Top 5 Kubota BX2380 Problems  (Troubleshooting Tips)

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Kubota has been one of the top selling tractors for years and counting with its BX series, and the release of BX2380 tractor which represent the mid-level of its offering. They still remain the best selling due to their high quality and ability to deliver outstanding results. 

Although, there are also some problems you might encounter while using your Kubota BX2380 some of these problems involve slipping throttle lever, dense third function connection, janky switch, folding ROPS pins not lining up properly.

Nevertheless, let’s explore Kubota BX2380 problems and how you can handle them.

Kubota BX2380 Problems 

We admit that Kubota bx2380 still remains one of the best tractors but like other machines also have some certain flaws. Some of these flaws include.

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1. Folding ROPS pins do not line up properly 

Some customers review to have a smooth running and accessing controls while other seems to have experienced troubles while handling the folding ROPS.

They also stated that pulling the pins on each side to get them out is easy while rolling down the folding ROPS but the major problem has to do with folding them back up.

Although they end up running the tractor with ROPS up but it is pinned correctly to only one side. This is not a serious technical default it just seems disappointing for a product ranging within mid and high product.

One could easily solve this problem by drilling to make them a little bigger with the aid of a small sized Dremel or could easily back out the existing screw on the ROPS front, and the pin will go in with ease. 

2. Slipping throttle lever 

To some people the throttle design looks frustrating while some others see this differently. Users have reviewed that when they pull the throttle upward or downward it pops right back to how it was.

The two jam nuts at the bottom control the slotted lever tension whether it is been moved up or down. After a period of time, the tension gets worn out unless you insert a Loctite or an acorn nut to keep the position intact.

This could be fixed by putting a wrench on the throttle and turning it until the throttle cable resets to the correct position. Although some customers still do not expect any sort of flaws from a highly expensive quality brand like Kubota. 

3. Dense Third-function Connection 

The third function electrical connection does have a pretty poor quality. Some customers stated that the third part is just laying around because they are not tied properly or not even tied at all as they also mentioned and expressed their disappointment over the expectation and the result when the product arrives. 

Although, the company is not blamed for this because the middlemen or dealers make use of after markets options to make extra money. This type of customer service tends to ruin the brand name and reputation.

Therefore, Kubota needs to ensure that the quality services are not being tampered with by authorized and exclusive dealers.  

4. Unreliable Switch 

The user revied that the Kubota bx2380 tractor front hands gear or switch is a bit unreliable and could fail you at any time. While the tractor is in use the switch tops randomly falls which is annoying making use of finger to move ang operate it could be quite difficult and stressful.

Therefore, customers constantly have to replace them which is a waste of time and economically inconvenient. This case could be solved only if Kubota are wiling to make some few changes and modification to their designs. 

5. Inconvenient position of fuel tanks and grab handle 

This problem is mostly faced by users from the united state. The Kubota bx2380 fuel tank is in a fixed unmovable position which might not be convenient for some customers. based on the united states government laws people are to use only a type of gas can with only small filling base. 

The major problem arises when you have to fill you tractor using a gas can there is only a little space the grab handle and the fuel tank. It will be of great help if the handles could be adjusted and placed further forward. 

Maintenance of a Kubota BX2380

The maintenance of a Kubota bx2380 is no too different from that of the other series. But the tractors maintenance is divided bases on how sensitive the parts are and the roles they play. Stick with us to learn more about the proper care of you kubota bx2380 

Every ten hours or daily maintenance 

  • Check if the engine oil level is gaged, if it is dirty and need to be changed or refilled   
  • Ensure the transmission hydraulic fluid refill if it is low
  • Inspect the air filter and engine coolant, service the brakes and fix problems if found 

Every 200 hours 

  • Replace oil with recommended oils like SAE20, SAE30 or 10W -30, SAE10W – 40, 15W – 40 
  • Ensure to change oil filter. Engine part number: HH150- 32450. Before replacing fist clean the air filter 
  • Replace the HST oil filter. HST oil filter part number: HHK20 – 36990. 
  • Change the hydraulic filter. hydraulic filter part number: K2581 – 36520 
  • Check the air filters and also clean if dusty. Air filter part number: K1211 – 82320 

Every 400 hours 

  • Change the fuel filter. Fuel filter part number: 12581- 43012 
  • Replace the air filters. Air filter pat number: K1211 – 82320 
  • Change hydraulic and transmission fluid. You could make use of Kubota UDT, super UDT or super UDT – 2. The transmission or hydraulic system has a capacity of 11.4 qts that is 10.8 in litres 
  • Change the front axle oil. The front axle has the capacity  to hold 3.8 qts that is 3.6 litres 

Yearly maintenance 

At this point you will be needing to replace some of the parts

  • Engine oil filter. Part number: HH150 – 32430 
  • Engine air filter. Part number: K1211 – 82320 
  • Drive belt. Part number: 16883 – 97010 
  • HSK filter. Part number: HHK20 – 36990 
  • Engine fuel element. Part number: 12581 – 43012 
  • Change the transmission and hydraulic oil 
  • Flush the coolant system and change with a new one 
  • Check the battery charge 
  • Adjust the clearance valve 
  • Inspect the fuel injection nozzle 

Frequently asked question 

How much does Kubota lawn mower cost?

The Kubota bx2380 tractor cost about 17,690 dollars in the US.

How many hours does Kubota bx2380 last?

Every Kubota tractor has a life span capacity of 4,500 hours to 5,500 hours.

How much weight can Kubota bx2380 lift?

It has the capacity to lift up to 680 pound and lift it up to 24 inches high.

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