7 Common Spartan Mower Problems + Troubleshooting

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The Spartan mower brand is popular in the United States for their reliable lawn mowers. Although this company is known for excellent mowers around the country, it always comes second to Bad Boy mowers because of specific complaints from the users. It has even been said to have become poor by some spartan users. 

This article will discuss some common Spartan Mower problems and how to troubleshoot them. In the end, you should be able to know what happens to your Spartan mowers without panicking. We would appreciate it if you stick with us as we proceed. 

Troubleshooting Spartan Mower Problems

While there are some fantastic features these mowers possess, there are also a few problems that can be common among them; some of these problems include:

1. Starting Problems 

Getting your lawn mower to start can be an issue, and most times, this problem is more evident with age, connection, and level of maintenance. There are many reasons your spartan mowers refuse to start, and some of these problems include a dirty spark plug, bad air filter, bad wiring, and an old gas in the fuel tank. 

In this situation, it would be best for you to contact the manufacturer so you can resolve the issue. Before then, you can try troubleshooting to see the exact problem.

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2. Issue With Noise 

A significant reason why the spartan mower is one of the best mower deals you can have is due to its silent operation. Some users claim that the blades start to make a noise after some time. The primary reason why this happens is due to some faulty units that need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 

Most reasons why the spartan mowers make noises are because the blades have come loose, and you can repair this issue just by tightening the blade, and some other reasons are because the spartan mower is experiencing wear; if you do not know what the exact reason is, try to contact a professional. 

3. Uneven Cut 

Although this isn’t the mowers’ fault in most cases, uneven cut is another major issue that spartan mower owners experience.

When cutting grasses from your lawns, you might notice that the grasses are cutting unevenly and not the way you want it; in most cases, you would need to sharpen your blades, and then your mower would be as good as new. 

In other cases, you should check the deck underneath your mower and ensure that there is no grass building up underneath it because if a lot of grasses are gathered underneath it, then it would not be able to cut effectively. 

Surprisingly, if the tires of your mowers are deflated, they wouldn’t cut too correctly. So, if any of these is going on with your mower, then it is your duty as the owner to ensure that the tires are inflated again. 

4. Wet Grasses 

Wet grass is another common problem with the Spartan mower. Most varieties kd the spartan mowers were designed to be able to cut through mildly wet grasses. Some reasons why your spartan mowers can’t cut through wet grasses efficiently include blunt blades and clogged decks. 

You may be able to resolve this issue by sharpening the blades and also ensuring that the deck is free of any debris. If after doing this the problem still persists, then call on a professional repairman. 

5. Brakes not working

Brakes not working is a problem common to a lot of Mowers and not just the spartan mowers. This issue is caused by excessive use of the mower and not storing it in the right areas after use; leaving it under the sun and also under yeh rain. 

This issue can be fixed by calling on a professional repairman to have it checked because it won’t be easy doing it all by yourself. 

6. Expensive Replacement Parts 

Replacing a damaged or old part of your spartan mower can be very difficult because, with the robust design of this machine, it would be tough for you to get replacement parts; this is one thing most buyers consider before getting a device. 

7. Difficulty To Maneuver 

It is naturally tough for you to handle your spartan mower around places like tree roots because its blades are not strong enough to handle more complicated things.

Ensure that you keep your mower away from tree roots and flower beds because this can cause damage to your mower.

How Do I Maintain Spartan Mowers?

Maintaining spartan mowers is easy. All you have to do is do the right things, and it’s as easy as that. Some maintenance tips for your spartan mowers include; 

  • Checking the air filters
  • Checking your spartan deck. The spartan deck is where all the grass, dirt, and debris go after using your spartan mowers. Ensure that you check the deck frequently because if this dirt gathers there, it can reduce the efficiency of your spartan mowers
  • Sharpening your mower blades. This is very important to avoid cases of uneven cuts. Keeping your spartan blades clean is one thing and keeping them sharpened is another. If you’re unsure how to sharpen them, don’t do it yourself; get a professional
  • Store your mower correctly. At the end of every season, ensure that you store your spartan mowers properly so they can last longer. Ensure that you do not leave this mower under the rain or hot sun, take it in the house, get rid of the dirt or debris, and then lubricate the tires and areas that need lubricating

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Spartan Mowers Worth the Price?

If you have a large lawn ad would find it stressful to mow with your hands, then you should get the spartan mower because it is straightforward to operate due to its zero-turn technology and elastomer techspak cushioning; it is straightforward to operate and move around with doing any work at all. 

Some additional features that the spartan mower has are the revolutionary brake system that allows it to turn in the slightest places in addition to its expansive mowing deck of about 42-72 inches that helps you deliver uniform and more work in less time.

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What Is the Warranty of a Spartan Mower?

Spartan mowers have a warranty of about 3 years and 500 hours for residentials. And besides that, you have 2 years unlimited hours of commercial warranty and 120 days belt warranty.

Ensure that your spartan mower runs for the required number of years, and even more, ensure that you maintain it appropriately by changing the gas frequently; don’t use gas from the previous season into the new season. 

Ensure that the deck beneath your spartan mower is free from debris and dirt because this can also affect its performance and also ensure that you sharpen dull blades before use. Do not leave your spartan mower under the rain to avoid rusting. Beware of all these and treat your spartan mower well for it to operate normally for you. 

Are Spartan Mowers Commercial?

The spartan company is happy to provide you with commercial-grade mowers. Are you tired of making use of residential mowers for your offices? Then you can opt for the commercial grade mowers which improve your work in the office.