7 Common Ariens Zero Turn Mower Problems

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The Ariens zero-turn mowers can boast undeniable speed and efficiency compared to several other lawn mowers. These mowers are sure to do their best regarding precision and maneuverability. However, with all these good traits, these tractors are not devoid of problems. 

Some of the most common Ariens zero turn mower problems are starting problems, mower dying between mows, mower transition problems, etc.

Although these problems sound complex, they are not. You can fix these issues with the tips and tricks we would provide you with in this article.

Troubleshooting Ariens Zero Turn Mower Problems

Due to its fantastic function ability, the Ariens zero turn mowers have some backlashes once in a while. Some common problems that you would be experiencing with the Ariens zero turn mowers include:

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1. Starting Up Problems 

There are a lot of reasons why your Ariens mower refuses to start. These reasons include a terrible carburetor or fuel filter, a defective fuel pump, worn-out spark plugs and several other issues.

Some other external factors that might be why your mower refuses to start up include the wrong switch key and a bad ignition coil

Some of the causes of the defect in these parts include; 

  • Your old fuel is left in the mower for too long, leaving behind a thick residue that may clog the carburetor and result in failure to start up. 
  • Leaving a particular spark plug in even when worn out can also result in a bad mower. 
  • A broken switch can directly affect your mower’s start-up since it is directly related to its start-up. 

2. Inability Of the Blades to Engage

If, after starting up your mower and the cutting blades do not engage, either the PTO clutch or the PTO switch is at fault. When this happens, and the operator cannot disengage the engine from the blades, it can eventually lead to blade rotation failure. 

3. Poor Battery Health 

If your Ariens zero-turn mowers battery keeps dying, there is an issue with the battery itself or even the alternator. Sometimes none of these might even be the reason; sometimes, it is due to an inadequate voltage output or a faulty voltage regulator. 

4. Smoking 

When your Ariens mower emits smoke, it will likely run down on engine oil. It can also result from a faulty internal engine component like the engine gasket or the valve train, and even the piston ring might have an issue. 

5. Headlights Not Working 

The headlight refusing to work is another common complaint with the Ariens mower. Headlight problems are usually because by disconnected wiring, blown a fuse or an extinguished bulb. 

6. Starting And Stalling of The Mower 

If your mower keeps starting and stopping, it might result from too much engine oil, worn-out spark plugs, or even a misplaced choke. When you fill-up your mower with excessive engine oil, you might think you are doing some good to the mower, while on the other hand, it is wrong. 

Ensure that you fill your mower with the right amount of engine oil and replace a worn-out or dirty spark plug with a new one as soon as possible to prevent worse cases.

Ensure that when setting up your mower, you insert the choke in the right place because a wrong choke location can also be a significant constituent to the starting and stalling of your mower. 

7. Mower Leaking Gas 

Gas leaks are another common problem with the Ariens zero-turn mower. For your mower to start leaking gas, some areas like the primer bulb, float needle and carburetor gasket must be faulty. If your carburetor gasket dries out, it would eventually lead to the gas leaking at the bottom of the lawn mower. 

Over time, the primer bulb is susceptible to wearing out; you must ensure that once it wears out, you replace it with a new one.

After going through all these and you realize that isn’t the reason why, you can just check your mower properly for toy cracks on the body because if it is cracked, the gas would have easy access to leak out. 

How To Fix Some Problems With Aries Zero Turn Mowers

Most problems you will likely encounter with your Ariens mower can be fixed at home if you follow the correct procedure. Please contact a professional if you notice a problem becoming too difficult for you to handle.

Some common issues and their fixes include:

1. Replace Old Fuel 

After using your mower in a season beforehand, do not use the mower with the fuel from that season in the new season; always ensure that you get rid of the fuel and use a new one filled in the fuel tank. You can also add a fuel stabilizer to help stabilize the fuel and clean up your fuel line. 

2. Carburetor Issues 

Always ensure that you check on your carburetor and clean or replace it wherever it is needed. If your carburetor is clogged, ensure that you remove the old fuel clogs with a carb clear and in more extreme cases, you should replace the carburetor. 

3. Clean Up the Terminals for The Battery 

In cases where you have a corroded battery terminal, you can clean up these terminals with a baking soda solution. Ensure that the cables are not too tight at all times, and in cases where your battery won’t hold care anymore, you have to replace it with newer ones. 

4. Clean Up Your Spark Plug 

Clean your spark plug with a wire brush and a solid knife to eliminate all the deposits. After cleaning it up, check if the wires are correctly connected, and you can polish the cleaning again with a spray-on cleaner formulated for this purpose. 

5. Drain Out Engine Oil 

If your mower is misbehaving because of excessive engine oil in the crankcase, do not hesitate to drain out some of this engine oil and always heed the manufacturers’ instructions on the level you should leave your engine oil.

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6. Replace Faulty Components 

Some components on your mower should be replaced after they have been in use for a long time so your mowers can run smoothly. Some of these components include; 

  • Air filter
  • The PTO clutches
  • Carburetor gasket
  • Primer bulb
  • Piston ring
  • Headlights

Final Thoughts 

Most of these problems you encounter with your Ariens zero-turn mowers can be fixed at home by following a few easy steps. Ensure that you carefully troubleshoot this problem before working on it to avoid worsening the issue.