Top 6 John Deere 5090E Problems (Troubleshooting Tips)

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The John Deere 5090e problems are not too complicated as they may seem. In fact, these problems are mainly common among John Deere tractors and can be fixed easily.

From the reports of most users, we have carefully researched and compiled the John Deere 5090e problems and how to handle them.

Therefore, if you have a John Deere 5090e tractor or know anyone who has, we encourage you to read this content slowly and carefully.

John Deere 5090E Problems

The following problems are common in the John Deere 5090e tractors.

  • Transmission problem
  • Steering Problems
  • Engine Problems
  • Axle Problems
  • Overheating
  • Starter Problem
  • Diesel Motor Problems
  • White Smokes

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1. Transmission Problem

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The first problem majority of the John Deere 5090e users complained About is the issue of transmission.

Transmission failures in tractors require urgent treatment to avoid graduating to other problems that may be worse, like engine stalling.

Transmission problems are often caused by incorrect shift linkage adjustment, which causes hard shifting.

How To Fix

To fix transmission problems, you either visit a mechanic or do it yourself if you know your way around your John Deere 5090e tractor.

To do that, you need to adjust your shift linkage to the right level.

2. Steering Problems

Like other John Deere tractors, your JD 5090e machine can have problems with the steering. These issues come in various forms;

  • Steering is moving too quickly
  • And operating too bad

Let’s look at the first form. If you notice that your steering is moving too quickly, it may be caused by low hydraulic oil in the tank, a broken steering pump, or even the cylinder.

Furthermore, if the steering performs poorly, air bubbles in the hydraulic system, low oil levels, or leakages may be the reason.

So what should be done? Check the following lines.

How To Fix

To eliminate all steering problems, you need to ensure that the oil index is at the recommended level; this can be achieved by topping up.

Secondly, repairing or replacing damaged steering cylinders is also advisable.

For any broken steering pump, installing a new one is the ultimate solution. Meanwhile, do not forget to look out for leakages around the suction.

3. Engine Problems

Another problem you may encounter in the cause of handling a John Deere 5090e is engine issues. Issues like engine failure, poor engine output, and engine stalling are common problems with the engine.

Too much air in the fuel system, slow starter speed, restricted fuel lines, and even faulty injections are behind most engine problems.

Again, minimum oil on the crankcase and Governor Spring damage can also lead to engine issues- poor engine output.

How To Fix

Thoroughly clean the airlines and fuel system to let go of dust that may have clogged within. The injections are not left out here, either.

For poor performance, changing or replacing Governor Spring is another serious offense.

Above all, you can entrust it into the hands of a mechanic.

4. Axle Problems

You may also experience inconveniences from the axles. This could be the front axle or the rear axle.

In most cases, the front axle makes a lot of noise which may also lead to inefficiency in work.

How To Fix

If you are experiencing issues with axles, the gears are the cause, or the bearings are destroyed.

Replace the bearings or gears once you pinpoint the problem to avoid further damage.

5. Overheating Problems

Overheating is also familiar with the John Deere 5090e tractor. Overheating is caused by many factors. Some of these factors are; a dirty or clogged radiator, work overload, low coolant level, or even battery problems.

When you notice overheating problem in your device, be kind enough to deal with it immediately. 

If you do not treat it, the overheating can affect your engine. Yes, you may experience engine stalling or starter problems. 

How To Fix

Check the battery to ascertain a leakage, loose or corroded connection. Fix it immediately if there is any. Check the index of your coolant. Refill it to the recommended level if the index is below the correct grade.

In addition, reduce the workload and carefully clean the radiator to remove accumulated specks of dirt.

6. Starter Problem

Many factors can cause starter problems. If it is not that the starter is dead, there could be accumulated specks of dirt or debris in the fuel filter. Damaged piston rings can even cause it.

How To Fix

Repair or replace the damaged starter. Check the fuel system to ensure no dirt is occupying the fuel filter and pump.

The piston rings may require a replacement. And do not forget to check the working conditions of the engine and motor.

7. Diesel Motor Problems

Another problem majority of the John Deere 5090e users reported is the issue of the diesel motor. This comprises; diesel knock, diesel motor not starting, and diesel not rotating. These issues can be so annoying. However, you should not fold your hands about it.

A faulty starter can cause bad fuel grade, wrong fuel pump timing, discharged battery, dirty fuel pipes, and filter, or even worn-out piston rings.

How To Fix

Firstly, if the starter is a problem, replace it or repair it. Ensure there is no dirt or debris in the fuel filter and pipes. Clean and wash thoroughly if there is any. Also, top up the fuel if you discover an incorrect fuel grade. The piston rings should also be changed if weak.

Furthermore, ensure correct valve timing to avoid the inappropriate use of the cold start system. Above all, recharge the battery or restore it if the issue lies in the battery.

7. White Smoke Problem

White smoke is not environmentally friendly and should be treated with immediate effect.

White smokes indicate damaged piston rings or that your engine is running so cold. Also, it could be that the oil level of the John Deere 5090e tractor is high.

How To Fix

The piston rings should be replaced, your oil level should be reduced or replaced with new oil, and your engine should be allowed to warm.

What Is The John Deere 5090e Horsepower?

The John Deere 5090e tractor is indeed a reliable machine.

The horsepower is as follows;

  • The Maximum Engine Power, which is 92 hp
  • The rated PTO power is 75 how while
  • The rated engine power is 90 hp


The problems of the John Deere 5090e can either be fixed by you if you know your way around the machine, or you can engage the service of a mechanic.

We are sure that you are clear about the problems and possible ways to treat them. However, these highlighted problems do not cancel the fact that the John Deere 5090e tractor is an excellent tractor for heavy work.

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