Top 6 John Deere 5045E Problems (Troubleshooting Tips)

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By Bryan Peters

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John Deere 5045e problems can create a lot of inconveniences. However, they do not rule out the fact that the John Deere 5045e is a good tractor. 

It is specifically designed for those who need a long-lasting and dependable machine while at work. What makes John Deere 5045e unique, and what are the common problems with John Deere 5045e tractors? 

Excellent! In this article, you will get the answers to the above questions and practical steps to troubleshoot and solve those problems.

Let’s get started!

John Deere 5045E Problems

The following are the common John Deere 5045e tractor problems;

  • The problem with the starter
  • Hydraulic Problems
  • Power loss problems
  • Engine stalling
  • Engine overheating
  • Steering Problems

Let us carefully examine each problem and the solutions to fix them.

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1. The Problem Of Starters

The starter problem is mainly associated with the John Deere 5045e tractor. Users have reported countless times about this particular problem, but then, there is always a way out.

First, you need to be sure if the starter is the problem. To do this, examine the battery. Check out for corroded connections, including the leads.

If you discover a fault while checking the battery and its connection, you may consider fixing it immediately.

However, if the battery and all connections are in order, the problem is the starter.

Solving The Starter Problem

To solve the starter problem of the John Deere 5045e tractor, you need to dust off debris or dust that must have been built up in the two posts of the solenoid.

Apply pressure on the metal frame of the mower after attaching a black booster wire to the negative post.

After that, proceed to tie a red booster wire to the positive post of the solenoid while applying pressure on the mower.

Once the starter is back to life, remove the red booster wire before the black booster wire.

2. Engine Overheating

John Deere 5045e tractors also have the problem of overheating, which may cause the engine to knock out or even stop working.

Engine overheating is a result of the coolant level being lowered. That said, do not wait for the engine to heat too much before doing the needful.

Solving The Problem Of Engine Overheating

When you notice the engine has become too much, stop the tractor and pour liquid into the radiator.

The liquid level must be at the recommended level. After that, allow the engine to cool before starting work.

3. Hydraulic System Problem

Aside from the starter problem, the John Deere 5045e has an issue with the hydraulic system.

You need to understand that the hydraulic system problem is not caused by one factor. 

Low levels of hydraulic fluid, air and oil mixing, and oxidation of the hydraulic fluid can lead to a severe hydraulic system problem in your John Deere 5045e tractor.

Solving Hydraulic System Problems

The first step towards solving any problem of John Deere 5045e is identification. Identifying the cause of the situation makes it easier to proffer possible solutions.

When the fault is not pinpointed, you would likely waste your time on irrelevances.

So, problem identification is the first action to solving hydraulic system problems.

Since the problem of the hydraulic system is usually caused by low levels of hydraulic fluid, then, you should check the fluid level and top it up if need be.

Secondly, make sure there is no mixture of air and water in the front axle. Clean and get rid of any debris accumulation.

In addition, make sure that your John Deere 5045e tractor is not operated in a too-hot or cold condition to avoid hydraulic system problems.

4. Steering Problem

While working with a John 5045e tractor, you may also encounter problems with the steering. It could be the steering wheel moving too quickly or the steering not working.

Low oil rating and broken steering cylinder are the significant causes of the steering wheel moving too quickly while too much air and low hydraulic fluid are behind the steering not working.

Solving Steering Problems

If the steering wheel of your John Deere 5045e works at free will, then apply a reasonable amount of oil, repair the broken steering cylinder and examine your steering pump.

Furthermore, check the air filter of the hydraulic system. Dust off the debris and replace the filter if broken. Also, check the oil level and repair the hydraulic system level if damaged beyond repair.

5. Loss of Power

This is another problem with the John Deere 5045e tractor problem. The truth is loss of power is not only associated with the John Deere 5045e tractor; however, it is one of its common problems.

First, your tractor can not lose power without being triggered by a factor. Yes, loss of control in the John Deere 5045e tractor can be caused by different factors, but an inappropriate air or gasoline level is a significant factor.

A faulty spark plug can also force your tractor to lose power.

With the above, we can say that a low gasoline level and a faulty spark plug, including a soft lawn blade low-cuttingting deck, can lead to loss of power in your John Deere 5045e tractor.

Solving The Problem Of Loss Of Power

If your tractor loses power, the first step to regain the lost energy is to check the level of the gasoline.

Add more if the height is too low. If possible, you can replace the old oil with a new one.

Furthermore, examine the air filter, clean clogged dirt, and replace it if it is blocked. Do the same to the gasoline filter and air vent.

Additionally, ensure that there is no fouled spark plug. And if there is any, repair or replace it immediately.

Again, ensure the cutting deck and tractor blade are in good working condition.

By keeping to the above, power will be restored, and the incidence of loss of control will be lowered.

6. Engine Stalling

If you are having difficulty starting your John Deere 5045e tractor, you might have an engine stalling problem to which your starter is a significant contributor.

Impedance or a damaged starter can be the root cause. In such a case, what should you do?

Solving Engine Stalling Problem

Just like in the previous problems, you need to be sure of the culprit before swinging into action.

In the case of an engine stalling, you need to check the amount of reduced voltage in every part of your John Deere 5045e starter circuit while trying to start.

To do that, you need a working voltmeter. Once you discover the culprit, fix it and watch your starter back to life.

That notwithstanding, there may be the issue of a clogged fuel system. Clean, wash and replace the filter if possible.

However, if after doing the above and the engine cannot start, check the connections and replace the starter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is John Deere 5045e good? 

Yes, the John Deere 5045e is good as it is specifically designed for those who need a long-lasting and dependable machine while at work. 

How Much Can John Deere 5045e Lift? 

The John Deere 5045e tractor has 3 671 Ib lift capacity with a 520m loader. 

How Much Hp Is The John Deere 5045e Tractor? 

The John Deere 5045e tractor has a 45hp with three cylinders, category 2, and excellent coolant. 


The problems of the John Deere 5045e tractor can be annoying. However, they can be fixed easily. Problems like overheating, steering wheel stiffness, hydraulic issues, and others. 

We are sure that by now, you can easily fix these problems without difficulty.

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