15 Most Popular Syngonium Varieties (With Photos)

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Are you looking for an indoor plant that not only beautifies your space but is also effortless to care for? Look no further than the Syngonium plant!

With its striking arrow-shaped leaves and rapid growth rate, this plant is a must-have for any home. What’s more, it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit any decor.

And the best part? Syngonium plants thrive in low light, making them perfect for those hard-to-fill spots in your home. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Syngonium plants and discover the most popular syngonium varieties in the Araceae family.

What Are Syngoniums?

Native to the rainforests of South America, Syngonium is an evergreen tropical plant that originates from the Araceae family and Aroideae subfamily.

It is also a monocot that belongs to the Caladieae tribe and is a blooming plant. This variety also has Podophyllum, a Latin word that means ‘with feet like leaves. Syngonium specie is also known as Arrowhead Vine, Goosefeet, Snowhead Plant, African Evergreen, Philodendron, and American Evergreen.

It has woody vines that reach almost 10 to 20 meters and leaves that depend on their types and growth stage. It also has juvenile leaf patterns that are less than adult leaf patterns. You can plant the Syngonium plants in various areas, whether on stakes, walls, or even trellis, and they do best with adequate growing support.

These varieties are popular houseplants thanks to their lovely colored foliage and shapes, making them perfect for your home and office décors. Syngonium varieties can also purify the air in your home and absorb carbon dioxide, reducing the issues of airborne microbes.

Some people in certain regions believe plants can bring fortune wherever they are grown. They are perfect indoors and are low-maintenance plants that are easy to care for.

Syngonium plants can survive low light conditions and are hardy to household temperatures and high humidity. However, they will also prefer slight watering, leaving them to dry out slightly between waterings. Reduce watering interval in the spring and summer and increase the schedule in the fall and winter.

Let’s now look at the various syngonium varieties you should know about!

Most Popular Syngonium Varieties

1. Syngonium Podophyllum ‘Albovirens’

If you are looking for a perfect indoor plant to beautify your indoor space, you shouldn’t look beyond Syngonium podophyllum’ Albovirens.’

It is one of the most popular Syngonium varieties from the Syngonium genus featuring stunning colorful leaves. During the early stage, its leaves usually display solid green color and a variegated midrib.

However, once the plant gradually ages, the variegation covers the whole leaf until the entire leaf gets variegated. Meanwhile, each leaf can reach about 15 inches long.

Regarding flowers, the albovirens produce blooms primarily in the spring, even when you grow them in pots. It enjoys bright indirect sunlight.

The best position for this Syngonium variety is close to an east-facing window where they can get enough dappled sunlight. It will also survive in moderate humidity, but high humidity is perfect and requires a warm temperature.

You can water the plants thoroughly to maintain the soil’s moisture level and use a well-draining and rich potting medium.

2. Syngonium Podophyllum Red Spot

Syngonium podophyllum ‘Red Spot’ is another popular variety featuring incredible pink variegation alongside vast blocks of white on the foliage and stems. It also produces a splash of pink and white variegation over its green leaves, adding to its exciting feel.

Your red spot variety will also do best in temperatures between 18°C-30°C and medium light. It will reach around 3 to 6 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide in moist but well-draining soil and will be perfect as a hanging plant or climber.

3. Green Gold

If you are looking for an easy maintenance plant for your indoor space, you can trust the Green Gold variety to provide you with the best feel. It is one of the most popular trailing plants in our list featuring yellow leaves and dark green veins.

However, this variety will require regular pruning to avoid growing beyond its boundary, as it is a trailing plant.

4. Pink Allusion

Thanks to its eye-catching colorful display, the pink allusion is our list’s most beautiful Syngonium variety.

It is also called arrowhead ivy and is generally considered a pink-striped version of the White Butterfly variety with its slightly green rounded leaves with deeper green margins. 

You can trust this pink allusion to feel your indoor space with decorative vibes with pink stripes running all over its leaves.

The more access they get to adequate bright indirect light, the more their color will become bolder. Meanwhile, this variety is a natural climbing plant that will require pole support to hang unto.

5. Neon Robusta

Also known as Pink Syngonium, the Neon Robusta is a beautiful variety that is a favorite of several plant colors who intend to add a splash of color to their indoor space or landscape. It features one of the most stunning foliage of every Syngonium variety, including those in our list.

Neon Robusta features an eye-catching dusky pink hue covered with a metallic sheen. The leaves are filled with green alongside speckles of pink along the margins with pink undersides. The plant is a rapidly growing plant and a great climber. 

6. Snow White

The white snow variety of Syngonium is a compact, non-climbing houseplant that will contribute to a neat and colorful appearance in any indoor space.

It features arrow-shaped leaves that are highly variegated and have a filtered look with shades of green and a dusting of white. Snow white is an ideal beginner variety as it is easy to care for and will be perfect in tight spaces.

7. White Butterfly

Although it is at number seven on our list, the white butterfly is widely considered the most popular Syngonium variety. It is an arrowhead climber that features green leaves with white margins.

Once the leaves mature, they will get more heart-shaped and green-colored alongside creamy white margins, hence the name. 

However, the tender shoots are heart-shaped and have white and green tips. But as the shoots get older, the leaves look stunning and different.

Meanwhile, this plant can do well as a hanging plant; hence needs support for climbing, making it look as though it is tied up and dense. Although it hardly bears flowers indoors, it can reach about 18 to 24 inches tall.

8. Five Fingers (Syngonium auritum)

Photo by Scot Nelson via Flickr

There is a reason why the Syngonium auritum variety is commonly called five fingers. It will bring a different incredible atmosphere to your indoor space with its gorgeous solid green leaf with two, three, four, five, or six lobes.

Five finger variety resembles its relative Syngonium podophyllum and boasts a long, cylindrical spathe tube. 

9. Emerald Gem

Of course!!! It is a gem, with its deep emerald green leaves alongside light green margins, adding stunning beauty to your indoor space. Also known as American Evergreen or African Evergreen, the emerald gem also boasts a patch of a whitish color.

When fully established, the emerald gem can grow as tall as 1.8 feet meters or 6 feet and 60cm or 2 feet wide, which makes it one of the tallest varieties on our list.

They also grow significantly big leaves with short leaf stems. It will thrive better in warm temperatures and high humidity conditions.

10. Berry Allusion

If you want to add a new feel to your home or office, we recommend berry allusion, a beautiful plant with arrow-shaped leaves and variegation.

Its light green leaves feature incredible pink-colored margins that add a new look to your indoor space. It is easy to care for and can grow up to 9 feet tall in big containers.

Like several other Syngonium varieties, the berry allusion enjoys plenty of indirect sunlight and warm temperature. Remember that this plant is not frost-tolerant and should maintain a moderate to the high humidity level.

It is a rapidly growing giant, requiring regular pruning to keep its great shape. Water moderately to keep soil evenly moist and allow top soil to dry for 2 or 3 days.

11. Batik Syngonium

The batik Syngonium variety is a gorgeous specie with light green foliage alongside white veins.

This houseplant is a perfect ornamental variety to beautify your bedroom or living room. It is also a tropical plant that will bring a tropical feel to your indoor space. It can also grow up to 3 to 4 feet tall with required support like a moss pole or a stick.

The batik will need enough light to grow food and keep to its incredible variegation because it is a variegated plant.

If you place it in full sun, its white leaf spots will turn green, and lack of light will cause its leaves to fall off. Hence, it would be best to keep it beside a southeast-facing window.

Again, it would help if you let the top half inch of the soil dry between waterings. Extreme dry conditions of about two days will cause your plant to wilt.

If you must fertilize, you must use spring worm castings. With the right conditions, you should expect the best productive batik Syngonium.

12. Mini Pixie

This variety is a short arrowhead Syngonium, which is why it is called Mini Pixie. It resembles a white butterfly but in a dwarf form.

It features bold green heart-shaped leaves with pointed thick green stems. The foliage produces white spots in the center. Generally, the plant can only reach 3 inches tall.

Again, you can grow mini pixies in containers or balcony gardens without direct sunlight access. You can raise it to maturity and provide an adequate support pole. It will also require regular pruning to enable it to produce only young leaves.

13. Exotic Allusion

Exotic allusion is one of the most popular Syngonium varieties on our list that is mainly cherished because of its highly decorative leaves. It grows incredible arrow-shaped leaves that add a vibrant feel to your room thanks to its pale green color.

It also has cream-colored veins not often seen in other varieties and possesses more bright colors when given proper light.

14. Holly Variety

You are surely missing something if you don’t have the holly variety amongst your indoor collections. It is an excellent example of a classy but sassy houseplant. It grows completely silver-white leaves with a bit of decoration of some green tips and margins.

The Holly Syngonium variety also features sharp heart-shaped leaves that remain compact and dense. Unlike other varieties, this holly plant is a suckering, non-vining Syngonium variety. It can reach about 10 to 14 inches tall and will do best in medium sunlight.

15. Syngonium Maria Allusion

Maria specie is almost taking over our list, and they deserve to be, given the stunning color and vibrant feel they bring to every home and office. Maria’s allusion is among the most popular and beautiful among these allusion species. 

It features stunning green and pink foliage and grows butterfly-shaped leaves with mottled waves of green and pink accents and pink margins.

New leaves are wholly pink and turn green color with age. Maria’s allusion requires the correct watering and bright indirect sunlight to thrive best.


There are hundreds of Syngonium varieties, but we have identified about 15 of the most popular ones to make your decision-making easier.

These Syngonium plants come in different shapes, sizes, colors, growth patterns, and purposes. They are low-maintenance plants but require the right growing conditions to thrive.

Happy Gardening!

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