Is Charmin Ultra Soft Septic Safe? (Yes, But Only If)

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Welcome to a world of competition where many toilet papers are fighting their way into many households. Charmin ultra-soft toilet paper is included.

And now that every household wants eco-friendly and septic-safe toilet paper, you cannot settle for the best. But is Charmin ultra soft septic safe?

Yes, Charmin ultra soft toilet paper is septic safe and would surely fit into many drains without forming clogs. Little wonder, many plumbers use the brand more than any other brand.

Now, let’s learn more about Charmin ultra soft toilet paper and why it is considered to be septic safe!

Is Charmin Ultra Soft Septic Safe?

For over 80 years, Charmin toilet paper has proven to be outstanding. And unlike the traditional toilet paper that has always been in use, Charmin toilet paper is preferred because it is biodegradable.

Charmin toilet paper is soft and has been proven to be clog-safe. It easily dissolves, no matter the kind of drain you flush it down in.

And this is so because the manufacturers test their product before it leaves the manufacturing space. Charmin toilet paper is unique and outstanding and will always find itself in many households because of its great qualities.

Can Charmin’s Toilet Paper Block Drains?

If you have been using traditional toilet paper, then you would experience constant clogging, which could lead to you always plunging your toilet.

In many cases, this leads to constant repairs too. But Charmin toilet paper is not like any other toilet paper out there.

Charmin toilet paper is produced and tested by manufacturers. So it is proven that it is soft and cannot block drains. However, this should not lead to the inappropriate use of toilet paper. So, mind the roll size you throw into the drain.

If you have children around, pay close attention to how they use the Charmin toilet paper.

What If My Toilet Drain Or Multiple Drains Are Blocked?

Well, for somebody you are worried about, what happens if your toilet drain becomes blocked? Sometimes it is easy to blame any toilet paper when the drain is blocked, even if it is Charmin’ toilet paper. So, what if your toilet drain or other multiple fixtures are blocked?

It is wrong to assume that your drains are blocked because of the toilet paper you use. Other things could lead to draining blockages. Read on to find out about it.

Things That Could Lead To Draining Blockages

1. Hair piling up in the drain

There’s no way you will have hair in the drain, and it will not pile up and form clogs. That is why shaving, washing, and combing hair near the drain is not advisable.

The constant pile-up will affect the drain in the long run. Having your drain blocked is frustrating, and it might take time to fix. If your drain is blocked, it might be due to hair piling up.

2. Food debris

Another suspect when there’s a blockage in the drain is food debris. Food debris is most likely to occur in the kitchen. However, for many households with children, it can be funny what you will find blocking your toilet.

So when you experience drain blockage, another culprit is food debris.

3. Grease

When grease is poured into the drain while they are still hot, it passes through easily; however, over time, this would form a blockage in the drain.

4. Paper towels and baby wipes

Paper towels and baby wipes are also other things that can cause blockage in the drain. You must be careful not to put any of this in the drain as it would affect the septic tank.

5. Hard water build-up

If your water is hard, more minerals will accumulate in your plumbing system, and your toilet will clog more frequently.

6. Retarding concrete pipes

And when all have been tested, and they are the least of the problem, you should check for the pipes. Many times, you experience blockage; it is because of the concrete pipes slowly wearing out. If this is the case, it would surely affect the septic tank.


Is Charmin ultra-soft septic safe? The short answer is yes, Charmin toilet paper is a great toilet paper many plumbers would choose over many brands.

If you have yet to be lucky with toilet paper, then this is the opportunity for you to replace your toilet paper. After all, Charmin toilet paper is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

If you experience difficulty using the Charmin toilet, you should refer to this guide.

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