Do Washing Machines Come With Hoses? (Explained)

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While washing machines appear in various forms, sizes, and characteristics they all have similar elements, such as the hoses. But does washing machines come with hoses?

Well, it totally depends on the washing machine brand that you’re buying. For example, LG and Samsung washing machines comes with a drain hose, but no inlet hoses. However, some models do come with both drainage and inlet hoses.

In this article, we shall look at different washing machine brands and explain whether they come with the hoses or not so that you will get to know what to expect when buying any of them.

Let’s get started!

Do Washing Machines Come With Hoses?

Most washers arrive with hoses, but there are exceptions. Hoses are crucial for attaching your washers to the inlet and drain stream, and various companies have distinct sizes of hoses. If you are suspicious, however, you should call the manufacturer or retail before buying any.

No one wishes for the additional difficulty of going to buy fixtures for electronics. But, sadly, we frequently conclude that they should come with the devices we buy, and they don’t.

The drain hose in the washing machine eliminates water from the tub in the spin process. Because manufacturers understand its significance in the washing process, they don’t put it in the container. However, if you’re purchasing a used washing machine, you may not see any drain hose.

You can purchase washers from many platforms, retail stores, and other places. It would help if you remember that not all these spots will give you similar products. It is always adequate to ask about the hoses before you purchase a washer. And since various companies have varied policies, it gets more difficult to keep track of them.

And because there are numerous companies contending with each other, you get a unique value from each company. The hoses vary in material kinds, from company to company. The majority of the homes in the country have more or less the same washer arrangement.

New washers are notoriously known for not providing hoses with them. You will get a drainage hose 90% of the time. You will have to ask for or buy the intake hoses separately.

I have assembled a list highlighting various brands and discussing whether or not their washers arrive with hoses.

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Do LG Washing Machines Come With Hoses?

LG washers do not appear with inlet hoses. You have to acquire the hot water and cold-water inlet hoses individually. The LG washer does, however, include the drainage hoses. The drain hose is normally placed in the drum of the washing machine before transmission.

For the LG washing machines, common fittings and sizes are necessary. This will hinder any damage to the draining hose and enable sharp and fast draining. It is important to distinguish between the hot and cold drainage in the LG washer. The hot and cold drainage allows the water access at differing temperatures to the tub.

This drain is normally brief and allows water into the washing machine. Even though both drains are fixed behind the washing machine, you can promptly recognize the hot and cold drain hoses by their length and color.

The hot and cold drain length is normally smaller than that of the drain hose. They also introduce a distinct color from that of the drain hose. This renders them different from the LG washing machine.

Also, it’s best to know these hoses and take note of their lengths. If it’s not straightforward for you to utilize them, particularly if your washing machines are in a disadvantageous situation, it’s adequate to get additional hoses.

Do Samsung Washing Machines Come With Hoses?

Similar to LG washers, Samsung washers also contain only drainage hoses. Regardless, some models arrive with both inlet and drainage hoses.

The hose is normally located inside of the tub with other essential fixtures. The drain hose may be sufficient to drip water out of the tub to an available sink. The Samsung washer also has a hot and cold drain hose; these drain hoses can be recognized handily by their lengths.

Nevertheless, Samsung washers’ drain hoses are bigger than hot and cold ones. The drain hose in the Samsung washer is also wider in diameter than the hot and cold drain hose tubes.

Do Costco Washing Machines Come With Hoses?

Costco washers have their own hoses.

The washer contains both an intake hose and an outlet hose. Some retailers recommend that you have to verify the washers with your order.

Do Whirlpool Washings Come With Hoses?

Some models of whirlpool washing machines come with inlet and drainage hoses, and some only have drainage hoses. You will have to inquire with the seller about the model you are purchasing.

The drain hose is fixed into the specified port in the washing machine and other appliances are needed to put up the washing machine. Because of user choice, there may be a need to buy an additional drain hose to expand the drain hose length.

To fix up a drain hose in a Whirlpool washer, you must observe the size of the outlet. In addition, a routine and good fitting material must be utilized to fix the drain hose appropriately. This will hinder water from trickling out of the tub when the washing machine runs.

Also, the hot and cold water hose placed in a Whirlpool washing machine is almost connected to the drain pipe. Therefore, it would be adequate if you took vigilance to tell apart the hot and cold drain from the drain hose.

Because they are created of materials with unique expansivities, utilizing them to transmit different temperatures of liquids instead of what they were created for will result in them having issues. For instance, utilizing a cold water hose to move hot water will harm it, particularly if it’s not created with solid material.

Do GE Washers Come With Hoses?

Some GE washers come with inlet hoses for both cold and hot ones. Other GE washers only contain discharge hoses.

Before buying GE washers, ensure it has all the elements you want beforehand.

Do Maytag Washers Come With Hoses?

Maytag washers arrive with discharge hoses. You will get a drain hose in the tub along with other fixtures when you purchase a new Maytag washer. The drain hose is generally not linked along with the hose for the hot and cold drain.

So both may need installation before you can utilize them. These and other appliances are located in the tub of the washing machine. The Maytag drain hose is around 70 meters long and is estimated at about one inch wide; it is distinct from the hot and cold drain.

The hot and cold drain can also be differentiated from a drain hose by color statutes. The hot and cold drain outlets are tinted red and blue, respectively, while the drain hose is mostly colored black or grey.

Do Speed Queen Washing Machines Come With Hoses?

Speed queen washers have discharge hoses.

Some types of these washers arrive with cold and hot water fill hoses. Get in touch with the seller about hoses before you order any.

Do Electrolux Washers Come With Hoses?

Electrolux washers arrive with both inlet hose and discharge hose.

Other hoses or old hoses from your last washer may not match the Electrolux washers. The manufacturers propose always utilizing their own commodities.

Do Bosch Washing Machines Come With Hoses?

When you buy bosch washing machines, you’ll get both inlet and outlet hoses.

The hose for cold and water relies on the type you are buying.

How to Install Washing Machine Drain Hoses

Almost all washing machines are consistent with the drainpipes you already own. But you will encounter some irregularities in some situations.

The water that your washer emits will be sifted by one of the three systems, which is the standpipe drain system. It passes through the side or floor, the laundry pipe drain system, and the floor drain system.

Always confirm that your drainpipe is of the proper size and satisfactory material.

If the pipe is too short or isn’t right, you will have to purchase a universal one that matches all drainpipes. Always obey the instructions guide that comes with washers.

I have outlined it in three simple steps.

Turn off the power and move the washer

First is all, shut down the washer by unplugging it from the power source. If you cannot get to the source, shut it off from the circuit breaker.

Safely shift the washer from its stance so you can put up the drainpipe. The drainpipe should be located at the back of the washer.

The drainpipe will also be affixed with retainers. If you see any retainers, unscrew them.

Use a towel to clean excess water

Position a towel under the drainpipe space on your washer, so it does not drip any water. The towel will soak up any water droplets.

Discard the retainer from the old drain hose or set the retainer in the different drain hose you will install.

Properly place the pipe

Bolt the retainer and hose to the washer space.

Set the drainpipe in your home’s drain and slip the washer back to position. Do not bypass connecting the washer to power.

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Related Questions

How often should you change washing machine hoses?

On average, you should change your washing machine hoses every three to five years.

Are all washing machine hoses the same?

No, all washing machine hoses are not the same.

Can you use old hoses on new washing machines?

Yes, old hoses can be used on new washing machines.

Why is my washing machine hose leaking?

A popular explanation for a washing machine water hose leak is a worn washer that settles in the water fill hose.

How much does a washing machine hose cost?

On average, the contractor fee to replace washer hoses is around $150.


Numerous washing machines come with hoses as you acquire them; models like LG, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Samsung. These drain hoses are necessary because they drain water out of the tub in the spin cycle.

It is important, therefore, to tell apart the different sizes of the drain hose and other drains on purchase. This will prevent positioning a special drain in the wrong drain outlet hence.