Is Charmin Toilet Paper Septic Safe? (Yes, But See This)

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By Bryan Peters

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Charmin toilet paper has been around, serving millions of American households. But is its long existence in the market enough to guarantee its effectiveness? Is Charmin toilet paper septic safe? What are the yardsticks used in confirming this?

What does it even mean for toilet paper to be classified as septic safe?

For toilet papers to be categorized as septic safe, it means that the item in question has undergone a series of tests to ensure it causes no damage whatsoever to the drainage pipes and goes through the biodegradation process as expected.

knowing if a toilet paper is safe before use is a significant factor in septic system care and proper management. This is because using unsafe toilet paper might cause damage to your drainpipes that could have easily been avoided. Over time, if used continuously, it can also lead to the destruction of the septic system.

In this article, we will answer your questions about whether Charmin toilet paper is septic safe or not!

Is Charmin Toilet Paper Septic Safe?

The answer is Yes, Charmin toilet paper is septic safe! Charmin toilet paper has been around for decades now, long enough to prove its reliability to the tons of people that use them.

This trusted bath tissue has undergone the prerequisite tests and has been confirmed safe for use in a well-maintained septic system. It settles in the tank as expected and is easily filtered by the septic system. This is why you find this brand recommended more by plumbers.

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How Can We Be Sure About The Safe Claim Of Charmin’s Toilet Paper?

Is Charmin Toilet Paper Good for Septic

The assertion about Charmin toilet paper being septic-safe is not a claim but a confirmed fact. This is because the Charmin brand prides itself as one that upholds the top standard practices that see that every product maintains the same high-quality mark they are known for.

As part of the quality assurance practices, the brand sees that every product is critically evaluated and adequately tested to be septic safe and safe for any waste system it is likely to end up with after being flushed.

These tests are carried out in the Proctor and Gamble standard global flushability laboratory in Cincinnati, United States. This is how the brand maintains its standard of producing safe products for end users.

Charmin toilet papers are not just septic safe; they are certified safe for every plumbing system they are likely to be used on and the different parts of these systems they may find themselves at after being flushed. Some of the features include drainpipes, septic tanks, wastewater treatment plants, sewers, and so on.

This means that the Charmin toilet paper is produced without any harsh chemical that might result in damage to septic systems or any plumbing system or its parts.

The Charmin Guarantee

The Charmin guarantee note states that its toilet paper and flushable wipes are certified septic and clog-safe. It further goes on to say that if there is any consumer experience of a clog as a result of the use of these products, the brand would have their money refunded.

It ends with a communication channel where consumer complaints and feedback can be dropped.

How Fast Does Charmin Toilet Paper Break Down?

The Charmin toilet papers are strong enough to hold up while you clean up, as opposed to some very light toilet papers that rip through your fingers as you attempt to use them.

For the Charmin toilet paper, the breakdown process begins in the drainpipes after it must have been flushed. The speed can be said to be normal as the septic system works on getting it gradually filtered.

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Features Of Charmin Toilet Paper

The Charmin toilet paper brand has rightly earned its place as one of the top-quality brands of bath tissue. The brand is used in millions of American households, with numerous positive customer reviews testifying to its effectiveness.

The product also enjoys countless recommendations from—the majority of plumbers.

Let’s highlight below some of the Charmin toilet paper features that make it stand out in the market and are preferred by consumers.


Charmin toilet paper has a cushiony soft texture that feels very smooth against your skin. The smooth surface of the toilet paper appeals to a lot of consumers.


Charmin. Toilet paper is thick enough to hold up as you use it but light sufficient to disintegrate as soon as it gets flushed into the drainpipes.

This feature sees to the optimum protection of your hand, unlike those toilet papers that rip as you use them, exposing your hands to human waste.

Septic safe

The Charmin toilet paper is certified to be septic safe and clog-safe. Results of a series of tests by the brand, plumbers, and other independent bodies prove that they are indeed flushable and safe for any plumbing system.

Can Toilet Papers Cause A Sewer Backup?

Toilet papers cannot cause a sewer backup. Most people ignorantly attribute the cause of a clog to toilet papers when in fact, it isn’t.

Some of the reasons for a clog include:

  1. Faulty or rusted sewer pipes
  2. Damaged/cracked drainpipes or drainpipes not correctly fixed
  3. Objects other than flushable toilet paper or human waste are found in the drainpipes, such as sanitary pads, baby wipes, diapers, paper towels, etc

Children should also be closely monitored while they use the toilet, so they do not playfully flush down toys.

  1. Obstruction caused by a tree root in underground sewers

How to Care For and Maintain Septic Tanks

Proper maintenance of septic tanks would see you do without needing a plumber for a long.

Essential maintenance practices include:

  • Pumping out in at most, four years. It should be lesser if the household size is large
  • Periodic monitoring of the drainage pipes for rust, burst, blockage, or damage


The Charmin brand has been around for decades, improving steadily with each new product released. The unanimous answer to the question, Is the Charmin toilet paper septic safe is Yes.

The records over the years attest to it, and the results of the product’s safety tests that they are subjected to before being pushed into the market, guarantees that it stays that way.