Common Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problems

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Bad Boy mowers are a trusted and renowned brand for tractors, but even with their reliability, they are still known for some problems, just like most other machines out there.

That said, most Bad Boy mower transaxle problems comes either as a result of manhandling or as a result of ageing. So, it would help if you remembered that your mower has nothing wrong, and the problems can be fixed.

The good thing is that there are many ways you can fix these problems, dive with us as we explain more. 

Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problems

Bad boy mower is a brand that provides us with an effortless and smooth zero-turn system, so for that reason, they are indeed close to perfect. Over the years, many reviewers have come up with one or two comments on the mowers. Some of these include the transaxle. 

Some people do not understand what the transaxle means, but you should know that it is essential to every machine.

The work of the transaxle system to transfer power from your machine’s engine to its wheel and enable movement. So, if your transaxle system is terrible, moving your vehicle would be difficult or even impossible.

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These Bad Boy mowers come with an excellent suspension system that makes the ride smooth by ensuring the mower decks are kept steady, and the transaxle system is also the backbone behind every clean and uniform cut.

All these features would only be able to operate correctly if the transaxle systems are kept problem-free, so now, what results if the transaxle system develops faults?

So, if you use a bad boy mower with a faulty transaxle on grasses like the Bermuda grasses, you would not only do more damage to the cutting blades but also damage the grass since it requires a clean cut. Therefore, ensure that you fix this problem sooner. The issues that are more prominent in the transaxle are the following; 

  • Hydraulic fluid problems 
  • Damaged hydro system or charge pump

When your hydraulic fluid starts leaking, the best fix to this problem is installing a new seal kit and if you have a defective hydro system, make sure to show it to a mechanic for investigation. 

Are Bad Boy Mowers Known For Any Other Problem?

Yes, below are other notable problems with the brand:

Electrical Deck Lift Problems 

This problem usually happens when the actuator doesn’t work as it should, resulting from the failure of the shaft screwing in and out when the actuator is still spinning.

Before finding a solution, you must be sure that the problem is actually from the actuator. To confirm this, unscrew the actuator of your mower and check if the house it is contained in is appropriately sealed and moist; if not, then the actuator is the case. 

If the case with the actuator is a poor housing seal, ensure that you use a sealant gasket to fix this; after setting, you can now check if the actuator works fine. 

Steering Problems 

The problem you are most likely to face with the steering wheel is acting correctly and moving it in the right direction. Bad Boy mowers show this problem a lot, and this is one of the worst problems you would want to face with your mowers because it makes it very uncomfortable to handle. 

Also, when riding your mower and it feels like it is crashing towards one side, you should know that the problem is from the wheel and steering. Some reasons why your mower might be behaving that way include; 

  • Loose grip from some of the tires
  • A defective dampener absorbs shock
  • Poor adjustments from the mower

Bad Boy Mower Belt Problems 

These problems might be widespread if you have used the mower for too long and the deck starts to shake. Even if you just got your mower recently, it is general if you use it at a stretch without rest. 

The most common reason this happens is that the belt at the back of your machine system becomes loose and if the screws from the pulley or lock collars fall off. These issues are not very difficult to repair as all you have to do is tighten the belt, which would be all okay. 

How To Maintain Your Bad Boy Mowers

When it comes to reducing how long the grasses on your mower are, nothing does the job like the mowers. To get optimum satisfaction, you have to settle for a very comfortable mower which results in you playing and a hefty price.

You wouldn’t want your mower to start developing major faults after all the money you spent on getting it, and that you why you have to ensure that you maintain your mowers with the proper maintenance tips. 

Some maintenance tips you should adhere to include; 

  • Changing your oil as soon as it goes stale. We all agree that oil is one of the critical components of the bad boy mower, and therefore, change it frequently and check the user’s manual for the correct oil type and proportion
  • Keep your air filters clean and replace them when necessary. Most times, the air filters are underrated but little do you know that if these air filters are liked, insufficient air gets into the mowers, which may lead to a significant problem if ignored
  • Cleaning and sharpening the blades properly would avoid uneven cuts

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Can the Bad Boy Mowers Last?

Your Bad Boy mowers can last for about 3-4 years, delivering approximately 1500 to 2000 lawn mowing time. To maintain that, you should regularly service and provide proper maintenance services to your mowers from time to time.

Why Does My Bad Boy Mower Keep Shutting Off?

If this is the case with your Bad Boy mower, then you should check for any of these problems;

  • Clogged air filters
  • Ignition coil problems
  • Clogged fuel filters
  • Spark plug

Are Spartan Mowers and Bad Boy Mowers the Same?

No, they are not. These mowers are just founded by the same person but are not the same. 

Are Bad Boy Mowers Reliable?

Yes, of course. Due to their steel design, these Bad Boy mowers can work for hours without stress, but you should ensure that you do not overwork them. 

What Engine Works Best in A Bad Boy Mower?

The best engine to use with your bad boy is the 747cc KHL pro engine if you are searching for a durable and reliable machine. This engine is built with an imposing 747cc Kohler command pro engine that can handle even the most challenging terrain.