Top 11 Flowers That Look Like Peonies (With Photos)

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The Peonies always come to heart when we speak of one of the best and most loved flowers. It has a sweet Fragrance, and its showy bloom makes it stunningly beautiful and adored by many, especially by brides.

Sadly, this flower is only available for a short time every year. They bloom only between Late Spring and early summer, after which we have to stay peony-less.

However, this story has a beautiful twist because there are other attractive flowers that look like peonies, and we will be talking about them in this article.

Some of the beautiful flowers that resemble peonies include Ranunculus, camelia, dahlias, English garden roses, double tulips, carnations, begonias, and Lisianthus.

Please stick with us as we guide you through these other similar flowers!

Flowers That Look Like Peonies 

1. Ranunculus (Butter Cups) 

The Ranunculus is known for its soft, delicate, glow petals reflecting UV light. This is almost a replica of the Peony. It looks and feels like Peony and has become so common in wedding bouquets.

Like your lovely peonies, it is available in various colors to fit your taste and style with similar texture and shape.

The only difference is in size because they are smaller than actual peonies. Although the Ranunculus, like the Peonies, blooms for only a limited time in a year (Late Winter- Early Spring), They are always a great option for replicating the essence of a peony.

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2. Camellia

Another gorgeous flower that has a striking resemblance with the Peony is the Camellia. If not looked up close, this flower can be mistaken for a peony because, in size and color, they are very similar to the Peonies.

The Camellia, in addition to its physical similarities with the Peonies, also has symbolic similarities to the Peonies. They also symbolize Love, romance, and beauty! Isn’t that just fascinating? 

The flower blooms from early Autumn to Early Spring, so whether you’ve just missed your peony season or you’re planning your next display, you sure can’t go wrong with your Camellias.’

3. Dahlias

Right after the Peony season comes the Dahlias. These adorable flowers, with their sweet Fragrance and stunning blooms, also come in various colors, just like the Peonies. 

Though not all species of Dahlias have a striking resemblance with the Peony, species of Dahlias like the Apricot Desire, Karma Gold, and Sam Hopkins are great alternatives for Peonies.

It is a perfect option for enchanting your bouquet and is becoming even more popular these days. The period of Flowering of the Dahlias is from Mid-Summer through Late Autumn.

4. English Garden Roses

The English Garden Roses generally had highly elegant Fragrances with gorgeous blossoms and repeated their blooms in a wide range of colors, just like the Peonies. Like the Peonies, they symbolize Love and Romance. 

What’s even more mind-blowing about the English Garden Roses? They are available all year round.

So, if you’re looking for a Luxurious flower that gives the Peony vibes to gift to a Lover for a birthday or The Romantic Valentine, surely, The Elegant English Garden Roses should be your go-to.

5. Double Tulips

This Special variety of Tulips with extra petals, which are fluffy and gorgeous, is so similar to the Peonies. 

The Eye-Popping Double Tulips, also known as the Peony tulips because of their shape and elegant flowers, are great alternatives for Peonies. Just like the lovely peonies also come in a dazzling array of colors.

They are available in shades of yellow, white, pink, red, orange, purple, or dual tones. 

The Peony Tulips have a sweet Fragrance and are long-lasting, blooming for up to 1-2 weeks in a flower vase. The Flowering Season Varies. The Double Early Tulips bloom from early Spring to Mid Spring, while the Double late Tulips bloom in late Spring.

6. Carnation (Dianthus) 

Carnations are one of the most popular commercial cut flowers used in floral arrangements, boutonnieres, wedding veils, bouquets, etc.

These delicate multi-petaled flowers have a Spicy Fragrance. Like the lovely Peonies, they are available in various colors like Pink, white, red, purple, yellow, and orange; some even come as bicolor varieties.

Though they are considerably smaller than Peonies, they give blooms as pretty as the Peonies when arranged together. Another advantage is that it is cheaper than Peonies. 

So, when looking for an alternative for Peonies that is budget-friendly and stress-free since they are easily accessible, don’t fret because Carnations are there for you. Their flowering season is from late Spring to early summer.

7. Begonias

Looking for alternatives for Peonies because they are out of season, the adorable Begonias begin Flowering right after the Peonies cease to blossom. They bloom from early Summer until Frost.

The beautiful Begonias have large, showy blooms which are round and some species even have ruffled petals just like the adorable Peonies. They come in different sizes and dazzling colors depending on the variety.

Some Begonia Varieties that look like the Peonies include the non-stop series that come in Red, Vibrant Orange, yellow, and Pink; some are even bicolor. The Amstel Clara, which is white, The solenia Salmon coral with their orangey pinky shade, and many more.

8. Lisianthus

One of the flowers often mistaken for a Peony is the Lisianthus. This flower has so many names. Sometimes it’s called Lizzy, especially at flower markets, sometimes Texas bluebells or Prairie gentians, and other times a Peony.

 This Elegant flower is admired by many because of its many beautiful features. It has a soft and sweet appearance and comes in many colors, such as white, green, blue, Lilac, purple, and Salmon, and also with multiple colors. 

The Lisianthus is not only known for its beauty but also for its ability to last for a long time in vases.

They last for up to 2 weeks or even more in vases, and their ruffled petals, which look like that of Peonies, make them more gorgeous. Their blooming season is from July to Frost.

9. Anemone Flower

On the List of Flowers similar to the Peony is The Anemone flower. Depending on the variety, they exist in various arrays of colors, such as white, pink, purple, red, blue, and bicolor. They have a delicate and bold bloom, not forgetting their delightful Fragrance.

 It has been a popular choice among florists because of its elegant appearance, especially in bouquets, and is also a great gift idea, especially for mother’s day and weddings. 

Your floral arrangements can’t go wrong with the Anemone flower, especially because of its vibrant and eye-popping colors.

Flowering seasons for the Anemone flower differ depending on the species, but they are mostly known to bloom from Spring to Fall

10. Peony Poppies

They are called Peony Poppies for a reason. Their blossom is ruffled just like your lovely peonies and comes in a wide array of brilliant colors such as red, purple, pink, and white.

Their Fragrance is also enticing and produces double bloom, making it even more eye-catching. 

Although they come from the same family as the Opium poppy, which is illegal, The Peony poppy is completely legal and can be used freely.

Like the Peonies, their vibrant colors and ruffled petals leave your floral arrangements at events, at home, and in bouquets looking elegant and classy. The Flowering Season of the Peony Poppies is from Spring to summer, after which it dies back

11. African Marigold

Last but not least are these beautiful flowers that grow admirably under full sun, and poor soil produces such beautiful and large blooms that last from summer till frost.

They exist in warm colors that are extremely eye-catching. These colors include yellow, rusty red, orange, and creamy white.

They bloom all through the summer, making them a great substitute for peonies, especially for those who love warm colors. Add some Marigolds to your decorations and bouquets, and see how eye-popping they make them. 


Flowers you love and adore can sometimes be hard to replace, especially for special occasions like weddings or to be presented to people you hold with so much importance.

Still, they become unreachable due to certain unavoidable obstacles such as scarcity or even low budget.

 With this list we have compiled for you, we believe you have found a suitable alternative to Peonies.

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