Top 9 John Deere 5085E Problems (Troubleshooting Tips)

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John Deere 5085e tractor users are likely to experience some common problems. However, these problems can be easily fixed when identified.

In this article, we shall look at some of the most common John Deere 5085E problems and how to troubleshoot and fix them.

Aside from that, you will also get to know more about the John Deere 5085e tractor by the time we are done answering some of the disturbing questions about it.

Let’s get started!

John Deere 5085E Problems

There is no perfect machine, and so is the John Deere 5085e tractor, regardless of its high ratings by users. 

One may ask, what are the problems of the John Deere 5085e tractor? Great, the following are the problems you would likely encounter:

  • Steering Operating Without An Opposition
  • Inability Of The Diesel Motor To Crank
  • Diesel Motor Stopping While At Work
  • Starter Problem
  • The steering Wheel Operating Heavily
  • Front And Rear Axle Problems
  • Overheating Problem
  • White Smoke Problem
  • Differential Lock Problem

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1. Steering Operating Without An Opposition

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The first problem of the John Deere 5085e tractor experienced by most users is the steering moving without opposition or too freely.

This is abnormal and calls for immediate action. This is because, if ignored can lead to damages and a reduction in work efficiency.

This steering problem can be caused by a low oil rating, a badly worn-out steering cylinder, or a fault in the steering pump.

How To Fix

If you notice that your John Deere 5085e tractor steering is moving too quickly, consider the following. First, check the oil level. If the rating is low, pour more oil until it reaches the recommended level.

Secondly, repair any part of the steering cylinder that is defective or even replace it entirely. Moreover, your steering pump should be repaired, too, if found defective.

2. Inability Of The Diesel Motor To Crank

Another problem of  John Deere 5085e is the diesel motor finding it difficult to crank. Engine not cranking can be caused by the current not being enough to energize the motor starter.

It could also be because the fuel grade or fuel pump timing is incorrect. Whichever way, it can still be fixed.

How To Fix

To solve the problem of diesel engines not cranking, you must examine the battery first since it is the current supplier. Also, check the connections.

Replace the battery if it appears weak, and tighten any loose connection.

Furthermore, ensure that the injection pump is not broken and do well to replace it if found broken. Above all, set up an accurate timing for your fuel pump.

3. Motor Diesel Stopping While At Work

Having your machine stop while at work can be so annoying, but you do not need to panic about fixing it.

Your diesel motor can stop while at work because of the air filter being clogged, the injection pump is damaged, or the cylibeibeinger is worn out.

How To Fix

To fix the diesel engine stopping while working, clean the air filter. This is to help clear debris or dirt accumulated in the air filter.

Do well to repair or replace the injection pump if damaged.

4. Starter Problem

A faulty starter is another problem associated with the John Deere 5085e tractor.

This problem can be caused by a dirty fuel system, faulty battery, wrong connection, damaged starter, or piston rings.

How To Fix

To fix the starter problem, first, check the condition of the battery to ascertain it is not faulty. After that, proceed to check the connections. For the case of corroded connection, repair and tighten. Also, check the starter after being sure of the battery and replace it if damaged beyond repair.

Above all, the fuel filter should be dusted to ensure no clogged specks of dirt. Additionally, you can install a new filter and repair any broken piston ring.

5. Steering Wheel Operating Heavily

This is another problem with the wheel. A low level of hydraulic oil mainly causes this in the tank or even hydraulic leaking.

High viscosity can also cause the steering wheel of the John Deere 5085e tractor to move heavily.

How To Fix

Replace the hydraulic oil with the correct oil and top it up to the recommended level. Also, fix any leakage by repairing the hydraulic connection.

6. Front And Rear Axles Problems

You may experience problems with the front and rear axles of your John Deere 5085e tractor. Cracking the front axle shows that the teeth of the gears have been damaged and tired bearings. At the same time, the rear axle cracking indicates the destruction of the bearings.

How To Fix

Get the teeth of the gears replaced and fix or install new bearings.

7. Overheating Problem

At some point, your tractor engine may get overheated, which directly affects the efficiency of work. This is a sign and should be taken seriously. Firstly, an overheated engine shows work overload.

Secondly, it depicts a dirty radiator, loose fan belt, and lack of coolant.

How To Fix

To stop overheating, pour more liquid to refill the coolant. Clean the radiator thoroughly to let go of the specks of dirt. In addition, reduce the load, or you can also shift the gear lower. Above all, adjust the tension of the fan belt.

8. White Smoke Problem

This indicates that your John Deere 5085e tractor engine is running low and that your piston rings are damaged. White smoke is not environmentally friendly and hazardous. Do not hesitate to fix it to avoid air pollution.

How To Fix

The first step is to allow the engine to warm by examining the thermostat. After that, move on to replacing the piston rings immediately if damaged.

9. Differential Lock Problem

If you notice that your John Deere 5085e tractor differential lock has broken down, then you are not alone. This is one problem common among other users like you.

Differential lock breakdown shows that the diaphragm is damaged. It can also be because the friction clutch disks are worn out.

How To Fix

The best way to restore your differential lock when broken is to repair or replace it, as the case may be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Between 5085e and 5085m, which is better? 

Well, John Deere 5085e and 5085m were designed differently, though with some similarities. Both tires, steering, and brakes are almost the same. The difference lies in their frame, strength, engine, and power. Those are 5085m edges over 5085e.

Does John Deere 5085e Use DEF? 

Yes, John Deere 5085e uses Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Def). 

How Much Is John Deere 5085e?

The John Deere 5085e tractor is sold for $41,102. It is a utility tractor manufactured by John Deere, a company in the USA. 


John Deere 5085e problems do not debunk the fact that it is a good utility tractor. Most of its problems are common among other tractors, like the starter problems. 

Having analyzed these problems and possible solutions, we hope you are well satisfied. Do well to ask questions in the comments section.

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