6 Common John Deere 125 Problems + Troubleshooting

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The John Deere 125 tractors are highly efficient and as a small-scale farmer, you will find it very handy in your farming business. But while these tractors are reliable, there are few John Deere 125 problems that you ought to know about.

Some of the common problems with John Deere 125 tractors include engine problems, electrical issues, problems with the mower deck, tractor won’t start, tractor vibrating and points with the air filter.

This article highlights the various issues with John Deere 125 mowers and how to troubleshoot and fix them.

Common John Deere 125 Problems

1. Tractor Wonts Start or Find It Difficult to Start

There are several reasons you might be experiencing this issue; you can fix most of these from the comfort of your home.

Common reasons your tractor does not start or find challenging are a dirty carburetor, bad spark plug, old gas or empty gas tank and electrical wiring issues.

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Reasons Why Your Tractor Won’t Start Solutions 
Wrong or stale or old fuel in the fuel tankReplacing old and worn power with a new one
Faulty spark plug Ensure that you replace your spark plug
Clogged air filters Regularly clean your air filters to free them from dirt and debris, and in extreme cases, change the air filer
Dirty carburetor Wash or clean your carburetor. Replace it in difficult situations
Defective switch Call on a professional to repair or even replace if required

2. Overheating Engine 

When you notice your engine overheating, ensure that you handle this situation quickly because it is fatal and can lead to fire outbreaks. One common reason your engine overheats is an excess load on the machine, pool oil used, or idle speed issues due to a loose or worn-out spark plug

You can handle this situation by ensuring that you do not impose too much load on your engine during its usage and also replace worn-out spark plugs if necessary and replace rotten or damaged spark plugs. 

3. Starter Motor Issues 

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In this case, your machine is rendered useless. Although your engine might be functioning okay, your starter motor, which links the engine and the device starts, is terrible; therefore, the device is useless.

Sometimes, it is due to a low battery, so you should check if your battery is charged correctly before taking further steps.

Reasons Why Your Motor Refuses to StartSolution 
Defective fuseGet a new fuse 
Battery terminals are corroded. Inspect and clean the terminals of the battery
Damaged starterRepair or, better still, replace the starter.
Damaged wiring Ensure that you can on a professional to fix this issue

4. Vibration Problems 

During operation, did you notice that the machine kept vibrating? Then yes, the problem is most likely with the machine’s belt drive. In some cases, while the engine is vibrating, it would switch on but not move; it is also sometimes due to a lousy belt drive. 

Vibration Problems Causes Solution To Vibration Issues 
Worn out or damaged attachment belt Replace the belt drive 
Malfunctioning of the drive pulleyReplace the drive pulley
Bent or unbalanced mower duct blades Set the mower  blades properly and straight, and even sharpen them if necessary 
Excessive transmission oilCheck the level of your transition oil.

5. Uneven Cuts 

Sometimes when mowing, you discover that are some points, the grasses are not cut the way you want them to; the primary reason behind that is a blunt blade. Ensure that you check on how sharp your mower blades are before you begin mowing off the grass. 

Some other issues that might have led to uneven cuts include low mower deck and traveling too fast with your tractors.

You can fix these problems by ensuring that your deck is leveled enough and not pushed in too much and cutting your grasses a  bit slower if you are the type to move too fast; operate at a lower speed. 

6. Mower Losing Power and Dying Frequently 

There are many reasons your john Deere 125 mowers lose power and die faster than they should. Some of the reasons why this happens are due to affected air or fuel system.

These problems can be due to a bad air filter, lousy carburetor, clogged fuel lines, and wrong or old fuel. Some reasons why your cub cadet dies while mowing and its solutions include; 

  • Wrong fuel due to the frequent breakage in usage over time. You can fix this fuel issue by draining the fuel tank and replacing it with new energy. 
  • Causes of a plugged air filter are usually dirt, grasses or even mud. You can fix this issue by removing your air filter and adequately cleaning it; if it has damages you can’t repair, you should replace it. 
  • A dirty or plugged carburetor can contribute to this issue; you can fix this by cleaning the carburetor.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Won’t My Mower Move Either Forward or Backward?

Most times, this is a result of a clogged fuel filter. So, when the fuel filter is stuck, the level of fuel that can be transmitted from the fuel tank to the essential parts of the machine is reduced. When your air filter is damaged, it can also prevent your device from moving backward or forward because it would overheat quickly. 

How Long Does the John Deere Mower Last?

Your john Deere mower is supposed to last eight to ten years, which amounts to 4500- 5000 hours of usage in its lifetime. Whether you are going with a new or slightly used tractor, you should be sure that it would be able to last for a minimum of eight years with the proper maintenance. 

How Much Is a John Deere 125 Mower in the US?

 A john Deere D25 purchase price in the US is about $1799.00, and it is reasonable for a mower with impressive specs like the 125 model. 

Positive Reviews on The John Deere D125

Many users are satisfied with the operation and overall ease of operation on the john Deere machine. The feature that the users most appreciate is the ability of the cutting height of the blade to be adjusted. And also, the noise that the tractor produces while in action is comparably low compared to other tractors of its model. 

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