7 Common Kubota L4701 Problems + Solutions

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We love this compact utility tractor equipped with a four-cylinder diesel liquid-cooled engine. 

Kubota L4701 is no doubt, a great tractor device but, like most other tractors, it is not without its issues. Thankfully, they are not too much of a problem enough to discourage you from going for the all-purpose machine.

The key to averting this problem is constant care and maintenance, but first of all, you need to acquaint yourself with them and we will be helping you do just that.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common Kubota L4701 problems, the possible causes, and how to troubleshoot and fix these problems!

Kubota L4701 Problems

1. Hydrostatic Transmission Problem

With the Kubota L4701, the transmission issue is deeper than you would think. Asides from the main reason for shift issues, it is usually what is responsible for the rough shift users have been known to report.

Ordinarily, a rough shift should be a result of the inability of the rider to depress fully, the clutch pedal during shifting. Information concerning resolving this plus every other information bordering on fixing transmission issues on the Kubota L4701 can be seen in its operation manual.

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2. Engine Problems

A good number of engine issues in the Kubota L4701 usually originate from the oil level. As a user of the tractor or an intending user, it is imperative that you know that the oil level should not be extreme – too low or too high.

The Kubota L4701 will develop issues if you exceed the maximum level of oil and add way too much. One other thing that you should be wary of in trying to avoid engine issues with the Kubota is the injection pump.

There is a need to keep it from being clogged. Dirt and another form of debris are capable of getting them clogged, so it is only right that you keep the injection pump clean. If for any reason, the fuel injectors do not function properly, best believe that you would experience engine issues.

3. Diesel Problems

Diesel problems stand as one of the very common issues with the Kubota L4701. But, the problem is not really with the diesel, but with the loader whenever it breaks down.

What usually causes this, you may ask?

From experience, the issue has been traced to the fuel grade or type. Other possible reasons for issues with diesel are the inaccurate timing of the fuel injectors. Careful observation will be needed in this instance, just to make sure that water has not entered the fuel.

Following the recommendations of most Kubota dealers, we will say that an ideal oil will be one with an API rating of CF or even higher.

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4. Overheating Issues

When there is a case of overheating, the first point of call should be the radiator. As you are perusing the radiator, check to see if there is sufficient coolant in it. If there isn’t ‘, ensure that it is filled up to the stated point.

There is also a need to shift your gaze to the radiator. 

Is your radiator dirty? 

When dirt and other debris are found in mass in your radiator, it is enough to spark up overheating problems on the device. We often advise that to keep the radiator clean and clear as that is one effective way of ensuring you have a smooth-running engine.

Still on the overheating matter, do not stop at just the radiator. Yes, it is usually the main culprit, but, sometimes, it could be something else. When the radiator is in order and not the issue here, cast your eyes on the fan belt.

What to look out for when checking the fan belt: The positioning.

There is a need to check if the fan belt is in the right position as the wrong placement may see it cause overheating issues.

There is also a need to check if the fan belt has the right tension. You can only conclude the fan belt to be in top shape when these two things are in order. When you have an overheating issue, do not disregard the fan belt when resolving it as they are more than likely to be the suspects.

Not just the L4701 alone but John Deere’s  1025 tractor also experiences the same fate.

5. Steering Wheel Problems

With the Kubota L4701, there are a handful of complaints about the steering wheel spinning well but not functioning.

Now, we cannot narrow down this anomaly to just one thing. There are so many things that you will have to scan through in ascertaining the real cause of the steering issue and we will be outlining them for you below:

There is air trapped in the steering system that needs to be let out.

The air might not be in the steering system but in the hydraulic system or even both. The bottom line remains that if there is air in any of these places, it has to be removed.

Check out the power steering for any signs of wear and tear. If there is, a change of it would be ideal.

The oil level in the hydraulic is very low and needs to be topped.

Damaged power steering pump. The solution? An urgent fixing.

The problem might be with the tires. Its pressure might be unequal and this calls for a readjustment.

The steering cylinder has undergone some wear and tear or, is faulty. Either way, it would need to be replaced to get the steering functioning well again.

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6. Loader Problems

We will say that this problem is quite a peculiar one.

The peculiarity of this issue stems from the fact that not just the Kubota L4701, but other tractors aside from the L series experience the same thing.

What are the signs and symptoms of loading problems?

The issue usually announces itself when you try to put the loader back on. You are likely to notice that it does not properly align. A part of it might be all good, but the other half may not properly align and stick out.

It is usually advised that one attempt to mount only when the ground is leveled. A good way to keep this problem at bay is to mount it right there in your garage. Loader issues will not prove to be too much problem as long as you have a lot of time on your hands.

Even when mounting on the leveled ground does not seem to work, you can try this other simple option. The option entails leveling the cylinders instead. You can achieve this by adjusting their extension. 

The rationale behind doing this is because of the cross-connection of the bottom left cylinders of the loader. With this arrangement, it can be seen that they are not level as one side is higher than the other. Leveling the cylinder is bound to take some time but sure to work.

7. Code P3001

Code P3001 is the Kubota L4701’s way of communicating to you that your diesel engine is due for a change in its operation settings.

There is no cause for alarm when you see this code pop up on your device. You are likely to receive such a code when the temperature is really cold and drops below 20°F.

In such cool weather, it would need a resetting to enable it to produce higher temperatures to carry out its job.

The process itself of generating higher temperatures in this instance is called ReGen.

The ReGen process is best carried out by professionals in the Kubota automobile shop or any other approved external service.

How To Care For Kubota L4701 Tractor

It has already been established that proper maintenance will see you enjoy your Kubota L4701 tractor device better and experience fewer issues with it. This is because most times, the problems come from a lack of care for the device.

For a machine powered by a 47 – horsepower diesel engine and an impressive speed of about 20 – 21 miles per hour, it would be right to say that the Kubota L4701 is quite strong and versatile too.  

We have compiled below for you, tips on how you can properly care for them.

  1. When you find any of the piston rings broken, refix a new set immediately before they cause further damage.
  2. Do well to check the fuel line from time to time. This is to ensure that they are clear. This is because dirt and another form of debris can make it get clogged. 

When this happens, simply have the fuel line carefully cleaned and flushed. The key is to constantly check and clean it and not allow it to stay long enough to cause further issues.

  1. Check the injection pump and inject the nozzle periodically. Observe them for any damage to them and have them fixed or replaced at once.
  2. One reliable indication for a replacement of the piston rings is the event of the exhaust pipe releasing white smoke. Take that as your cue and do the needful as fast as possible.
  3.  When you notice signs of wear and tear on the disks of the friction clutch or a damaged diaphragm, it will be wise to have them replaced as soon as possible.


The Kubota L4701 is prized for its hydrostatic power steering system, and rear three-point hitch system coupled with position control amongst other things. This enables the users enjoy an ease of operation.

Like other heavy duty machines, issues mainly arising from ignorance and lack of maintenance would crop up now and then. 

These issues are usually things that you can efficiently handle on your own, but it’s always advised to consult a professional if you can’t.

If the issues arise within the warranty time frame, you can always have experts from the dealer, fix it up at no extra cost.

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