Top 5 John Deere X354 Problems (+ Troubleshooting Tips)

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By Bryan Peters

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John Deere x354  is a small convenient lawn mower; it has many unique features that can also be found on bigger mowers, making it more appropriate for small yards or areas. In addition, John Deere x354 can do different tasks, from mowing lawns and pastures to plowing in/and hauling loads. 

Some common problems with John Deere x354 mowers include the engine not starting, engine overheating, problems with the hydrostatic transmission, uneven mower cuts, and the battery not being charged. 

In this article, we will discuss the major John Deere X354 problems with how to troubleshoot and fix them.

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John Deere X354 Problems

It is usual for every mechanical device to develop issues every once n a while, which also implies the john Deere x354. Please stick with us to find out some commonly faced issues with john Deere x354. 

1. Engine not starting 

This is one of the most received complaints about the John Deere x354; this could be because the engine has been inactive for a long while. Although, there are tons of other reasons why the machine refuses to turn on.

They include:

  • Insufficient fuel in the empty fuel tank
  • Weak motor starter or soft battery power 
  • Low compression 
  • Disconnected or faulty starter relay 
  • Faulty spark plugs or ignition switch 

There are also some signs you might notice before your John Deere x354 engine stops working, like the engine not cranking, or even if it cranks, it takes some minutes before it starts.

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2. Engine overheating 

This is another issue you might encounter with your John Deere x354 and, if not adequately looked into, could lead to further damage and even ruin the entire mower or its esteemed life span. Some of the causes of this issue include.

  • Loose or cut radiator fan belt 
  • The coolant reservoir cap is not properly sealed 
  • The thermostat is stuck open, which causes coolant from circulating through the engine 

But thankfully, there are also a few signs shown by the John Deere x354 before it begins overheating. They include:

  • The temperature gauge reading is 15 degrees above the average temperature 
  • White smoke or steam emitting from your exhaust 
  • The engine shut down unexpectedly 
  • The coolant starts to smell like gasoline 

3. Hydrostatic transmission problems 

If you are having difficulties with your john Deere x354 transmission, you are bent to experience problems in turning corners and also get loud noises while driving; some of the signs noticed before this issue takes place include: 

  • The john Deere x354 turns at a slower pace than normal 
  • Clunking noise 
  • Slipping gears 
  • Leaking fluid 

Some causes of this problem could be clogged fluid filters, worn-out seals, low fluid levels, damaged or contaminated transmission filters, worn-out drive plate bearings, and clutch shaft guide bearing. 

4. Uneven mower cuts 

When your loan Deere x354 mower cuts unevenly, it could result from many causes. Some of these causes are 

  • Dull or blunt blades 
  • The blade is not touching the deck evenly 
  • Tires inflated improperly 
  • Your lawn itself is not leveled properly 
  • Unproperly adjusted clutch and brake 

Like other issues, there are also different signs to look out for because the mower develops this issue of shooter clipping on one side of the lawn, you missed a weed spot, or the yard or lawn has a ragged appearance. 

5. The battery does not stay charged

This is sure to happen if you leave your john Deere x354 exposed to a lot of moisture. The battery becomes corroded and loses the ability to stay charged for a long while, so if you notice your battery does not last, one of the reasons might be below. 

  • Alternator problems 
  • Malfunctioning charging system 
  • Need for battery replacement 
  • Corroded and loose battery connection 
  • Broken cable battery 
  • Faulty solenoids 

There are also signs that you might notice before your battery has charging issues.

They include: 

  • You do not hear a clicking sound when you turn the key 
  • Engine turning over slowly 
  • The engine dies very quickly after being turned on 
  • Instant power loss after being driven forward and backward 
  • Zero display of light from the display panel 
  • Battery refusal to even get charged 

John Deere X354 Troubleshooting 

Indeed, anything with a problem has a solution. If you start experiencing issues with your john Deere x354 no need to worry; below is how to fix your mower and have it running in no time. 

Problem Solution
Engine not startingCheck the fuel tank for sufficient fuel and add more fuel if necessaryDrain gas tank. You could also change or switch the gas cap from another john Deere mower; this might help Replace the starter, ignition switch, and spark plug Check the battery, and remove and reattach it again if necessary. Change battery if damaged 
Engine overheating Inspect the radiator fan and belt. Replace if needed Check if the radiator temperature sensor wire is connected correctly Check the coolant level and refill if necessary If none of the above works, you could replace the thermostat
Hydraulic transmission problems Replace fluid and filter at least every 50 hours Use a micrometer to check the thickness of the drive plate, clutch splines, and shaft guide bearing, and replace any delicate part.Ensure to replace the o ring and seal in the pump and wheel motor If none above seems to be working, remove anything that might be causing friction 
Uneven mower cutReplace blunt blade Inflate your john Deere x354 tire so they will become even Adjust the clutch and brake if necessary Check if your lawn is leveled 
The battery does not stay charged Check for loose connection in the battery and tighten if any Make use of anti-corrosion spray to ensure a corrosion-free machine Ensure the water in each battery cell is the gauge Change the alternator belt and pulley system if broken Change your John Deere x354 battery if it is older than three years 

Frequently asked questions 

What is the lifespan of a john Deere x354 

This all depends on how you take care of the machine. If your John Deere x354 is adequately maintained, it could last up to ten or fifteen years. 

What oil should I use in my john Deere x354? 

To maintain your John Deere x354. You should provide it with 10W30 or 5W40 oil. 

Why is my john Deere x354 bringing out white smoke

This is mainly caused due too overheated engine. You could use a new coolant to see if it might help.

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