Top 5 John Deere X320 Problems (Troubleshooting Tips)

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By Bryan Peters

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The John Deere x320 problems are common. This implies that 80% of the users complained about them. 

The John Deere x320 is the first of the John Deere 300 series. It is highly rated by users and performs work effectively and efficiently. 

Despite these features, we have gotten many complaints about this tractor. Keep reading as we unravel them in the next section. 

John Deere x320 Problems

This is the essential part of this article. The John Deere x320 problems can be grouped into the following; 

  • Starting Problems 
  • Carburetor Problems 
  • PTO Problems
  • Transmission problems 
  • Wiring Problems 
  • Steering Problems 

Stay with us as we explain each problem, its causes, and how to fix it.

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1. Starting Problem 

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The first problem is the starting problem. This means the inability of the machine to start and perform work. If you notice that your tractor is not starting, there are reasons for it. The reasons below are some of them.


If your tractor is not starting or challenging to start, then you have to check if the engine is in good condition. 

Check the oil level and ensure you are using the recommended gasoline.

Spark Plug

A faulty or damaged spark plug can cause a starting problem. First, inspect the spark plugs; if they are faulty, repair or replace them immediately.

Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel pump and filter is also a culprit here. If you discover specks of dirt in the fuel pump, clean them up and ensure that the filter is dirt-free.


A loose connection causes the battery to discharge, which causes the tractor not to start.

Also, dead battery cells can be responsible for this. Tighten loose connection and terminals and replace the dead battery.


If, after checking the battery and it is in order, the next step is to check the starter. Repair or change the starter if it is the fault.

2. Carburetor Problem

The John Deere x320 carburetor helps tremendously in the internal combustion of liquid and air. There are a lot of signs that indicate carburetor problem, but the major ones are; 

  • Loss of power
  • Engine not starting
  • And the inability to control power.

When you notice any of these, check the following culprit and fix it immediately.

Control Cable

If the control cable is not in complete control of power, it will affect your carburetor.

Always ensure that the control cable has complete control of power. This can be achieved by adequately adjusting it.


It could also be that the carburetor is very dirty. Clean the carburetor very well and eliminate specks of dirt.

Oil Leakage

Oil spillage or leakage is also a contributor to the carburetor problem. Inspect and tighten any oil terminal.

Mixture Adjustment Screw

A damaged or cracked adjustment screw is another primary culprit here.

The best remains to replace them.

3. Power Take-Off (PTO) Problem

Aside from starting and carburetor problems, the PTO problem is another critical issue the users of the John Deere x320 tractor reported.

The PTO problem is evident in the blades not working due to less power supply and, in some cases, working slowly. This is caused by the PTO switch or clutch not engaging.

Connecting Wires

A cut or disconnected wiring system can also cause the PTO switch not to engage.

Connect the disconnected wires, and ensure there is no loose connection.

PTO Clutch

If the connecting Wires are not responsible, the PTO clutch could be the cause. Replacing the clutch is the best way to fix this problem since it can’t be repaired.

4. Transmission Problem

Like the other users complained about the John Deere x320 transmission problems, you may likely encounter that too.

These can manifest in the following;


Lack of oil can cause the transmission to lose power.

Ensuring that you use the recommended lubricant for your model is essential.

Piston Pump Seals

When the piston pump seals are worn, transmission problems may occur. First, inspect the seals for damages and wear. Replace if it is the culprit.   

Drive Pulley Belt

Wrong positioning of the drive pulley belt or stripping out of position of the belt can also cause transmission problems.

If the belt is the issue, adjust it immediately or change it.

Transmission Tunnel

A dirty transmission tunnel is another major cause of transmission problems. Clean the tunnel thoroughly to eliminate accumulated specks of dirt. the

5. Wiring Problem

The next problem of the John Deere x320 is the wiring problem. This could affect the engine, carburetor, starter, and PTO switch. Wiring problems can appear as;

  • Leakages
  • Loose connection
  • Wrong wiring
  • And worn-out wires

Whichever the problem, fixing it is the next step to take. Tighten and fasten the connections and ensure they are well connected to avoid sparks or burns in the cause of working.

6. Steering Problems

The steering helps you to control the movement of the tractor with great precision. However, you are likely to experience issues with the steering. This could be irritating but can be easily fixed.

  • Be careful while moving to avoid hitting any hard object
  • The gears and bearings may be damaged. Restore or change them
  • Realign the steering wheel with the mower wheel

These tips will help you fix your steering problems without a sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Engine Does the John Deere x320 Have?

The John Deere x320 engine is Kawasaki FH66IV which is one of the most robust and reliable engines. The John Deere x320 is, no doubt, the first John Deere 300 series and a reliable utility tractor in all ramifications.

How Many Hours Can John Deere x320 Last?

The John Deere x320 can last between 8-10 years. That is about 70,080 hours to 87, 600 hours in its lifetime. This shows how strong and durable the John Deere x320 is.

Does The John Deere x320 Have An Alternator?

Yes, the John Deere x320 has an alternator. The flywheel has a 15-amp capacity. It is worthy of note that the flywheel is relevant in recharging the battery and powering the electrical equipment of the tractor.

Is John Deere x320 Good?

Yes, the John Deere x320 is suitable. The tractor is well-built and equipped with the right features. With a 48-54-inch deck, 22 Horsepower V-Twins engine, and other unique features, one can proudly give John Deere Company the tag of being the leading manufacturer of garden and agricultural machinery.

Bottom Line

The John Deere x320 tractor is indisputably a good utility tractor. However, there are John Deere X320 Deere problems you may face as a user.

We have outlined and explained the problems, their reasons, and possible solutions. And we are confident that this article is worth your reading. However, you can also engage the service of a professional mechanic. 

Enjoy your lawn mower!

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