4 Common John Deere X360 Problems + Fixes

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The John Deere X360 lawn garden tractor is a machine that the John deer company produced in 2014. This mower offers users the ultimate comfort and convenience with large rear tires, power steering, hydraulic deck lift, and more. 

The John Deere X360 lawn mower allows for a hydraulic lift on all front attachments, including the front blade and snowblower, enabling your work and making it more accessible throughout the year. The X360 model is powered by a 22hp Kawasaki engine and runs a 48” mower deck with on-the-go levelling. 

The tractor, like many other machines, develops problems. Some of the issues you may encounter with the John Deere X360 lawn garden tractor include;  breakdowns due to mechanical faults in several active body parts of the tractor, problems with the engine, the tractor not starting and several others. 

In this article, we will talk about John Deere X360 Problems and significant reasons why different body parts of the John Deere X360 model either get damaged or stop malfunctioning, so please ensure you read till the end.

Common John Deere X360 Problems + Troubleshooting Tips

Some of the common problems you can go through while using the lawn tractor are:

1. Engine Problems

The engine is one of a machine’s essential components; without the engine, the device is as good as useless. There are several reasons your engine would stop functioning correctly, and we will address them shortly. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your engine refuses to start; Why this problem might occur because your Gas tank is empty, the choke is dirty, or it has gotten worse. 

Some reasons why the engine of your John Deere develops problems include; 

  • Stale Fuel: Apart from emptying and replacing the fuel in your fuel tank, you should also ensure that you clean the fuel tank appropriately. It would help if you never operated your machine with power from the previous season because, in most cases, the energy is usually stale. So you should ensure that you inspect your fuel tank adequately.
  • Faulty Spark Plug: You should also ensure that you check on the spark plug adequately. Once the spark plug is wrong, the whole system develops issues. If you notice that the spark plug is the issue, you should ensure that you clean the spark plug correctly and, in extreme cases, replace it. 
  • Clogged Fuel Filter: It is usual for your fuel filter to get clogged up with dirt and grasses after it has been used a good number of times, which is why you need to check on these fuel filters. The immediate solution to this problem is replacing the fuel pump. 
  • Broken Brake Pedal: The brake is a significant part of the machine; if the brake pedal develops an issue, the brake automatically develops an issue too. In this case, the best thing for you to do is provide a brake pedal that would help in protecting these brakes. And while installing the brake pedal, ensure that you get effective brake pedal safety contact for these pedals to last longer. 
  • Carburettor Issues: A clogged carburetor is another issue that needs to be attended to. Wrong fuel is a common reason why your carburettor would get blocked. When these harmful fuels are mixed with ethanol, it prevents the fuel from flowing properly. There’s a tendency for the carburettor to be clogged by dirt, which would result in your engine not starting, so always maintain the state of a healthy, clean carburettor. You would need to check the valve and compression system and the starter crank RPM. 

2. Electrical System Shooting Issues

The electrical system of your John Deere X360 lawn garden tractor might refuse to function correctly due to several reasons. Many of the reasons why your electrical system would become defective area and are listed in the table below; 

Reasons Fixes 
Blown fuse Repair the fuse or, better still, replace it with a new one. 
Terminals heating up and getting corroded Clean the area of contact between the terminals
Bad electrical wires Regularly checkup your electrical wiring and call on a technician to check for issues. 
Battery problems Replace the battery
The connection between the battery terminals and the cables Ensure there is no connection between those two. 
Faulty light bulbCheck on your light bulbs and reinstall them when necessary
Low batteryEnsure your battery is always charged before usage to avoid electrical issues. 

3. Machine Shooting Problems

Several cases in which your machine would begin to develop issues when shooting. Not to worry, there are several ways you can prevent this problem.

Some actions you can take to avoid this issue include; 

  • Stopping operation when you notice that your machine is vibrating during usage. This is a clear sign of a damaged belt drive. 
  • Check on your blades frequently. In this case, you might not damage your blades; instead, they are bent and unstable. 
  • If you notice that your pulley is dirty, change it to a new one. 
  • If your blades are dull, ensure that you sharpen them.
  • Replace the transmission oil constantly. 

4. Mower Deck Problems

Another common issue people experience with their John Deere X360 lawn garden tractor is faults in the mower deck of your tractor.

Do not worry, there are several reasons why this happens, and in the same way, there are several fixes. After mowing for several hours, sometimes you notice that the decks on your mower begin to vibrate, and although this is not too normal, there are several fixes to this problem. 

The primary reasons behind this are unbalancing of blades, debris or dirt in pulleys for mower decks, and misaligned belt or pulleys. 

To fix: Make sure you balance the blade, remove clogging from the mower deck or sheaves, and always clean and inspect the pulley & belts if they need replacement or need to be fixed.

Features Of the John Deere X360 Mowers

 Some standard features of the John Deere X360 lawn garden tractor include; 

  • A 22hp Kawasaki engine that has cruise control equipped to it. This engine can move the tractor up to 6.2MPH and a reverse speed of 3.5MPH. 
  • Full pressure lubrication and oil filter for cleaner oil, which helps prolong engine life and extend the time between changing your engine oil.
  • A hydraulic power lift is superior and convenient, adjustable to any size and very easy to operate.
  • The ultimate power steering for control when steering ensures that you turn quickly without any form of resistance or lagging and provides exceptional manoeuvrability and comfort.


The John Deere X360 develops issues like any other mower, but then there are several fixes to the problem, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it. With this article, we are hopeful that you will be able to fix whatever is going on with your John Deere mower.

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