Can Washing Machine Be Kept In Bathroom?

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Like most people, you probably don’t have the extravagance of a laundry room, making the inside of your bathroom the best option for keeping the washing machine. But is the bath space comfortable for the washer? Can washing machine be kept in bathroom?

Is it even lawful to do so?

To put succinctly, you can keep a washing machine in the bathroom, however, the bath space is generally not safe for washing machines because it is exposed to water spillage, which can lead to the corrosion of the washing machine body or its metal parts.

But the washing machine can be kept in your bathroom for two reasons: if the manufacturer says it’s okay, and if it meets all plumbing and electric codes.

We will discuss more about all these in this article. Let’s get started!

Can Washing Machine Be Kept In Bathroom?

Technically, yes! But it is worth noting that water and electricity are a hazardous blend, so you must be extremely cautious when placing a washer and dryer in the bathroom. If you keep the plug and the socket from the splashes of water, then setting your washing machine in the bathroom is mostly safe.

You could also install a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter), as a safety measure.

A GFCI has an interior circuit breaker that shuts down the power to the outlet when it discovers any disruption in the flow of electricity, thereby protecting against electrical shocks.

NOTE: Do not utilize an extension cord for your washing machine in the bathroom as it can be a fire risk. Also, randomly splashing water on the extension cord can short it.

Some washing machines are also covered by porcelain just like metal bathtubs and lavatories, these are recommended for installation in your bathroom.

Besides, washing machine leaks are generally more intense than bathing spills except you have greatly disorderly bathers in your house. It is a good idea as long as it fulfils all-electric and plumbing codes.

Also, you could make a good compartment with a brick wall if your bathroom has adequate space. The basic thing in giving a good enough answer to this question is that you should be able to use the bathroom for toiletries and bathing while washing is also achieved.

A lot of washing machines are made with stainless steel and then spray painted. The insides are also stainless steel.

They can get rusted in the bathroom because of the moisture. A nice brick wall division can separate the washing machine area from the actual bathroom.

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Nonetheless, if moisture gets to it there, rusting can still occur. In a nutshell, if probable, install your washing machine in a temperate area of your home. So yes, you can put your washing machine in your bathroom if you follow any of the ways we have discussed.

So if you have a choice of putting your machine in the bathroom, do it. Purchase a washing machine stand or trolley to provide its utmost protection and also, be careful whenever you’re in the bathroom for a shower.

Regardless, some manufacturers put a paragraph in their operation guides that a washing machine should never be put in a damp place (i.e. the bathroom).

Doing that will invalidate your warranty.

Let’s discuss this.

Will Keeping Washing Machine in the Bathroom Void Your Warranty?

Manufacturers contradict their policies as regards the appropriate position of installation of your washing machine.

Some of them include a clause in their system manuals that a washing machine should not be put in any “area with moisture” as there is a high risk of electric shock or fire.

An “area with moisture” comprises the bathroom of course, which is why setting your washing machine there can nullify your warranty.

Still, some other manufacturers don’t put such clauses in their system manuals which can be inferred as an unspoken go-ahead.

Then again, the policies differ from model to model, so you should confer with a sales representative first, or study the user guide of your chosen model which may be accessible online.

Dealing With Bathroom Humidity

Even if you protect your washing machine from the splashes of water, the humidity inside the bathroom can erode it over time.

If your bathroom doesn’t have a good air supply to start with, then you shouldn’t fix your washing machine in there.

To regulate the humidity levels in your bathroom, you should leave your bathroom door open when not in use to let air into the room.

A little window and exhaust fan will also assist pretty well.

Where Should You Drain The Wash Water In?

Even though you can definitely drip the water down the shower drain, you can also utilize the following means if your washing machine’s drain hose does not get to the shower drain:

Hook over the rim of the sink. Some types have a plastic directory that comes forth with the model for this reason. If your sink has a drain pipe portion, you can fix it there.

You can latch it up to a drain standpipe if your bathroom has one installed.

Related Questions

Can you use the bathroom faucet as a water supply for your washing machine?

Yes, you can utilize the bathroom faucet to attach to your washer, given that the faucet has a knitted spout. Nevertheless, the inlet hose may not be similar to the kind of faucet that you have in your bathroom sink. You should locate the applicable thread connector so that you can utilize it for your washing machine.

Can you keep washing machine in bathroom as per Vastu?

You can position your washing machine in the northwest area, it is deemed good as per Vastu shastra.

How do you fit a washing machine in a small bathroom?

Under the sink! Spaces like beneath the sink are great for positioning a washing machine. Also, if you want to conceal the presence of the washer, you can put a curtain that shields the appliance. Thereby, making it look discreet. Washing under the sink is also more appealing than you may think.

Can you put a shower where a washing machine was?

You can fix a shower and tub drain to your washing machine drain so long as there is a vent pipe linked in the drain to keep the flow moving along fluidly.

Are washing machines waterproof?

While most washing machines have built-in features to hold against the conditions of the outdoors, uncovering them to the sun and rain may reduce their lifespan – or at the very least damage their looks. So, yes, you can put your washing machine outside, but it is hardly ideal.

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Can washing be kept in a bathroom? Yes, you can. But then, you should anyhow confer with the manufacturer and ascertain whether your unit will still be encompassed under warranty if problems show up.

You should also use caution on your own; do not allow water on the washer and the outlet, and always maintain your unit appropriately.