12 Common Cub Cadet Intellipower Problems + Troubeshooting

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One of the most common Cub Cadet Intellipower problems is the engine not starting!

There are a couple of reasons why a Cub Cadet lawn mower won’t turn on, which could be: a loose spark plug connection, plugged air filter, bad fuel pump, bad battery, corrosion on the electrical components, dirty carburetor, bad switches or a faulty charging system.

If your mower won’t start, I’m going to walk you through a group of reasons why your Cub Cadet may not be turning on. Hopefully, your starting difficulty is an easy fix, and you can get back to clipping your lawn. 

Let’s discuss the various problems with cub cadet intellipower mower and troubleshooting solutions.

Troubleshooting Cub Cadet Intellipower Problems

1. No Gas in Your Cub Cadet Fuel Tank Causes the Mower Not to Start

You may be wondering why something as modest as gas in a fuel tank appears on the list. Gas is an apparent reason why your Cub Cadet won’t turn on.

As apparent as it appears, you may be shocked to learn of the number of grievances I’ve gotten from various users about their starting problem when the culprit was no fuel in the lawn mower. 


Fill your empty tank with fresh unleaded gasoline with an octane grade of 87-grade or higher. Select a gas with an ethanol level no bigger than 10%.

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2. Bad or Old Fuel in Your Cub Cadet Lawn Mower Causes a Starting Problem

Gas starts to erode, break down and become less beneficial after about 30 days. The ethanol used in gasoline brings about moisture.

This moisture, once it vanishes, abandons a gummy residue that can hinder your fuel system, including your fuel lines, filter, and carburetor.

It is essential to acquire fuel from a busy gas station and utilize it within a 30-day period. If you are incapable of using the said fuel within that time, you must put in a fuel additive to steady the fuel, so it lasts a little longer without breaking down.

3. Faulty Cub Cadet Fuel Cap Causes a Mower Not to Start

Your fuel cap has an outlet. 

When this vent gets clogged, your fuel tank will generate a vacuum deterring your Cub Cadet mower from drawing gas out of the fuel tank.

To examine whether your gas cap is the reason for your starting problem, take off the cap and turn on your mower. If the Cub Cadet that wouldn’t start starts at that moment, go ahead and fix the cap with the lawn mower still functioning.

You’ll wait for the mower to stutter and stop running from a lack of fuel. If it does, remove the cap and check if the mower will start up again.

When you encounter this kind of turning on and dying off from a fuel cap that is taken out and fixed on your Cub Cadet, you have an issue with the fuel cap.

4. Cub Cadet Has a Bad Spark Plug or Loose Connection 

Another explanation for why your Cub Cadet won’t function may be because of a bad spark plug connection or a bad spark plug. A plug that has carbon buildup or oil on the tip can foul out, prompting your engine to misfire and not come on.

Inspect the spark plug wire to confirm it’s making a good connection. Your spark plug must have the proper gaps according to the engine manufacturer’s specifications.

You can encounter starting and running problems with a loose spark plug wire or a wrongly gapped spark plug.

5. Plugged Cub Cadet Air Filter Causes Mower Not to Start

The engine in your Cub Cadet needs air to function. 

If your air filter gets very dirty, it can deprive the engine of air because air will no longer be able to go through the filter. A Cub Cadet engine that doesn’t get adequate air will not turn on.

When your air filter obstructs the airflow, the engine must locate air to go on with running. It may start overheating and pulling out what air it can get from the crankcase, which can substantially damage the engine.

6. Bad Cub Cadet Fuel Pump Causes It Not to Start

The fuel pump is active to get fuel to the carburetor. 

A pump will be required to help move the gas when the fuel tank is located below the carburetor. A fuel pump, just like any other computerized part, can go wrong over time. A likely reason is due to old fuel eroding the pump components.

7. Clogged Fuel Filter Causes a Cub Cadet Not to Start

Your fuel filter is a line of defense to prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine by straining the fuel. 

Be sure, though, that the fuel that is going on into the filter is also going out of the filter. 

If it does not, you must change it because it is most probably clogged, deterring your Cub Cadet from starting.

8. Clogged Fuel Line Causes a Cub Cadet Not to Start

Old fuel and dirt leave residues that can plug up your Cub Cadet mower’s fuel line.

9. Clogged & Dirty Carburetor Causes a Cub Cadet Not to Start

The purpose of the carburetor is to rectify the right amount of gas with the proper amount of air so your engine can generate combustion. 

Carburetors can get crusty buildup and gummy residues from utilizing old fuel containing ethanol.

10. Bad Battery or Loose Terminals on Your Cub Cadet Causes It Not to Start

Your Cub Cadet lawn mower needs a charged battery in order to turn it on. 

If your cables occur to be loose or your battery terminals indicate hints of corrosion, they can result in your mower starting problems.

11. Bad Safety Switch on Your Cub Cadet Causes It Not to Start

Your lawn mower may use numerous safety switches in its operator’s presence control system. The buttons are constructed to stop the engine when the operator gets out of the seat.

A bad switch may not comprehend when the operator is in or out of the seat resulting in your mower not starting.

12. Bad Cub Cadet Ignition Switch Prevents Mower from Starting

You put the key into your ignition switch and twist it, only to discover that nothing happens. 

Your Cub Cadet mower does not turn on. The ignition switch can be the reason. You can utilize a multimeter to assess the ignition switch.

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Signs of a Bad Carburetor on Cub Cadet Mower

You may encounter numerous indications when a carburetor is running too rich or too lean. Too rich is when the engine is collecting too much fuel. Too lean is when the engine is collecting too much air.

These lawn mowers’ alarming carburetor indications are:

Mower Won’t Start

A Cub Cadet may not turn on because of fuel or air restrictions not enabling the engine to get the fuel and air needed to run. 

Your starting problem may also be because of a bad spark plug or a weakened electrical component.

Mower Loses Power and Dies

Cub Cadet lawn mowers can encounter loss of power when the fuel or air systems are jeopardized, influencing your mower’s capacity to run. 

This can include bad fuel, air filters, dirty carburetor, and choked fuel lines.

Lawn Mower Smokes 

A Cub Cadet will smoke when oil arrives in the cylinder and starts to burn off; components begin to burn due to heightened friction from low oil capacity; and other engine failures occur internally, encompassing the piston ring, valve train, and gaskets.

Weak Hydrostatic Transmission 

Cub Cadets that use a hydrostatic transmission may encounter a weak transmission when the hydraulic is aged or low in capability. It can also feel unstable when the drive belt or tensioner pulley is old or broken.

Mower Won’t Drive Straight or Steer Correctly

Numerous items can influence your Cub Cadet mower’s steering, including inaccurate tire pressures, damaged dampers and worn steering components. 

The tracking may be off on Cub Cadet zero turns, resulting in the mower veering off to the right or left.

Lawn Mower Won’t Move

A Cub Cadet mower may not run due to a damaged or inadequate drive belt, old tensioner pulley, or missing idler spring. 

The transmission bypass rod and the drive release lever may be in the incorrect stance on your Cub Cadet hydrostatic mower.

The Mower is Vibrating

A Cub Cadet may be trembling because of relaxed elements and hardware on the mower; failing components comprising bearings in the clutch, pulleys and spindle housings; bad or unstable blades; and debris located under the pulleys and other regions of your Cub Cadet.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does my Cub Cadet keep shutting off?

The carburetor could be choked. A clogged carburetor is generally affected by leaving fuel in the lawn mower for a long time.

How do I know if my lawn mower solenoid is bad?

First, twist the ignition key to the “On” position. Search for the big terminal posts on the solenoid where the thick red wires attach to the solenoid. Touch the metal trunk of a screwdriver to both of the enormous terminals at the exact time. If the engine flips and turns on, the solenoid is wrong and should be changed.

Why is my riding mower so slow?

Because a lawn mower is driven by a combustion engine driven by liquid fuel, clogging is a crucial issue that hinders or even shuts down operations. In fact, clogging can happen in many portions of the lawn mower, including the fuel line, the gas cap, the carburetor, the “needle and seat,” and the air filter.

Are Cub Cadet mowers any good?

Yes, it is lovely. The Cub Cadet is simple to use, satisfying, and easy to preserve. It will do an excellent job cutting your grass. 

How much does a Cub Cadet Intellipower cost?

A Cub Cadet Intellipower costs around $4,500.


You will enjoy your cub cadet more when you know how to troubleshoot the problems and proffer solutions to them.

The Cub Cadet Intellipower problems will be a park walk for you.

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