5 Common Kubota B3350 Problems + Solutions

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By Bryan Peters

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The Kubota b3350 has one of the strongest engines ever.

With some of its fantastic features being; the engine – an emission – three vortex combustion system engine, an impressive lifting capacity of over 950kg plus a strong hydraulic system, and increased horsepower, we can not in any way, deny the fact that it is a superb device.

What kind of problems are users bound to face?

Kubota b3350 is not a problematic machine, however, some issues might crop up from time to time as a result of ignorance or negligence.

Find them all below as well as what you need to do to have them easily fixed.

Kubota B3350 Problems and Solutions

1. PDF Problems

Many Kubota b3350 might at one time or another, have to empty and clean out the diesel particulate filter without knowing what they are doing.

The act of doing so is termed DPF Regeneration.

It becomes necessary to clear out the filter when the spot accumulated on the filter is burnt at a high temperature to create room for more.

There are two different types of regeneration. We have the passive and active types of regeneration.

  • Passive Regeneration

Passive regeneration is like an automated act that the DPF does. Here, you see the DPF do the work of emptying and burning the soot all by itself. Regeneration is finalized and the filter is made clean by the time you get to your stop.

  • Active Regeneration

In the case of active regeneration, soot has to get to a particular level before regeneration takes place. Here, you see the car move to a high exhaust temperature automatically. This it can do through the process of post-combustion fuel injection to get the soot burnt.

Active regeneration takes place mostly during very short distances. If peradventure you get to your stop and the soot is yet to be completely burnt, you are bound to get a light pop-up on your dashboard. That light is referred to as a DPF warning.

The DPF warning light popping up signals trouble as it may lead to a clog in the system. To unclog the system, try driving at no less than a speed of 40mph for about 15 minutes.

Causes Of Regeneration Problem

Several things cause regeneration issues. Find them below:

  • Continuous Short Distances

This stands as the major cause of DPF regeneration issues in Kubota b3350. Do you want to know why?

What causes the issue is if the regeneration is unable to be completed. This goes on to say that if you get to your stop before it gets finalized, issues will arise. 

The issues arise because more oil is injected into the cylinder but is unable to burn and so, drains back into the sump.

  • Long Distance Driving After Regeneration Fails

 At first, when driving, you do not realize that there is a problem because the vehicle seems in perfect shape. However, the fact that the warning light on the dashboard is still there is to tell you that you are causing much bigger problems for yourself.

Unknown to you, a total blockage of the DPF filter is in the works and soon announces itself when you least expect it to.

Fixing regeneration problems

The best form of fixing this issue is to avoid experiencing it. 

When driving short distances, drive slowly to give ample time for regeneration to be completed.

Other ways of fixing regeneration issues include:

  • Applying DPF Cleaning Additive 

You simply have to add it then drive for 10 – 20 minutes.

  • Top Up Oil

Constantly monitor the oil level and top up when necessary. Regeneration usually occurs when the oil has gone past ¼ of the cylinder.

  • Forced Regeneration

If you usually experience aborted regeneration and continue to drive with it, the situation becomes even worse and soon it will no longer be able to regenerate automatically like before again.

A visit to a professional is expedient at this point.

2. Hydrostatic Transmission Problems

Hydrostatic transmission needs the help of hydraulic fluid to perform effectively. They are unable to do that when a leak occurs in the system.

Fortunately, fixing the issue isn’t so much of a hassle. All that is needed is to scan the system for damaged seals and gaskets and have them changed.

If the issue persists after changing them, then it would be time for a professional to step in.

3. Engine Problems

The engine is the powerhouse of any device and the Kubota b3350 is no exception. If your device is slow, struggles to start, or performs abysmally in general, look towards the engine as that is where lies the issue.

When there is a problem with the engine, it does not just end with it but goes on to affect the overall performance of the device. Now, what are common engine problems of the Kubota b3350 you may ask?

For starters, we will say faulty spark plugs.

How can spark plugs become faulty? That should be yet another question on your mind and we will graciously answer. When you fail to observe your engine system constantly and dirt gets on the spark plug, it will not work optimally again and can then be said to be faulty. 

Such spark plugs should be removed and replaced at once.

Now to the carburetor; how often do you inspect the carburetor? Do you constantly have it cleaned or do you allow the dirt to accumulate?

We are asking this as a clogged carburetor would also tell on the way your engine performs. Depending on the level of damage done to the carburetor, you may not even be able to get it started.

How to fix engine issues in the Kubota b3350 tractor

The first step in fixing engine issues with the Kubota b3350 is to ascertain what the main issue is. Knowing where the problem emanates from will further direct you on what to do to get it fixed. If the issue is from the carburetor, for instance, it will be better for you to notice that on time.

When the damage to the carburetor is still very young, it is possible to have it unclogged yourself. Getting rid of the dirt that surrounds the carburetor will see it perform better. You will however need a professional for advanced-stage clog situations.

Another issue that might crop up with the b3350 is that of an engine leak. When the engine oil leaks, the oil seal or gasket is. When you have been able to trace the issue, it will be wise to have all the affected parts fixed.

Finally, there is the case of your Kubota b3350 engine overheating. Overheating mainly occurs as a result of the accumulation of debris in the radiation or cooling system.

Fixing this issue requires getting the radiator and cooling system flushed. Flushing can be done easily with water to take out all the debris.

4. Electrical Problems 

Ever seen a tractor without electrical issues? They are very common issues with tractors and more often than not, the cause can be traced to the battery. A damaged battery or drained battery is capable of causing battery issues.

The tractor is just like any other vehicle out there, if it stays stored for a long while, the battery is expected to drain out. A good preventive measure will be to constantly observe the battery and clean rusted terminals. 

If the battery is in perfect shape, another aspect to shine your torch on would be loose wires or blown fuses. You are to call on an expert if the problem proves to be complex. As you daily observe, look out also for connections too, as wrong connections can cause some major electrical problems.

5. Dull blades

The blades are one highly essential component of tractors. Taking away the blades and the tractor is as good as useless. This is simply because the device relies heavily on the blades to carry out most of its jobs.

Now, imagine if they have to go about their jobs working with a dull or blunt blade. You can expect the pace of the job to go very slowly and the work itself not efficiently carried out. You already know you cannot continue this way, so the right thing to do would be to check out the blades.

It is often recommended that you sharpen the blades of your tractor twice yearly as continuous usage of the device will see them go blunt. If you are one to use the tractor often, then blades should be sharpened more than twice.

If the blades are damaged in any way or they cannot be sharpened, a replacement will be needed urgently. You should be able to get a new set of blades within the price range of $40 – $50.


The Kubota b3350 just like every other invention from the Kubota brand, can be classified as a high quality tractor that is guaranteed to serve you with its high performance.

We have highlighted for you, some basic and peculiar problems users are likely to face, mentioning how they can avert it or get it fixed when it does happen. 

Whenever you face any issue with your Kubota b3350, you can always revert here for guidance on how to resolve them.

Trust us, it is not always as complex as it seems.

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