15 Beautiful Succulents With Pink Flowers

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Are you a succulent lover looking to add a pop of color to your indoor collection? Look no further than these stunning pink bloom-producing succulents.

With their different forms and stunning appearance, ranging from sharp spikes to elegant rosettes, succulent plants are a favorite among gardeners. But what sets these pink bloomers apart is their gorgeous pastel shades and low maintenance care.

Plus, they make the perfect Valentine’s Day presents! While succulents are known for their huge leaves and striking appearance, their pink flowers are equally as beautiful and should not be overlooked.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a variety of succulents with pink flowers that will add a soft and stunning color spectrum to your indoor collection.

So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect pink succulent for you!

What Are Succulents?

Succulent plants are species that preserve water in their leaves. They possess thick and fleshy leaves, even though some varieties tend to feature thicker leaves than others. Succulent plants

often do best in dry climates and don’t enjoy high humidity levels. Just like many other houseplants, succulents will thrive when you water properly.

However, even though they will need water for the best growth and flowering, they can survive long periods without watering, as they depend on the water and nutrient they preserved on their leaves.

Meanwhile, do not allow their roots to sit in water for too long to avoid root rot or the death of plants.

Many succulent plants enjoy warm temperatures and cannot tolerate frost conditions. Because of the preserved water in their leaves, freezing will always cause the plant to die or produce mushy leaves.

Most sedum and sempervivum species can survive temperatures below freezing, even though they will do best in warmer temperatures.

Generally, lack of sunlight will cause the color of succulent plants to become dull and green. Another significant feature of succulent plants is how easy they are to propagate.

While some varieties are easier to propagate than others, many can produce new plants from a leaf that has fallen from the plant. Some produce new pups as they grow bigger.

Most Common Succulents With Pink Flowers

Flowering succulents can provide unique and stunning looks to your indoor collections, especially varieties with pink blooms. However, it depends on sun exposure and the kind of care you offer them.

There are many succulents with pink flowers out there, but let’s briefly highlight the most popular ones to enable you to choose easier and better.

1. Baby’s Necklace (Crassula rupestris)

Baby’s Necklace is a perennial evergreen succulent from the crassula genus, featuring slender, thick oval-shaped leaves. It is a drought-tolerant specie that has green foliage, even though it can sometimes possess red-triangular edges.

Its leaves form clusters of four to produce a rosette neck shape, and with the rosette growth, come a necklace-like look.

Also known as Rosary Vine or Buttons on a string, the Crassula rupestris is hardy in zones 10 and above and can be grown indoors as houseplants. They produce pink or white star-shaped blooms, which create clusters on the edge of the tip of the plant.

Meanwhile, the baby’s necklace can survive direct sunlight but thrives best in bright lighting throughout the year. It also requires minimal watering when the top one to two inches of soil are dry and will only need more water in the warmer seasons. This specie can reach around 3 feet tall.

2. Pink Ice Plant (Lampranthus deltoides)

It is called a pink ice plant because of the fizzy hairs on its succulent leaves. These hairs reveal the light, resembling ice crystals.

During warmer periods, this specie stays green and can deal with different weather conditions, due to its fleshy foliage. It produces bright hot pink flowers, even though it can also produce red, orange, purple, or yellow blooms.

Meanwhile, the pink ice plant will produce lots of blooms with plenty of sunlight, minimal watering, and well-draining soil. It can be used for varieties of purposes, ranging from groundcover to shrub.

It is also an excellent prospect for rock and sheltered desert gardens, where it can serve as an ideal edge plant. It can also grow on slopes or in pots.

3. Pink Aeonium (Aeonium leucoblepharum)

If you are looking for a perfect pink flower-producing succulent plant to add color to your indoor collections, you must not look beyond the pink aeonium. Just as its name suggests, this specie is one of the most popular succulent houseplants with pink blooms.

The pink aeonium is a stunning plant that creates a rosette in a light shade of pink, almost resembling a flowering pink rose.

Like most others on this list, this plant will thrive when you provide it with the adequate condition it requires like moderate watering and bright direct sunlight, amongst others.

4. Aptenia Cordifolia Variegata

Another succulent plant with a pink flower that you can consider adding to your indoor collection is the Aptenia cordifolia variegata.

It is a groundcover succulent that features bright green and white foliage and produces daisy-like pink flowers, mostly in the warmer months. Its blooms draw several beneficial pollinators like bees, butterflies, hoverflies, etc.

This aptenia specie is super hardy that can be used in various areas including in rockeries, hanging over walls, or hiding unattractive parts of the garden.

Meanwhile, it is a rapid spreader; hence it requires trimming. It is a great plant for poultry and fowl owners, as they enjoy eating the plant. However, in some regions of the world, this plant is seen as a weed, because of its quick growth.

5. Crown Of Thorns (Euphorbia milii ‘Dwarf Pink’)

The crown of thorns is one of the most popular houseplants with pink flowers on our list. Like the Delosperma, this specie is a succulent with different colors of flowers that range from pink, red, and orange to yellow.

But it is most notable for its pink blooms, which help to give it the stunning appearance and favorite of many homeowners.

It is called the crown of thorns because it is a spiky succulent with lots of thorns. Also, like other Euphorbia varieties, the milii specie features a milky white sap that can result in an allergic reaction in some people. Hence, it would be best to prevent the sap from getting on the skin, the face, or the eyes. 

Also, in the right conditions, the crown of thorns can reach as tall as 2 meters; however, this dwarf pink variety will only reach about 50 cm.

Meanwhile, the best place to grow this plant is somewhere away from pathways to prevent thorn-related injuries. It is also perfect in containers or the ground and is very hardy once it matures.

6. Purple Delight (Graptopetalum spp.)

Also known as Snow White or Crystal, the purple delight is a succulent that produces pink flowers. It creates a beautiful rosette covered in natural powdery wax for a stunning matte finish. This specie also presents a gorgeous mottling of frosty white, deep lilac, or bubblegum pink.

Meanwhile, the Graptopetalum species can grow up to 12 inches tall but will require regular pruning. It would also yield better results with the right conditions like adequate watering, bright indirect sunlight, moderate temperature, humidity level, etc.

7. Rock Purslane (Calandrinia spectabilis)

Rock purslane, as commonly called, is one of the easiest succulents to grow; hence making it a perfect option for beginner gardeners.

It is a stunning succulent that produces bright pink flowers, resembling poppies, and blooms from spring to fall. You can grow them as perennials in zones 8 to 10 or as an annual or houseplant in colder climates.

8. Mexican Peacock (Echeveria peacockii)

Another succulent with pink flowers on our list is the Mexican Peacock. It features silvery-blue rosettes usually tinged with pink or red.

It is a hardy plant that can grow both indoors and outdoors. In the summer, this beauty can grow a giant, arching stem that is covered in coral, pink, and bell-shaped blooms.

Meanwhile, the Mexican peacock tends to produce offsets around the base, which will create a lovely cluster without transplanting.

You can trust your peacock plant to produce the best result if you provide it with adequate care like proper watering, and moderate temperature and humidity conditions, amongst others.

9. Crassula Morgan’s Beauty

Even though it is very small, Crassula Morgan’s Beauty is a stunning growing succulent that produces gorgeous bright pink flowers. The blooms can form a cluster of individual, little, pink flowers that often come out during spring.

Crassula Morgan’s Beauty features a very unique and eye-catching look that makes it a favorite of homeowners. It features large, dusty silver-blue leaves that grow tightly on top of each other.

Meanwhile, this plant can serve as a collector’s plant and you can grow them in containers or gardens.

10. Kalanchoe Fedschenkoi

Photo by Forest and Kim Starr via Flickr

If you are looking for the perfect succulent that can add color to your indoor space, you can trust Kalanchoe fedschenkoi to offer you even more than that.

It produces stunning pink flowers that stand out in the garden or indoor areas as they grow high up over the foliage and are produced abundantly.

These flowers are nicely curved in a bell-shaped form, hanging like an umbrella over the plant. It can reach about 30 cm tall and features blue-purple, round leaves.

You can grow them in various areas including pots or grounds, and possess a spreading habit. Its non-variegated variety is a rapid grower, but can dominate large spaces; hence, will require pruning.

11. Douglas Huth (Graptoveria ‘Douglas Huth’)

One of the most popular pink-colored bloom succulents on this list is the Douglas Huth. It is primarily common for producing a rosette of thick gray-green leaves, which can become a beautiful pink color with maturity.

Another interesting feature of this plant is that it tends to produce stunning pink flowers that improve the general plant’s appearance.

12. Pink Mother Of Thousands (Kalanchoe ‘Pink Butterflies)

There are many beautiful mother of thousands species, but because of this article, we would be talking about its pink-colored variety, otherwise known as Kalanchoe ‘Pink Butterfly’.

The pink mother of thousands happens to be the most beautiful amongst its entire species, thanks to the lots of stunning tiny, pink, butterfly-like blooms that it produces on its leaves, which makes it eye-catching.

13. Hindu Rope (Hoya carnosa ‘Krinkle Kurls’)

Hindu rope, as commonly called, is an evergreen vine that features woody shoots. It is a very significant variety of the hoya specie, and vine-like specie that is popular for its leafy, waxy foliage, and unique curling vines.

It also produces gorgeous pink flowers that typically last for a few weeks and bloom regularly.

Native to North America, the Hindu Rope is a low-maintenance and durable plant that produces lovely pretty pinkish-white, slender star-shaped blooms with lovely fragrances.

It is a perennial succulent that can reach about 15 inches tall and needs watering only when the top I to 2 inches of soil are dry. It will also do well in indirect sun, of at least 6 hours daily.

14. Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

If you are a gardener and you haven’t heard of the jade plant, then you are new to the business. In other words, the jade plant is a popular perennial houseplant with stunning pinkish-white flowers.

It is a very lovely succulent that features fleshy, oval-shaped leaves and broad, woody stalks, resembling slender tree trunks.

Native to South Africa, this plant is considered a plant that brings fortune and financial energy; hence making them perfect housewarming presents. It can grow as tall as 3 to 6 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide, and requires watering whenever the top 1 to 2 inches of the soil is dry. It prefers full sun and is a slow-bloomer, even in its natural habitat, so, you have nothing to worry about.

15. Can-Can (Echeveria ‘Can-Can’)

The last plant on our list of the most popular succulents with pink flowers is the Can-Can. It is a very unique succulent that creates a chubby rosette of sturdy fleshy leaves that change color from copper-green to brown-violet as it matures.

The can-can produces pink blooms mainly during the summer and like others, it requires proper care to stay healthy.


If you want to add a wide range of shapes and colors, you can choose from any of these succulents with pink flowers that we have highlighted above. They will give your indoor space a dazzling look.

As you can see, many of these succulents are native to hot, sunny regions; hence will thrive well with infrequent watering and a similar environment to grow well and produce lots of stunning pink color flowers.

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