Water Coming Out of Septic Tank Lid (Causes & Fixes)

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Some issues are ignorable in your home, but when it comes to your septic tank, you must pay careful attention to them.

Water coming out of septic tank lid could lead to a smelly yard and cause harmful diseases if it is not taken care of. But what can you do to fix the water from the septic tank lid?

First, you must find out why water comes from the septic tank lid. If you have drainage problems or your septic tank is full, it can cause water to surround your septic tank lid.

Now let’s learn about this properly and what you can do to fix it when water suddenly starts coming out of septic tank lid!

Water Coming Out of Septic Tank Lid

There are a few things that can cause water to come out of your septic tank lid, and you must be conscious of every sign so you know how best to approach the problem with a workable solution.

1. Full septic tank

Originally, water should flow from the soakaway. However, if the soakaway is filled with debris, then it overflows.

And when a septic tank is full, it doesn’t have enough room for wastewater, causing water to go back inside the house, slow-flushing toilets, or slow-draining sinks and bathtubs. This can cause leaks in the leach fields, causing wastewater to build up in your yard.

If it is full, it is important to have your septic tank pumped as soon as possible. Ensure your tank is pumped regularly every three to five years to prevent future problems.

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2. Drainage problems

A septic system’s surrounding landscape might cause standing water. The same issue can occur when you need the right soil in your drain field. If your soil becomes too compact, either from heavy machinery or intense storms, it won’t be able to absorb water properly.

The problem might be with your soil, so an experienced septic technician can aerate the land with porous materials if you suspect this is the case.

3. Overuse of septic system

Besides drainage problems and a full septic tank on your septic system, standing water can also result from overusing your septic system. If you continuously use water and overwhelm your septic system, your drain field can become flooded before it can absorb it.

If you suspect this is the problem, get your septic tank pumped and spread your water usage out over the week to avoid overwhelming it.

4. Rainwater runoff

Sometimes, the problem can be from an external source and wouldn’t require you to panic.

It is common for homeowners who live in rainy climates to experience standing water caused by water runoff. If you notice standing water, note when the last rain fell and how heavily it rained.

A water retention system might be a good idea if it has been raining heavily recently. If you deal with heavy rainfall frequently, installing one might be a good idea.

5. Roots of trees covering the underground

Trees grow freely, and that may affect the septic system in your yard. If the roots find their way into the pipe, it can affect the pipe by either breaking it or forming blockages. And once this occurs, it will affect the draining process in the septic tank.

6. Damaged distribution box

With a distribution box, water is evenly distributed into the drain field without overwhelming the soil. This box is attached to your septic tank.

Standing water in your drain field can result from a damaged distribution box because the soil hasn’t been able to absorb the moisture before any more moisture is added.

All these can cause water to surround your septic tank lid, making it almost impossible for your yard to stay without being messy and smelly.

Now it’s time for you to fix it!

What To Do When Water Is Coming Out Of A Septic Tank Lid

Call an expert or plumber

The first thing you should do when facing such issues involves an expert or plumber to figure out how best to fix the issue. We advise you to go through the stress if you are an expert.

Clear soakaway

If water is coming out of the septic tank, you should clear the soakaway first. What happens when debris, hair, skin, grease, and fats enter the septic tank? The compounds released are more likely to fill the soakaway, and now the water no longer passes through the soakaway.

So, it would be best to clear the soakaway so the water can easily flow through it.

Clear the septic tank

It is a non-negotiable task to clear the septic tank every 3 to 5 years, depending on the size of the people living in the house.

So, you should always clear your septic tank when it is due to and bid water coming out of the septic tank lid a goodbye.

If you have tree roots obstructing the easy passage of water in your septic system, you should not hesitate to fix the problem.

The best option is to cut the trees, so the tree roots do not grow back up. You can use chemicals to kill the roots if you do not intend to cut the roots.

For the best result, you can learn how to get rid of tree roots in septic tanks. 


It could be frustrating having water coming out of your septic tank lid. But there are many reasons for this, and we discussed them in our guide, so you know what is causing water to surround your septic tank lids.

You can easily fix this problem if you invite a septic technician, especially if you are not an expert in fixing the problem.

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