9 Common John Deere 2025r Problems + Troubleshooting 

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If you are a fan of John Deere tractors, then the 2025r model is one that you should be familiar with. The John Deere tractors has a yammer engine with an IV tier that ensures that the tractors perform efficiently and save fuel.

There are many features that the john Deere tractors come with that aid in improving their performance, but even with that, there are also a few problems that are synonymous with the John Deere tractors, and the 2025r model isn’t exceptional. 

Some of the most common John Deere 2025r problems include starting issues, 4WD problems, synchronisation problems, and PTO problems coupled with its overpriced attachments.

The good thing is that you can troubleshoot and fix these problems in several ways, and that is what this article is all about.

Troubleshooting John Deere 2025r Problems

Below are the various John Deere 2025r problems you should know about:

1. John Deere PTO Problems 

The power taken off the shaft is the part of the engine known as the stub shaft. It is usually just the switch that controls the faulty PTO, but even then, it is also tough to fix.

For you to know that your PTO switch is defective, you notice that you need more pressure to enable the PTO switch and the inefficiency of the PTO seal. 

These problems can be fixed by replacing the pot switch and ensuring that you get your PTO seal checked by a professional from time to time. If the pain is also severe, ensure that you replace the seal as soon as possible.

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2. Parking Brake Adjustment Issues 

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While your tractor provides you with a smooth run, the brakes can issue in this case and, if not taken care of properly, can be fatal. You have to ensure that you lubricate areas that need to be lubricated to prevent severe issues in subsequent times. 

3. Leaking Problems 

Your hydraulic oil leaking out of the hydraulic systems is another issue that many users are seen complaining about. It would help if you took the time to check your hydraulic systems to ensure that everything is in place.

Also, improper attachment of the back hole can lead to this problem, so if you do not do adequate flushing after installing the back rear, there is an excellent chance of this. 

4. 4wd Issues 

The 4wd Is not very common with a highly powered tractor but in the case of the john Deere 2025r tractors, the 4-wheel drive system that it operates on sometimes restricts its activities. Besides the 4-wheel drive lever almost touching the floor, the four-wheel drive system does not allow a smooth ride.

 If you notice that your axel and coupler are faulty, you might have to replace the whole front of the machine. 

5. High Cost of Repair 

If you sum up the cost of managing and repairing the tractors, the price for the john Deere 2025r models is higher than most other models.

Most users have complained about this, so you should ensure that you get high-quality spare parts, even if that is costly too, so you wouldn’t have to spend too much repairing while maintaining your tractor. 

6. Better Models 

No one will want to get the iPhone x if apple produces the iPhone XR within the same range, right? That is the case with the john Deere 2025r tractor model. John Deere provides a 3025E model with a similar price range to the 2025r, but the 3025e model is more powerful.

And also, the 3025E does not need as many attachments as the 2025r making your ride better and smoother. 

7. Synchronisation Of Transmission Issues 

Sometimes during transmission, the oil leaks from the machine, showing that the information is going out of sync. You have to fix this problem urgently. It is often experienced to prevent it from leading to an even bigger issue, which can be very frustrating. 

8. Less Powerful Engine Compared to Its Series 

A survey was carried out to check if the john Deere 2025r series was underpowered, and from the sub-topic above, you can sense the answers. Although the Engie used for that particular tractor is very good, comparing the john Deere 2025r series specifications, you could say that the engine is not enough. 

The john Deere 2025r tractors come with a 24.2MP engine which is quite strong, but considering the specs that the tractor has to offer and the vast amount of money paid for that tractor, you can be able to say that the engine power does not match the machine. 

9. Fragile Materials Used for Construction 

Most 2-series tractors are robust with the high build quality, but that is not the case with the 2025r models. Some critical parts of the machine are very fragile, for instance, the oil filter. 

If your tractor’s oil filter eventually collides with a superficial branch, it can knock the oil filter off and the amount of money spent to get a new oil filter can be very costly.

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Maintenance Tip for The John Deere 2025r Models 

To ensure that your john Deere mower lasts for a long, follow the following maintenance tips. Daily, ensure that you check the following:

  • Level the engine oil and fill it up if it is too low
  • Level of transmission oil; fill it up if it is too low
  • Ensure that air filters are clean, and if they don’t look too good, make sure you replace them
  • Steering, service breaks and breaks

After at least every three days, check the following:

  • Tires and inflate if necessary
  • Condition of your battery, and if you need to replace them, do so immediately or before using the machine again
  • If it needs topping up oil in your hydraulic system, do so immediately
  • Wheels, nuts and bolts and tighten any if necessary

Weekly, ensure that you do the following:

  • Chance the engine oil. The recommended oil for a john Deere 2025r is the plus-50
  • Chance your oil filter because the oil one should be worn out now. Clean the area housing the oil filter before replacing it
  • Replace the hydraulic fluid; the recommended type you should use is the Hy-guard
  • Cleans your radiator fins
  • Inspect your fans and alternator belts, which is also very important

After doing all these, you should be sure that your tractor will last very long without any significant issues. You should also note that you shouldn’t leave your mowers under the hot sun or even under the rain because this might cause some certain parts to misbehave.