Top 35 Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas (With Photos)

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Deciding to settle for an above-ground pool is one issue and getting to know if it would fit perfectly into your landscape is another. 

Most people have this mentality that pools are meant to be in backyards, and once you place any pool type there, it all works out great. I’m afraid that’s not right, and you have to be able to picture how this pool would look in your backyard or landscape before mooting it there. 

There are several ways to prevent this issue of placing your collection out of place, and we will provide you with several landscaping ideas to help you out. 

Some fantastic landscaping ideas that would work great for your above-the-ground pool include lining your collection with palm trees, if you planted any, or framing around your pool with flower pots. 

Please stick with us; we will provide some of the best above ground pool landscaping ideas that will work well for you. 

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Some unique landscape sceneries for your above-the-pool swimming pools include; 

1. Lining The Pool with The Decorative Palm Trees 

Dion, this would make our backyard and every swimming you go for feel like a fantastic getaway. Place large palm trees around the pool, although this method wouldn’t work well in areas that experience high rainfall. So if you live in hot spots, you should try this out.

2. Flower Pots Around Your Pool 

Whoever said creating amazing greenery around your pool has to be done in the ground? If your collection is covered with either ravels or even tiles in such a way you can’t let any plant down, don’t worry, you get just aligned flower pots around it; it would still create that fantastic effect. 

3. Grasses Around The Pool 

After a long time in the pool, it is normal for your feet to get both wet and slippery, and with the classic grass by your side, you would feel the warmth and not have to worry about slipping.

Grasses may seem tedious, but trust me on this one, it’s a perfect choice with the fantastic grass type. 

4. Create A Fence of Flowers 

Creating a fence of flowers doesn’t mean you should make an actual fence around your pool. This entails that you should get a couple of tall flowers and line your collection around them. That way, you can be able to separate your pool from the entire yard in a beautiful way. 

5. Let A Flower Bed Go into Your Patio 

So if your yard is not covered up with enough greenery and you want more, you can get yourself a flower bed and place it on your patio close to your pool; that way, you would be creating a beautiful outlook and also sneaking in a bit of greenery into your pool space. 

6. Let Vines Creep Up the Walls of Your Backyard 

You do not even have to do much work in this case. You have to plant your viny plants and let them do the trick. These vines can grow up the wall so your fence and transform the outdoor space close to your above-the-ground pool. 

7. Surround Your Pool Areas with Snake Plants 

Some above-ground poolsides are already flanked with creative sceneries like the slides, stairs, and waterfalls; all these already paint the picture; all you would need to complete is just the snake plants. These snake plants are easy to grow, and if you handle them properly, they can end up even more impressive. 

8. Surround The Area with Monkey Grass 

If you conduct your research, you will discover that the monkey grass is a go-to plant in several outdoor spaces because it is straightforward to grow and maintain. Since the grasses keep their shape, they are left in for a long time; these plants would make a great lining to your walls and fences. 

9. Build A Garden Next to Your Pool 

Instead of doing the regular thing and letting your pool take all the beauty and credit, you can decide to plant a garden, very striking right next to your collection. That way, you can be able to look around your beautiful scenery while going for a swim. 

10. Draping Flowers Around the Walls of Your Pool 

This idea is a very romantic one. You can let flowers drape across the walls of your pool by lining its edges with several types of flowers.

This idea would be easier to pull off if your collection has thick walls, and a straightforward way you can achieve this is by topping the pool with dangling flowers from pots. 

11. Mix And Match Various Plants 

If you want to create a clean landscape, you can go for just one plat type and stick with it, but if you’re a fan of various flowers and plants, you can mix and match them perfectly in your garden. 

You can plant several flowers by the side of your above-the-ground pool, mix them with bushes all around the paths, and plant trees by the side of the collection; the option is all up to you. 

It would help if you remembered that you can always pluck up plants that you do not find up to your taste and replant them; you can get as creative as you want. 

12. Provide Yourself With A Great View 

The whole idea behind landscaping is not just planting flowers around your pool; you would want to create a beautiful view. 

So if you already have a great view from the other side of the pool, then you could make the most out of it. 

Eliminate tall shrubs and trees from the path that may be blocking you from the incredible sight, and instead, stick to shorter and pretty plants to create an exclusive blend of a fantastic backyard

13. Pair And Plant Short Plants with Taller Ones 

This is like mixing and matching, but unlike pairing several plants with trees and bushes, you get to mix only tall and shorter plants. 

Several taller plants, like the shrubs and trees, look amazing when paired with the garden fences. 

You can align shooter plants like the grasses and flowers at the lower parts of your pool. 

That way, you can dress out the lower and closer parts of your collection without covering the view from the fantastic taller trees by the fences. 

14. Create A Mini Garden Between the Pool and Your Home 

If the distance between the pool and your home is a maximum of a few feet away, and you feel like there is no way you can dress the area up, then you are all right. You can settle in a place with a mini garden between the pool and your home, that way, you would be turning just a plain old space into something unique. 

15. Get Plants and Paving Stones 

If your yard is covered with gravel, you should be okay with letting plants grow between the stones. You can also decide to space out your pavers and let these plants grow between them. If you are the type of person that is heavy o organization and beauty, then you can go with this method. 

You would provide a defined pathway and align the area around and between the gravel with beautiful grasses and flowers. With this, you can end up with a lovely outdoor space. 

16. Plant Cacti Plants Along the Stairs 

If your pool comes with enough stair space, then you can decide to line the stairs up with cacti plants. 

You do not have to worry about sprawling because growth with this plant is slow, and you do not have to worry about spilling on your steps. 

17. Line Your Pool with The Ivy Plants 

You can also create a fairytale-themed poolside by lining it up with the ivy plants along the oasis. 

I’ve planted fast growers, so that covers most of the work for you. All you have to do now is trim the plants adequately when it gets to the top. 

18. Let The Grasses Peek Through the Pavers

If you are heavy on neatness and tidiness, this would be an excellent option. The paving stones are perfect for creating pathways, and planting them with geometric tiles would be ideal. 

After placing these pavers loosely, you can just let these plants grow between them. If you want to be more organic, you can put these pavers in irregularly and still leave out some space for the plants to grow through. 

19. Wood And Glass Fencing 

When getting a suitable landscape for your above-the-ground pool, you do not need to consider plants ad greenery; making other parts around the pool attractive also works. 

The design with wood and glass would give our yard a sophisticated yet minimalistic look. 

20. Laying Out the Edge with Bricks 

Brick edging is a very excellent idea for small-sized above-the-ground pools. You can arrange the bricks irregularly in a rugged manner to give the area a straightforward look; this design is for people who want something simple. 

This strategy can also make your collection look like an in-ground pool. 

21. Build A Wall with Stones Around the Area

You could provide your environment with a unique outlook by creating a fence of stones around it. 

You can make this using blocks, bricks, tiles, or even rocks; in the end, the goal is to be creative. 

22. Add Various Entries to The Deck

If you intend to create a deck above the ground pool, making it with more than one entry to the pool can be very captivating.

To provide the proper drainage pattern when it rains, you can just get gravel and place them all around the perimeter. 

23. Add Multiple Entertainment Locations 

In most recreational pools, you would notice that not only are collections available, but you would also get to see spas and pool hairs where you can relax after a long swim; you can do the same for your home above-the-ground pools. 

You could feature a spa on the lower level of the ground, nestled in a semicircular shrub of flowers and shrubs. 

If you want to create the best divide, you can use wildflowers and ground covers to keep people on the walkway. 

24. Build A Particular Pathway to The Pool

In most cases, these pools have an irregular pathway, especially if they are home pools in your backyard, but you can opt to make your case different. 

Before placing the stones down to create a defined pathway, you would notice that the grasses in the area mainly walked on have been suppressed, and you can now place your way on that area. 

25. Create A Half Deck and Privacy Fence 

You only sometimes have a pool with a deck that connects to your home; you can always have your pool deck. After that, creating a high fence for privacy would be ideal. You can get a wall that surrounds your pool, and you’re good to go, 

You can decide to add a table and an umbrella above your patio to create the avenue for a perfect dinner close to the pool. 

26. Similar Colors and Shapes of The Essentials in The Pool 

You can keep your pool looking sleek and unique by creating a similar appearance in the angles and colors of the stepping stones, longer chairs, patio umbrellas, flowers, and even the pool wall. Also, ensure that you take excellent advantage of the shade cast by the tree. 

27. Add To the Color with Flowering Plants 

You can decide to get the whole scenery to align with the plants. You can get your lounge chairs with brown frames to mimic the brown sand and create a blend, and you can also get your cushions in deep green and maybe red to align with the plants’ deep green stems and the roses you are going to be planting around. 

The plant is not fixed, so if you want to opt for a sunflower, then ensure you have a yellow plant to go with it. 

28. Build A Sun Deck 

With this design, you would have an extended deck that grants you access to one side of the pool, a towel bar that ensures quick access to your towel, and stepping stones that would lead your swimmers to a shaded area. 

If you want to hide the pool frame, maybe because it wasn’t up to your taste, you can plant bushes to hide it. 

29. Creating A Desert Oasis 

If you pay attention, you will realize that the pools in desert areas blend in with their environment on a stone façade. So to create this landscape, you can just make use of clay shingles to cover the roof of the seats around the pool area. 

To create the entertainment around the pool, you can use lava rocks and trees to define the entertainment area. 

30. Creating A Geometric Interest with Pavers

If you do not want to remodel your pool landscape, you can fill in one or two additions, like the spa. Now, how do you get the hotel to fill the rest of the patio? The solution to this problem is getting rectangular planters to go around your semicircular pool outline. 

31. Extend Your Patio and Add a Gazebo 

You can decide to extend your patio and add a gazebo to your landscape; this is a larger and better form of the patio umbrella. Ensure you plant low-growing bushes to hide the pool’s filtration system and soften the fence lines. 

32. Wider Staircase Leading to The Pool and The Concrete Seating 

We are creating a more expansive space leading to the pool deck, providing you with a broader way to let more people up to the pool and the recreational area. 

33. Building Deck on The Hills

You can be able to turn your plain pool into something more fabulous by adding an above-wood framing. You can also create a deck area that hides in the shade. You can also keep the grasses from growing too close or too long to the pool by adding shrubs or a mulch bed. 

34. Creating A Desert Dream Close to Your Pool 

most times, creating a pool close to a desert is very tricky because the heat dries up the pools too fast in larger sizes, but the solution to this problem is quite simple: create smaller collections. Also, ensure that you provide it with enough shade. 

If you want to go further, you can keep the area’s color light by planting lighter flowers to reflect the sun instead of absorbing it. 

35. Create An Aquatic Landscape

you can also improve the outlook of your area by creating an aquatic landscape. You can pull this off easily by planting blue-colored plants and letting little puddles across the province. 

Pros And Cons of Getting Above Ground Pool 

Although the above-ground pools seem like they are all rosy, there are equal pros and cons to going with them. Below are some pros and cons of the above-ground pools. 

Some of the pros of the above-the-ground pools include the following; 

1. Very Easy to Install

Unlike under-the-ground pools, above-ground pools do not require assembling or hard work. All you have to do is ensure that you correctly assemble them. 

You can also disassemble them whenever you want or in areas like the rainy season, and pack them indoors, and it is also an easier choice when the house you’re staying in is not yours, and you feel the need to relocate a point. 

2. They Are Affordable 

The cost difference between the in-ground pools and the above-the-ground pools should be several tens of thousands. 

The reason is that with in-ground pools, you would need to pay for labor used in installation and also materials, but it is very easy for the above ground pools. 

3. Safety 

You would find above-the-ground pools at heights ranging between 48-52 inches tall, and that way, it Is not that deep, unlike under-the-ground pools that come in more profound sizes. 

Apart from not being too deep, these pools are surrounded by reinforced handles that provide you with additional safety to prevent slippage. 

4. Low Level of Maintenance 

With the elevation above the ground pools, it would be difficult for leaves and insects to get into them, and with that, you can decide to install pool covers when the collection is not in use. 

Also, when it gets damaged by the side, patching it all up is more accessible than inbuilt pools. 

Also, some of the cons of the above-the-ground pools include the following; 

5. Lifespan 

Although the above-the-ground pools have a fantastic lifespan of about 15 years, it is prone to several damages, unlike the ground pools, which have a lifespan of about 20 years and counting. 

6. Versatility 

You can always decide to upgrade your pool, but you would also be aware that the options are limited. 

You cannot dive too deep into the water due to how shallow it is, and you can also not find these pools coming with diving boards and several other materials. 

7. General Look 

Above-the-ground pools look more like bathtubs, so it only does a little to improve the collection’s overall look. 


Whatever landscaping idea you go with will make your home look fantastic; all you have to do is ensure that you are doing things your style!

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