Can You Use Washing Machine Hose on Water Heater?

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By Bryan Peters

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Some times, the hoses in your home can go bad and start leaking, which will make you to look for other alternatives. But can you use washing machine hose on water heater?

Yes, you can utilize a washing machine hose on a water heater, but it is not advised. A washing machine hose is not designed to endure the heat and tension that arrives with a water heater.

If you do decide to utilize a washing machine hose on your water heater, however, ensure to inspect it often for wear and tear and replace it when necessary.

Can You Use Washing Machine Hose on Water Heater?

Yes, you can, the question should be if you should!

They are clearly built to take the warmness and tension, but then I would be reluctant if the heater were in a cabinet where the door has to be unlocked to examine because you might not detect a leak. They are, however, not code endorsed for what it is, so the chance of a leak is enormous.

So, even though they are not “code approved”, they are built to take the pressure. How many folks do you know that even turn off the water to their washing machine when not in usage?

You should utilize them if I have an adequate reason to do that, having it in mind that there is a likelihood that they could drip, and if that happens, it could be a torrent. Then again, the probability of a leak isn’t that enormous, except you have them attached for 20+ years.

The rubber WM hoses are not designed to handle continual pressure. And yes, it is a certainty that they are prone to pressure during usage of the machine and this is what causes leakages.

The fact that almost no one ever really shuts off their water reserves after use is the major reason why leakages happen.

Yes, you can utilize a flexible hose on your water heater but there are some things you have to keep in mind. The first is that the hose is required to be able to regulate the water pressure and temperature.

The second is that the hose requires it to be appropriately put in so that it doesn’t drip. And ultimately, you need to ensure that the hose is sufficiently long to attain the faucet or valve you’re utilizing.

There’s also another angle to view it from though!

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The Internal Diameter of Hoses Differ

While the hoses have the correct size connection, the interior diameter of the hose is substantially lesser than that of the exact hose created for water heater connections.

If the contemporary knitted washer hoses were utilized though, it’s presumably fine, just lessened flow.

Hose thread & 3/4″ IPS are unique, and I doubt that they are actually washing machine hoses. You would have had to secure some oddball adaptors to secure a water heater with washing machine hoses, but, maybe you did.

I would also utilize one of nice quality like Watts, steel braided hose, and nuzzle the fittings slightly with pliers.

There are SS braided water heater connectors, and those, while not full-port, will function well on a water heater. I prefer to use 3/4″ copper flexes.

What Kind Of Hose Do I Need To Drain My Water Heater?

You’ll require a drain hose that is precisely made for water heaters.

The kind of hose you’ll need relies on the kind and variety of your water heater, so it’s best to review the manufacturer’s instructions or reach them promptly for guidance.

Commonly, you can obtain a drain hose that latches to your sink fixture and manipulates the hot water runoff into the sink.

Ensure to put it up in conformity with the manufacturer’s guides to prevent any probable hazards.

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Can a washing machine be connected to a water heater?

Yes, some though! Some recent US-Style hot/cold washing machines can obtain cold water from both inlets, so just attach them both to the cold tap by a ‘Y’ and your washer should be fine.

Can I hook a hose to my water heater?

A hose is a helpful tool that can be attached quickly to the hot water heater to drip the water and residue inside.

Can a garden hose handle hot water?

Garden Hoses can handle temperatures up to 140-190°F

Does a water heater need a drain hose?

Yes, it does need a drain hose.

Should a washing machine be plumbed into hot water?

No, you should never plumb a washing machine into hot water.

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Can you use washing machine hose on heater when there is no other option? Sure, you can. There are just a couple of things you have to take into cognizance. It isn’t just any washing machine hose you should use.