Are IFB Washing Machine Good? (IFB Washer Overview)

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IFB washing machines is designed for reliability, efficiency, comfort, and sturdiness. The machines are flawlessly built and strictly tested to guarantee that you get value for your money. But are IFB washing machine good?

Yes, IFB washing machines are incredibly good, as a matter of fact. They come with a crescent moon-shaped drum, use water 35% less than standard washing machines, consumes 340W at maximum performance, uses heat to dry clothes and comes with a 4 years warranty.

I wonder what else you will ask for in a washing machine apart from these enormous features. But, of course, there are other things you need to know about this washing machine brand, including their pros and cons, which we’ll discuss below.

Let’s get started!

Are IFB Washing Machine Good? (Key Features)

We’ll start off with the various features of IFB washing machines:

  • Smart Loader
  • 360° Wash
  • O2 Wash Technology
  • Cradle Wash
  • Aqua Energie
  • Laundry Add
  • Auto Balance
  • Time Delay
  • Voltage Fluctuation Protection
  • Child lock

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Pros of IFB Washing Machines

The IFB washing machine is fortified with 8 different triadic pulsator washes. This washing machine has spotlights like the express wash, soak, and distinguished wash modes for blankets and jeans.

The door of the washing machine is created with toughened glass. It arrives with a 360-degree spray with 3 distinct nozzles for the nicest cleaning. The interior tube of IFB washing machines is created with stainless steel and a drum lamp. It arrives with a voltage variation defense feature and time delay segment.

That’s not all, it also has a bleach dispenser and an automatic softener dispenser, with an auto imbalance procedure. This washing machine expends less water when observed and has an aqua spa treatment with a rinse hold outline.

You can select the kind of water you require like hot, warm, or cold for your cloth wash. It functions at low pressures and has a 3D wash policy. It has an intelligent loader that assists you in keeping your machine protected during power surges or low voltages. It has a 360-degree wash characteristic to help your clothes soak evenly.

The IFB washing machines also possess an aqua energy technology that transforms hard water into soft water. Its smart loading system helps you eliminate any slime, residue, bacteria, or pet hair instantly.

It comes with a 4-year warranty and a 10-year warranty for the parts. When it gets to protection, the IFB washing machine is highly recommended as it arrives with voltage fluctuation safety detail and time delay characteristic.

IFB washing machines operate on high spin speeds and with limited dry time. It arrives with numerous wash cycles and steam load technology.

IFB washing machines include an aqua spa therapy element to provide your clothes with a delicate wash along with intense clean technology. IFB Dryers arrive with Steam Refresh Cycle which assists in clearing out any furrows on your clothes utilizing the least heat. It also assists you in eliminating any odor in your clothing.

IFB Dryers has the creative technology to offer you the most adequate care for your clothes. It can deal with all your delicate clothes delicately. IFB washers function well in any surroundings. It makes certain that your clothes don’t wilt and continue to be germ-free constantly.

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Cons of IFB Washing Machines

The washing machine has its downsides, of course, no disputing that. They are problems or complications that the engine or system might run into at intervals. Fortunately, there are solutions to it. I have outlined everything below.

Let’s proceed.

1. IFB Washer Vibration

Problem: The probable reasons why the washer would experience vibrations are an unstable weight of the laundry, the washer may not be balanced, or the washer feet may not be latched or in touch with the floor.


Ensure the washer feet are in steady connection with the floor. Level or stabilize the washer and fasten the jam nuts so the legs and feet won’t change positions.

Inspect the floor for dangling. You may have to bring a slab of plywood under your washer to have it balanced out.

Shuffle the load of laundry. Ensure to fill up the washer rightly to avoid changing positions.

2. IFB Washer Leaking Water

Problem: Leaking water can occur due to simple problems or a major improvement.

Before you get frightened, the leak can occur because the washer is not balanced or loaded appropriately, the hoses are not affixed tightly or the hose washers are old or not inserted appropriately or drains are jammed.


Assess the balance and ensure that the washer basket is not out of alignment resulting in the water splashing out of the washer.

Examine all hoses and fasten any connections. Ensure the hose washers are not broken or wrecked and are placed appropriately in the hose.

Survey the water cords and faucets to confirm that they are not leaking.

Check to detect that the washer is trickling properly and that the drain hose is not obstructed with lint, hair, or a delinquent sock.

3. IFB Washer Weird Noises

Problem: Clicking, bubbling, or humming can be affected by objects captured in the washer, blocked drains, or inner sensors.


The clicking may be due to objects hooked in the washer drain. Always inspect and clear out pockets before washing.

Shut off zippers and snaps and discard any detached belts or adornments.

If you hear loud bubbling as the washer drains, it may imply that the washer drain line is partly clogged. Take steps to eliminate the obstructions before a disaster happens!

4. Washer Won’t Run or Fill With Water

Problem: Before you get surprised, there are many ordinary things you should examine before calling a repairman. Every technician can say dozens of statements to you about a supernatural repair called “plug in the machine”.


Examine the water ration.

Both hoses must be connected and both water inlet valves available. Ensure that the hoses are kink-free and that there is no item impeding the inlet valve screens.

Be certain that the power cord is locked in well and confirm that there is the power to the outlet. Search the circuit breakers to be clear that it is not tripped.

Tidy up inside the lid switch.

Most washers must have the top shut off and the lid switch connected to run. Lint and dirt can result in the switch jamming and malfunctioning. Tidy it up by plunging a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently clear out all the debris.

5. IFB Washer Won’t Drain or Spin Correctly

Problem: Drainage problems can come from clogged hoses, improper loading of clothes, obstructions, or even too much detergent.


Even if you check your pockets, something small can be overlooked, especially if you’re in a hurry. Coins, pens, or even small socks can get trapped in the pump or between the basket and tub and slow or block draining.

If the washer is overloaded or loaded incorrectly, it can become unstable and will not enable the washer to swirl correctly. Modify and redistribute the wet laundry or take out some to let the washer complete its spinning.

Survey the drain hose for satisfactory installation. The end of the drain hose should not be longer than 96 inches above the floor.

Discard the drain hose and inspect for clogs. Eliminate any remnant before reattaching.

Do not utilize too much detergent. An excess of suds can hinder the draining procedure and result in the washer malfunctioning.

6. Automatic Dispensers Malfunctioning

You open the washer and the dispensers are still filled with detergent or fabric softener. There can be simple solutions.


Even if you examine pockets, something little can be overlooked. Coins, pens, or even tiny socks can get snagged in the pump or between the basket and tub and stall or hinder draining.

Always utilize the accurate formula in designated dispensers. If the washer manual requires liquid bleach – never utilize a powder.

Every month, tidy every dispenser by warming up one cup of distilled white vinegar and putting it into the dispenser. Then, operate the washer in a regular cycle. The vinegar will clear away any clogs or built-up remnants.

7. IFB Washer Odors

Washer odors can occur in both front-loading and top-loading machines. With just a little preventive supervision, you can maintain your washer and your laundry, and have their scent clean and fresh.


Even if you search the pockets, something insignificant can be overlooked.

Coins, pens, or even tiny socks can get hooked in the pump or between the basket and tub and slow or obstruct draining.

Do not utilize too much detergent. Unnecessary suds leave dirty deposits on washer parts and trap odors.

Tidy up your washer monthly, even if you don’t think it is required, to dissuade odor deposits.

Search around the washer for decay or mildew growth. You may have difficulty with undue precipitation.

This is both awful and hazardous to your health and must be rectified.

Related Questions

Which brands of IFB washing are the best?

  • IFB Executive Plus Vxid Washing Machine
  • IFB Serena Zxs Washing Machine
  • IFB Senorita Wxs Washing Machine
  • IFB Tl-Rew 6.5 Washing Machine
  • IFB 6 Kg Diva Aqua Sx Washing Machine
  • IFB Neo Diva Bx Washing Machine
  • IFB Rewh Aqua Washing Machine
  • IFB Elena Sx 6510 Washing Machine

Which is best? IFB or LG?

If IFB triumphs in price and front-load choices, LG is ranked better for its excellence and technology. Thus, both function well for your household necessities. Nonetheless, in my view, if you want to select the all-around best one, go for IFB, as it gains victory in the budget sector.

Which is best? IFB or Bosch?

On paper, both IFB and Bosch have comparable features. Nonetheless, Bosch has a nicer build disposition. Thus, I believe that their machines make less noise and vibrations compared to IFB.

Does IFB washing machine have inverter technology?

IFB 8.5 kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine.

What is the cost of an IFB washing machine drum?

Triangle Blue IFB Front Load Washing Machine Drum Spider, $23.

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IFB produces some of the best and most effective washing machines out there, and that isn’t even an exaggeration.

The question now shouldn’t be ” are IFB washing machine good?” It should be “am I ready to get a quality washing machine?” Yes!

Because you will have no regrets whatsoever when you purchase these machines. I hope this helped?