Can Washing Machine Be Kept in Balcony? (Things to Note)

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Every household need a washing machine to lessen the washing task in the house, but the best position to keep them is always a problem, especially when you have less space in the house.

Of course, not everyone has the privilege of sufficient indoor space, and if that’s the case with you, placing the washing machine outside your house, such as the balcony may be an option. But can washing machine be kept in balcony?

Yes, you can keep your machine machine in the balcony, however, you will want to protect them from the sun and rain as this may lessen their lifespan – or at the very least, damage their looks. Although, many washing machines features built-in characteristics that help them resist the factors of the outdoors.

So, even though you can set your washing machine outside on the balcony, ensure they’re not kept in a place where the outside elements will have significant effect on it.

We will discuss this in details below!

Can Washing Machine Be Kept in Balcony? (What You Should Know)

I understand it, at times you just have to do what you’ve got to do. That is why I’ve put this article together to offer you some clues to enable you to maintain your washing machine if you have no other space indoors but the vast outdoors.

At the moment, acquiring beautiful houses is not certainly wise, even houses with just tens of square meters can also guarantee dwelling space for the entire family.

Nonetheless, the washing machine, no matter the characteristics, still require a steady region in the house to “project”.

Thus, many households have arranged a washing machine strategy outside the balcony. So far, the balcony of a small house is frequently utilized as an area to hang clothes, garden, and keep house cleaning tools.

Some households also utilize the grass or flowers to turn the balcony into a portion of the elegant home inside.

But then, few of them think that this is a favorable area for washing machines. But it actually is.

When you’re out of space in your house, the balcony should be your next option when you think of where else to place your washing machine.

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Why You Should Place Your Washing Machine in the Balcony

Setting your washing machine on the balcony is a great idea, I’ll show you why you should take it.

1. Solves the difficulty of insufficient area for small houses

The washing machine is quite large in size, acquiring a nice house is cool but it gets sour when it has a tiny area, will the owner understand how best to organize it?

Of course, it is unusual to place the washing machine in the living room or bedroom.

The kitchen and toilet area could be too confined and could mean installing the washing machine at a side when the view is particularly awkward.

But when you set it on the balcony, a portion distinguished from the wonderful home interior, no matter what goes on, you’ll only notice and or use it when you walk out of your house.

2. Guarantee quiet living space for the whole family

When it is functional, the washing machine frequently doesn’t give off any noise. Some kinds of the new brands of washing machines run smoothly but you’ll get disturbing sounds when the water rattles.

But when it is placed outside on the balcony, the little space between there and the house will practically obstruct the annoyance.

Restriction of irritation from washing machine noise is a plus to your home, trust me. It is, however, worth noting that some washing machines do vibrate the house when they’re in use.

What to Note When Placing Washing Machine in Balcony

Owing to the fact the balcony has its own peculiarities like consistent sunlight, winds, and maybe rain, it is necessary to consider some things when deciding to set your washing machine there.

You would need to note the following:

  • Set the washing machine in the nook of the balcony rather than setting it somewhere else, which will make your home look much neater
  • Erect a steady angle for your washing machine, this should have walls around and on the roof

This is aesthetic, and it will come in handy for the exterior structure while guaranteeing that the washing machine is not influenced by outer space.

The remaining parts can also be utilized to organize other items.

How to Set Up Washing Machine For Your Small Home

A stabilized corner for the washing machine on the balcony should be established to guarantee the stability of the machine as well as create a neater appearance.

If the balcony is constructed with tall walls, it is alright, but with the balcony utilizing the iron railings, it is essential to utilize tempered glass, curtains, or anything defending.

It will protect your washing machine from being damaged by the sun, wind, and rain.

Putting up your washing machine on the balcony only encloses a little region, the rest of the family can still utilize it for many other activities.

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Related Questions

Is it okay to put the washing machine outside?

Yes, you can put your washing machine outside, but it is hardly ideal.

Can you put the washing machine on a porch?

Yes, as long as you have a covered area completely protected from environmental conditions.

Can I put a washing machine anywhere?

Yes, you can put your washing machine anywhere you like as long as it is protected and not conspicuous.

How do I protect my outdoor washer and dryer?

The use of vinyl tarps can help you protect your washing machine kept outdoor.

Is it okay to put the washing machine in the garage?

Yes, it is very much ok to put your washing machine in the garage.


When you don’t have an abundance of space in your home, it can be tiresome. You will have to consciously manage the little you have, and that at times, isn’t all that enjoyable.

I’m sure it’s why you wonder, can washing machine be kept in balcony? You certainly can, but take caution. Don’t let it be exposed.