Top 7 Fast Growing Shrubs With Thorns 

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When it comes to the defense of your homes, shrubs with thorns are sure to do the trick, and most owners would prefer to get shrubs that can b able to grow vastly because the earlier, the better.

But unfortunately, while your home might have already had several security measures put in place for burglars, this security might not be able to stop the invasion of cats and rats hence, these plants. 

The good news is that there are some fast growing shrubs with thorns that will protect your valuable properties, such as the holly plant, buckthorns, bougainvillea, firethorns, etc.

In this article, we will discuss several ways you can protect the privacy of your home with these fantastic shrubs.

Benefits of Shrubs with Thorns

In our society, security is vital for protecting yourself, your family, and your properties. However, balancing your social life with your security need might be difficult with several other measures.

For instance, it might be impenetrable if you decide to use a concrete hedge around your home. Still, it would destroy your curb appeal and home view; even worse, your relationship with your neighbors would be on the line. 

So, some advantages you would be getting if you make use of shrubs for protection include:

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Blending Into Your Landscape

When you make thick hedges with certain colorful thorny plants, it can blend your flowers with your landscape and create a beautiful appeal to your environment while protecting your property.

These thorny hedges would keep growing, and if pruned carefully, you can also give them whatever shape you want. 

Fast Growth

If a part of the shrub gets cut off or destroyed by mistake, you shouldn’t bother because due to their fast-growing nature, they would be able to grow back in no time if given adequate sunlight, water, and the correct requirements. 

Fast Growing Shrubs with Thorns 

Before planting your shrubs, you should consider certain factors, like your property boundaries, and also notice any weak spots in your garden. If your yard is not so big, you should ensure that you prune it correctly so it doesn’t cause harm to people who do not deserve it. Some of these shrubs include; 

1. Honey Locust

Honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos inermis) is a shade tree that spreads wide and can also serve as a canopy to protect people from the sunlight. These trees can grow very big to a height of about 30-70 and can also spread to about 30-70 feet when it attains full maturity.

The ideal amount of sunlight this tree requires is 6 hours of unfiltered and direct sunlight daily. The honey locust is drought tolerant and also invulnerable to diseases and pests. The tree stems and trunk are all covered in sharp, spiny thorns that grow in clusters.

While it may take years for the honey locust tree to attain its height, it would only take about a year or even less if you want a shrub-sized tree.

2. Century Plant

The (agave Americana) century plant lives only about 10-30 years. Doing that time, the seeds they then produced and taken are this plant can spread for around 1.8-3.0 m, each of its prickly margins ruled with heavy spikes.

These thorns pierce the skin, can be very painful, and cause colossal skin irritation if not attended to immediately. 

Its leaves are grey-greenish and would do better in dry and well-drained soil; excess water can do more harm than good to these plants.

This century plant would work best if you live in a warm area and need just a few stabs below your window area. It is native to Mexico and other southeastern states, and its bed-like outlook makes it perfect for underground beds.

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3. Common Holly

Holly plants (Ilex aquifolium) can be very challenging to be grown in southeastern states because it doesn’t do well in cold winters and summer; it prefers a warm environment. Holly trees belong to the Aquifoliaceae family, mainly used as ornamental trees and tall hedges.

These holly trees have glossy and green leaves that can be used for an effective hedge underground planting.

However, this plant can only be used in a protected environment because of its dislike for high humidities and temperature. So, if you need a high-hedged plant that hides its thorns quite well, these holly shrubs might be your best pick.

4. Blackthorns

The blackthorn (prunus spinsoa) is extremely wildlife friendly. These plants are built in a way that they can serve as a source of food and even protection to specific birds, and due to their spiny branches, these birds make use of these plants to build their nests to protect themselves from predators. 

These blackthorn trees are native to Great Britain and some parts of Europe as they produce berries that can be consumed from time to time by homeowners of their level of beauty? Top-notch! Blackthorns look as beautiful as they protect your property with their pretty white flowers and delicate leaves. 

You can use the berries produced by this plant to make jam and homemade gins, and because they can easily be trained and trimmed into thick hedges, they serve as very tight protection for your properties. 

5. Crown Of Thorns

The crown of thorns (Euphorbia milii) are red plants that can quickly grow and maintain. You can grow another of this plant with just one stem cutting under the soil to form the roots.

This crown of thorn is native to madgas and is also called ”Christ thorns” by some people because it is said that the crown Jesus wore during his crucifixion was made with this plant. 

These plants have visible and sturdy thorns around their stems and branches, and if you are looking for a plant to serve as a fantastic weapon, the crown of thorns can double the weaponry. 

6. Bougainvillea 

The bougainvillea plant is a tropical and shrubby plant that can be grown as an annual or perennial plant. These plants (bougainvillea spectabilis) can be a great addition to your poolside, but you can also use this plant as a defense by placing it close to your patio.

This plant does better in a hot and dry climate, and although it requires deep watering, you should ensure that you do not allow the leaves on the plants to dry out completely between watering. The abundance of purple flowers on the plat gives it a fantastic romantic look. 

The blooms on the bougainvillea plants are near permanent, and if you live in a warm enough region, you will enjoy the plants’ colors. However, its pretty outlook doesn’t mean it doesn’t cause as much harm as all other thorny shrubs and bushes, and its dense thorny stems can even climb across Walla and ledges. 

7. Scarlet Firethorn

The scarlet firethorn (pyracantha coccinea) is a deciduous bush clustered with little flowers during the spring and produces a bunch of reddish and orangish berries from September until winter.

Firethorn is a very dense, evergreen shrub that produces sweet and dense red berries during the fall and then grows dense stems and vines, which you could easily prune to your desired shape.

However, the hedges you create at the end are almost impossible to penetrate due to the thick torn this plant possesses along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Fastest Growing Shrub for Your Privacy?

Although many fast-growing shrubs can protect your property, one of the fastest-growing privacy shrubs with thorns is the arborvitae, aka thuja, which is one of the best options because it grows very fast and can be able to cover large areas perfectly. The thuja is about 50-60 feet tall. 

What To Plant to Block Your Prying Neighbors?

You do not need fancy security to keep your prying neighbors out; you can block your nosy neighbors from peering into your property with the help of certain plants like; arborvitae, bamboo plants, and skip laurel, privet, and the holy trinity plant.

How Can I Get Privacy from Neighbours Without a Fence?

There are a lot of ways you can archive this without a fence. These methods include making use of fast-growing thorny plants around your property, and if you do not want to make use of thorns, there’re several other ways you can do it with plants; you can plant tall trees and plants along your property, add long vines and also grow hedges.

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You do not have to empty your pockets to get a very effective security measure put in place; with the proper natural guards like these fast-growing shrubs with thorns, you can also archive that.

So, placing these shrubs strategically around your property can provide you with a beautiful yard and a peaceful night’s sleep.