Can You Take a Shower While Washing Machine is On?

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By Bryan Peters

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Lots of showers depend on the water’s tension to provide the optimum bathing pressure the users require. Also, water pressure is very critical in the cleaning procedure of the washers. So, can you take a shower while washing machine is on?

The quick answer is yes and no. I’ll explain. If you want a soothing bath with lots of water dripping through the shower openings, it would be smart to run one machine. But if you don’t mind about your shower and the washer is not operating on a heavy cycle, you can have them running simultaneously.

Why the Shower and Washer Shouldn’t Run at the Same Time

The capability of the storage tank, the quantity of water streaming through the inlets of the shower, and the washer considerably affect their processes.

When you operate a hot shower while the dishwasher is running, the water flowing from the source will have to be rationed with both inlets. Accordingly, the incoming water capability and pressure will be less than required when the appliances are run separately.

As an outcome of the reduction in the flow rate, the heating capacity of the hot shower is jeopardized. If the flow rate is too meager, in some examples, you may be struck by cold water rather than hot water.

Moreover, the pressure of the water striking your body is also jeopardized, which might not happen in an excellent bath. A reduction in the flow rate not only results in the hot shower but also in the washer.

This results in a reduction in the water pressure in the dishwasher.

Water pressure is a significant component in the cleaning process of a dishwasher. Really, if the pressure is too meager, the machine will not effectively launder the clothes, particularly if it is operating at great water charging cycles such as heavy cycles.

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Water Pressure & Hot Water Supply

Whether or not you can utilize your shower and washer concurrently is hinged on these two water factors.

Your residence’s water pressure could range between 40 and 60 PSI, but most choose 50 PSI.

Whether the washer draws much of the hot water while you are bathing, what generally occurs is that the conditions of your shower water may vary as an outcome of the various cycles happening during the washer cuts in and out.

If your home has good plumbing in place, then you can utilize the two systems without any prominent problems.

Here is how water pressure and plumbing work:

  • There is a requirement for a feeder pipe with an enormous diameter leaving the water mains and providing your cold water trunk and hot water tank.
  • The hot water trunk and cold water trunk coming from your hot water tank have to run the distance of the home.
  • Every appliance – every washer, dishwasher, shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink should have a little diameter pipe coming from the big diameter trunk shafts.
  • All toilets should show a small feeder line to enable the tank to restore slowly after every flush, and also guarantee that the cold water draw alone can’t affect a stake in hot water in the shower.

Through that means, each device’s pressure continues to be constant whether numerous devices or just one is being utilized.

The all-around water volume in all trunk lines is adequate to replenish all the cold and hot water your devices require, even those that are frequently utilized simultaneously, without any apparent pressure decline.

And if there’s an apparent pressure decrease, it has to be consistent across the cold and hot trunk lines, consequently, the net outcome will have no fluctuation in temperature.

Factors Worth Considering In Showering While Doing Laundry

1. Temperature

Of course, the condition of the water is just as vital as the pressure, particularly if you intend to utilize it on many fronts (dishwasher, washing machine, bathroom, etc.)

So, you also have to evaluate the weather of your water when operating the washer and the shower at similar times.

If you are going on warm water for your washer and your shower simultaneously, there’s a danger of weakening the ready hot water ration from the heater.

If you try it and the shower turns cold or lukewarm at the verge or somewhere, in the beginning, you know you have run out of accessible hot water.

As such, it would be considered if you prioritize your shower over the washer or vice versa or, adequately improve your hot water capability.

2. Water heater capacity

Discern how large your hot water tank is, and the capability of your water heater, essentially.

If you previously operated the washer and/or did the laundry and you have numerous showers going on at the same time, your hot water is most definitely going to finish.

3. Your washer’s efficiency

The quantity of warm water your washer utilizes per cycle can specify whether it would be a good suggestion to run it while you are taking your shower.

If the hot water intake per cycle is extremely elevated, contemplate elevating to a model with high efficiency to decrease water use.

4. The duration of your shower

If you love to linger in there for 30 minutes upwards, it’s about time you stop that.

Also, if your shower duration is inscribed in stone and you can’t create any adjustments, contemplate forgoing operating the washer simultaneously and go for completing your laundry after or before your shower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the washing machine door be opened while washing?

No, but when not in use, your washing machine door should be left open and ajar.

Should I leave the washing machine door open?

Yes, absolutely! After a load of laundry, leaving the lid open will enable moisture to run off and impede mildew from gathering inside the drum of your washing machine.

Is it okay to leave washing in the machine overnight?

Yes, it is.

Should you air out a washing machine?

Every time you complete a load in your washer, keep the door open instead of shutting it.

Why do clothes smell damp?

It occurs when there’s surplus moisture trapped in the material that isn’t able to go out, making your clothes smell a bit musty.

Conclusion: Can You Take a Shower While Washing Machine is On?

The answer is kind of technical as you have seen. If you say yes, you wouldn’t be wrong. If you say no, you wouldn’t be wrong either.

It all boils down to some factors that you cannot overlook, which we have discussed above.