having the cooling system flushed and changing the coolant. Turn off the device when it’s overheating, then look for leaks.
  • Thermostat Issues: Constant observation and replacement of faulty thermostats is the right way to maintain them.

Scrutinize the radiator cap anytime the thermostat malfunctions and change it if it’s beyond repair.

7. Hydraulic Problems

With TYM tractors, hydraulic problems you may face include:

  • Hydraulic fluid contamination: This is often caused by dirt and other debris. Take out old hydraulic fluid and pour in a fresh, clean one.
  • Hydraulic Pump Failure: Lack of maintenance happens to be the major culprit for this. It would be best to observe the device for other damages as a result of the pump failure
  • Low Hydraulic Fluid: Check for leaks and properly maintain the device to stop this from reoccurring.

How Do I Maintain TYM Tractors?

Maintaining TYM tractors is crucial as that is the only way to keep these unpleasant issues at bay. It is much better to see to its maintenance than spend heavily to have it fixed when an issue occurs. 

What do we mean exactly?

We mean that most problems experienced by users are self-created. They happen as a result of neglect.

Read on to find out maintenance practices needed to keep your machine in top shape.

  • Maintaining Fuel Quality: Maintaining fuel quality involves abiding by the recommended fuel stated in the manual.
  • Maintaining The Right Load Level: Overloading the device has its own consequences. Most times, you will see the tractor release black smoke once you pass the stipulated load level. If you are in the dark regarding what the right load level is, consult your manual.
  • Maintaining The Right Pressure Level: Maintaining the right pressure and load level as stated in the manual, will see you avert brake and steering system issues.

Are TYM tractors efficient?

TYM tractors are a tested and trusted brand. They come highly recommended for heavy duty work. The user friendly tractors are equipped with very powerful engines and have been proven to work for up to 70 hours long!

Now, how is that for efficient?

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Irrespective of the problems, TYM tractors remain a very good brand. For an automobile company that has been in operation for more than fifty years, we do not expect them to churn out products that are subpar.

All you need to do is to get familiar with the device. Understanding it will help you care for and maintain it better. It would also mean that you are equipped with the right knowledge to fix common problems that might be experienced. 

This is because the bulk of the issues that arise with TYM tractors crop up as a result of improper maintenance and not from a factory error.

Your local TYM dealers are also at hand to offer the necessary support that you may need.