Top 5 Liquid Kelp Fertilizer Benefits

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Liquid kelp fertilizer is, no doubt, suitable for most plants if applied in the right proportion. There are many benefits of liquid kelp fertilizer, which we will talk about today.

In this article, we will also discuss its usefulness based on research and some of the essential hormones found in liquid kelp fertilizer that make it the best type of fertilizer for plants.

Let’s get started!

Liquid Kelp Fertilizer Benefits 

Liquid kelp fertilizer has so many benefits and uses, but for this article, we will be listing its essential benefits.

1. Budding Addition

When you apply liquid kelp fertilizer solution on the plant that is beginning to go bud, the fertilizer helps promote additional budding.

2. Extending Shelf Life

Liquid kelp fertilizer helps to extend the shelf life of vegetables and, st significantly, fruits when applied 9 to 10 days before harvesting.

Liquid kelp fertilizer helps to lengthen the life of cut flowers if they are sprayed on it two days before cutting is made.

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3. Rooting Solution

Liquid kep fertilizer is effective as a rooting solution. To make this effective, place the cuttings in a solution of the fertilizer and water it until the roots develop, then do the planting.

When planting or transplanting the seeds, you must remember to water the solution before planting. 

4. Increase In Nutrient Intake

Kelp liquid fertilizer helps to increase the nutrient uptake of plants, protein content, and the total quality and yield of the crop.

Kelp liquid fertilizer helps to boost the total yields of crops, improves their resistance to frost and different diseases, and, most significantly, helps in the uptake of inorganic minerals from the soil. It makes the soil better for planting and water absorption. 

It equally helps to promote the healthy growth of plants and stops or prevents pests and diseases on fruits, flowers, and crops. 

5. Useful In Organic Planting

Kelp liquid fertilizer is very effective and valuable in organic planting and gardening. One of the reasons why they’re this important and influential for organic gardening is because they contain almost every type of micronutrient that is necessary for the growth of plants.

This kelp liquid fertilizer is also full of carbohydrates, which plants utilize as a building block element. A lot of essential microorganisms use carbohydrates as a food source. This makes liquid kelp fertilizer very important. 

It equally acts as a soil conditioner and is more suitable for planting. The alginate in the fertilizer reacts with the metals in the soil, which forms a long, cross-linked polymer in the ground.

And this polymer helps to improve the crumbling in the soil and allows it to swell when wet, thereby increasing its water-retentive capacity. 

Beneficial Effects Of Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer Based On Research 

A lot of studies and research across significant universities around the world have provided different results on the positive effects of liquid kelp fertilizer, and they include: 

  • When you soak seeds in liquid kelp fertilizer, they tend to germinate more rapidly and faster. They equally have more extensive roots, more robust plant growth, and an excellent survival rate. When you soak plant roots in kelp liquid fertilizer, the kelp liquid fertilizer helps the root to reduce transplant shock and increases root growth. 
  • Researchers found out that when plants are fertilized with liquid kelp fertilizer that: grapes become sweeter, geraniums produce more flowers than usual, gladiolus forms grow more extensive, and the yield of cucumber increases by 40 percent. All these improvements in different plants were researched and recorded by various scientists from around the world.  And all this is possible because of the nutritional value of kelp liquid fertilizer, which makes it ideal for any crop or plant.
  • Research shows an improved yield of different types of plants when treated with liquid kelp fertilizers. Some of these plants include sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, okra, and oranges; from this list, it is safe to say that liquid kelp fertilizer is effective for all plants or crops. 
  • After a lot of scientific research and comparison from different scientists worldwide, it was discovered that kelp liquid fertilizer has no side effects on crops or plants. This means that no matter how much you apply, it will not affect the growth of plants or crops negatively. This makes it one of the best types of fertilizers out there, and it is purely organic.

Important Plant Hormones In Liquid Kelp Fertilizer 

Liquid kelp fertilizer has a lot of nutrients in it, but one of the significant components found in liquid kelp fertilizer is the hormones.

The hormones are responsible for how the liquid kelp fertilizer works, its effects on crops, and how it influences the water-retentive capacity of the soil.

In liquid kelp fertilizer, there are three significant types of hormones which are found in it. One striking thing is that these hormones are required in small quantities to affect the liquid kelp fertilizer significantly. The hormones are

  • Auxins
  • Cytokinins
  • Betaines 

1. Auxins 

This is one of the most important hormones found in kelp liquid fertilizer. There are numerous types of auxins, and they all have specific roles they play. One of the most critical functions of auxin is balancing the speed of growth of plants. 

Auxins have two growth functions; the growth stimulating and growth delaying functions, and each can be activated when needed. 

Auxins help to stimulate the growth of roots and prevent the formation of buds at the wrong time, which allows the flower or plant to grow to maturity at the desired time. 

Liquid kelp fertilizer equally plays a significant role in the production of its type of auxins, which makes the auxin hormones to be readily available when needed. They form their auxins using the trace element of their nutrients. 

2. Cytokinins

This is the second group of liquid kelp fertilizer hormones that is very effective in initiating and activating the basic growth process of plants to ensure healthy growth and development. 

This hormone found in kelp liquid fertilizer helps to increase the growth of plants with greater intensity because they help to mobilize nutrients in the leaves of plants. 

Another essential benefit of this hormone is that it protects the plant from marginal frost, which affects the nutrient-absorbing capacity of the plants. They protect from marginal frost (up to -3 Celsius). 

Cytokinin hormone found in kelp liquid fertilizer is very effective in the retardation of plants’ aging process, which means that they slow down the rate at which plants age.

This helps greatly to improve the yield of the plant and allows it to grow healthy, and increases its productivity.

3. Betaines 

When you talk about the hormone that helps liquid kelp fertilizer in its osmotic process, that hormone is Betaines. When we speak of the osmotic process, we mean the process of water intake of the fertilizer when applied to crops. 

This single function of this hormone is beneficial to the plants, especially in dry conditions and in intense, stressful situations that increase the transpiration rate of the plants. 

How Often Should I Apply Liquid Kelp Fertilizer?

You do not have to apply liquid kelp fertilizer regularly. However, you can use it for 2-4 weeks while you may continue watering your plants. Too much liquid kelp fertilizer is not suitable for your plants.


We have come to the end of this article on liquid kelp fertilizer benefits. 

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We have also discussed the types of hormones that are found in the kelp liquid fertilizer and the significance of each of them. We believe this article has been of help to you.

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