Can Hydrangeas Survive Winter in Pots?

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It is essential to know how to care for your potted hydrangeas during the winter season, as it helps to increase their lifespan. Hydrangeas that grow directly from the ground are more likely to protect themselves in the winter than the potted ones.

Potted hydrangeas are more exposed and will need a certain amount of help to save them from the winter frost. But the question is; can hydrangeas survive winter in pots? Going by the above explanations, the answer is no, although it depends on the container.

In other words, their survival in winter depends on the pots they are planted in. You must ensure their pots can withstand the rigors of winter – as they can’t survive the winter in pots. Now, let’s quickly look into their care factor during the winter season.

Can Hydrangeas Survive Winter in Pots?

As earlier mentioned, hydrangeas find it challenging to survive winter in pots. Meanwhile, in more resisting zones, they can be left in your garage unprotected in the winter, as they are strongly resistant to cold. Some are okay when kept in zone 2, which can go -40 C colder.

Nonetheless, all hydrangea plant has a different tolerance, that in as much as they can withstand some degree of cold, you still have to make sure you find a type suitable for your climate. Again, if you are planning to pot them, then it is necessary to zone up.

How To Protect Potted Hydrangeas During Winter

Can Hydrangeas Survive Winter in Pots

The best way to protect your potted hydrangeas during the winter is by taking the pots indoors. If you have a greenhouse, you can put them there or any sheltered or covered area to keep them safe.

Make sure you are acquainted with the frost season of your area, so you can bring them indoors before the frost comes.

Most gardeners find it difficult to bring in their potted plants. It might be that the container or pot is too heavy or there’s no space suitable for it to stay.

It shouldn’t be a problem, though, as you can keep them well protected outside, using the best method, which is used for smaller or fresher in-ground plants.

To ensure the above method works, you need to build a fence around the plant using chicken wire and stakes. Then fill the cage with protections like oak leaves or pine needles.

Ensure you chose things that will not settle at the bottom of the cage and remove any form of circulation to the plant.

You can also protect them when you plan to save a bag of leaves from the fall, with which you can fill the cage.

Be very mindful with the way you fill the cage, so it wouldn’t snap off the branches of your hydrangeas or lose everything in a bid to protect them.

Another way you can protect the potted hydrangeas is by providing fleece jackets that you can wrap them with.

Though this particular method can be too cumbersome or costly, it is one of the most straightforward processes to protect your potted hydrangeas.

Meanwhile, but if you have succeeded in bringing them inside during the winter, it is already well protected, so there wouldn’t be any need for most of the above protective measures, and you will rest assured of getting exact blooms the following year.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, protecting your potted hydrangeas from winter can be cumbersome or quite laboring, yet, it is essential to ensure they are well safe, especially now that you can no longer trust them to survive the winter.

Immediately, you have managed to protect your potted hydrangeas in your home entirely; all that is required of you is a little housekeeping to maintenance to secure its protection against the winter.

However, whichever method you have chosen to protect them or keep them safe from the disastrous winter, you should be confident that come the following summer, you will get its bountiful blooms and attractive flowers.

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