13 Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

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Are you dreaming of a beautiful, captivating landscape but worried about the cost and time involved? You’re not alone – landscaping can be expensive, time-consuming, and downright daunting.

But what if we told you that you don’t have to drill a hole in your pockets to achieve great landscaping? That’s right – with the right designs and strategies, you can create a stunning landscape that won’t break the bank.

In this guide, we’ve compiled some of the best small front yard landscaping ideas on a budget that will help you save money while achieving the landscape of your dreams. From creative DIY projects to budget-friendly tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re ready to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis without breaking the bank, keep reading and discover the secrets of affordable landscaping!

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

Below are different cost-effective front yard landscaping ideas for small front yard just for you. These ideas are easy to implement, easy to maintain, and most importantly, easy on your pockets.


1. Know When To Buy Plants

We begin with one of the foremost tips for creating the perfect landscape on a budget. There are strategic periods in which you are sure to get a good deal when plant buying.

Buying your plants around late summer and early, for instance, will see you buy just in time to meet them offload their goods, and sell them at an unbelievable price.

Once you buy and you are wondering what time is the best time to plant, we will say Spring or winter 

2. Grow Native Plants

This is one brilliant idea that you will soon come to realize. It is as strategic as it is money-saving. The first step of action for you will be to do an intensive study of different plants native to your locality. 

Now, this is where the strategy comes in; native plants would naturally tolerate the rain in their area, and that automatically means one thing: fewer charges for your water bill!

Genius, right?

Since the plants tolerate the rainfall there very well, the rains, especially during the rainy season, would provide all the water they need, saving you good money on water costs.

There are also other benefits attached to growing these native plants; asides from the rainfall compatibility, they are bound to be equally compatible with other growth conditions too. They will need reduced fertilizer and are very beneficial to the environment as they help keep erosion at bay.

A native plant landscape is one idea that holds visual qualities as well. The key is to be bold enough to experiment with different kinds of plants to create vibrant high-growing ones like trees, others like shrubs, ornamental grasses, ground cover plants, and others.

3. How About A Stepping Stone Pathway?

What we love about this particular landscaping design is that you don’t necessarily have to pay to get it done. You can have it done yourself.

You can buy these stones directly from a landscaping shop, or, to save money, you can dig holes and pour in cement to make one yourself. Even if you choose to buy the stones, they are equally cheap, low-grade ones that you can get for $20 or even less.

If you are digging yourself, you will need a lot of physical strength and patience too. Put on your creative hat also when purchasing the stones.

4. Plant A No Mow Land

Maintaining a lawn is no child’s play. It would require you to pump more money than you imagine. It would be best to think of viable alternatives like a seed mix of wildflowers.

This way, you will not need a lawn mower or constant watering, making you bypass outrageous water bills.

5. Add A Touch Of Xeriscaping Elements

With the xeriscaping idea, you get to cut down drastically on the budget previously set aside for water. Even though there are more grand xeriscaping ideas that cost an arm and a leg, the beauty of this design is that you will also be able to achieve its benefits even on a low scale.

Do not yield to the notion that believes that greenery is not permitted in the adoption of a xeriscaping design layout. In one of its principles called turf and plants, we are made to understand that plants are encouraged as it helps in preventing soil erosion.

At the same time, we advise you not to limit yourself to plants alone. There are other xeriscaping designs you can play around with, like rock, concrete, sand, mulch, etc.

Expanding the mulched portion of your yard or an artistic pathway made with gravel are just a few budget-friendly xeriscaping ideas for you. The best part is that you can implement these ideas at a meager cost too.

6. Grow Limited Plants

Most people are prone to believe that growing a wide variety of plants is the only way to achieve a beautiful and colorful landscape. But, we wonder if you have ever thought that there is beauty in simplicity.

Cut down the plants you are to buy to about five. Be sure to mix them up. For instance, they may contain perennials, of course (what’s a landscape without those), large shrubs, and evergreens.

They will make for a straightforward yet artistically pleasing landscape. Not to forget the most important factor; they will cost much less than buying many plants.

7. Grow Some Perennials

What better way to save money than to go for some gorgeous, low-maintenance perennial plants that would see you enjoy them for years on end?

Asides from getting these plants once and for all, you are also afforded the chance to choose from an array of beautiful colors and features, leaving you at liberty to style your front yard however you choose – bright and dazzling or beautiful and calm on the eyes.

Now, here is a secret that will see you save up more money while implementing this idea, and that is to begin growing them from seeds. It can be very tasking instead of just getting a seedling, but they sure would be worth it, monetary-wise.

Seedlings would cause a lot more, but with seeds, you get more seeds purchased to grow at a significantly reduced rate. How does purchasing a pack of about 300 seeds of drought-hardy Shasta Daisy for $4 or less sound?

Now you get the point.

8. Include Mulch Beds

If you have limited space, about 2 – 3 bags of mulch would be just about what you need to transform your space into a visual delight. What most people do not know is that mulch beds, when done by yourself (which is very easy), are a lot cheaper.

If you already have mulch beds, retouch them to give that dazzling effect. 

Mulch beds are not just there to offer physical qualities, and they are very beneficial in other aspects too. They help keep weeds at bay, insulate the roots, maintain a good moisture level when placed around the base of young trees, and so much more.

9. Create Edging Around Your Patio

Okay, let’s walk you through how to get this done as cheaply as possible. For those with a patio already, consider digging a trench around it, then pouring landscaping stones to fill it up.

Some other people may use mulch, but it is incomparable to the effect you get with landscaping stones; plus, you do not have to replace it annually as you would have with mulch.

The stones can also be found in various beautiful colors and sizes. For the best monetary deal, go for decomposed granite which should be around $25 per ton.

10. Use Large Grasses To Fill Space

Sorghastrum nutans, or Indian grass, is one great example that can beautifully fill up existing space in your front yard. Another fine example is the switchgrass (Panicum virgatum).

Pretty much any tall ornamental grass will do a fine job filling up spaces in the most beautiful way ever.

11. Make Use Of Containers

Did you know that growing your plants in containers is another way to save costs? Be creative with the containers and add a splash of color to your space using them.

12. Think Hedges

Why bother your head about funding for a fence when you can quickly grow a living one like a hedge, for instance?

The problem with erecting a fence is that your expenditure does not just stop there. You would still require money to maintain. Grow hedges and have rest of mind. There are excellent plants that are perfect for the creation of privacy. 

Evergreens like arborvitae are perfect privacy screen materials.

13. Avoid Weeds By Planting Densely

You can be sure that you have planted densely when everywhere is covered. This would also prevent weeds from sprouting.

The fewer weeds you have, the less likely you are to spend money on care for your landscape.

A tip would be to grow a mix of perennials, large shrubs, and ground covers to achieve a dense landscape.

Follow the right growth conditions, like sufficient sunlight and moisture.

Final Note: Small Front Yard Landscaping Designs

We will tell you this for free, though; when considering achieving the perfect landscape on a budget, consider large shrubs and trees. Think also of container plants.

To set up an eye-catching and low budget front yard landscape, you do not have to compromise on style, so take this as having a taste of both worlds.

Whether you have a small budget or limited space, you can still get your front yard looking like a million bucks.

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